First Names First - Lifelong Learning Mississauga

First Names First - Lifelong Learning Mississauga

First Names First A Talk by Tim Nau LLL Mississauga

Nov. 6, 2018 Outline I: Name Meaning II: First Names over the Centuries

III: Girls Names vs. Boys Names IV: Canadian Names V: First Names Today and Tomorrow VI: Common Words Derived from First Names

Part I: Name Meaning Seven Kinds of Significance for

the name Timothy 1. Etymological Meaning: Honoring God

Paul Means Short Cecelia Means Blind 2. Group Identity

Another Kind of Group Identity: Re-Using a Family Members Name 3. Getting a Saint on Your Side

4. Invoking a Secular Role Model (Timothy Q. Mouse?)

5. Aspirational Meaning 7. Parental Identity Celebrity Babies

Chastity (Cher) Moon Unit (Frank Zappa) Moxie CrimeFighter (Penn Jillette) Blue Ivy (Beyonc and Jay Z) Fifi Trixibelle (Bob Geldorf)

Tallulah Belle (Bruce Willis) Free (David Carradine) Billion Ayer and KVIIIlyn Mavis

Part II: First Names over the Centuries From AngloSaxon Times to Our Times

Who Were the AngloSaxons? Anglo-Saxon Names

Males: Ailred, Alfric, Ethelred, Bermond, Godman, Hereward, Leofric, Ordric, Wulfred Females: Alditha, Estrilda, Ethelreda, Godiva, Godrun, Leofrun, Livilda, Milda

Wulfgeua & Ethelstan = Wulfstan AngloSaxon

Names Still in Use England

and Normandy Norman Names

William (Will + Helmet) the Conqueror

A Saxon Baby Getting a Norman Name?

Saints Popular Saints Names The Reformation (16th Century)

Old Testament Names Favoured by Protestants (esp. Puritans) Some Aspirational Puritan Names

PraiseGod Barebone If-Jesus-had-notdied-for-theethou-hadstbeen-damned

Barebone Preserved Fish, Hamilton Fish (and Fresh Fish)

Last Name > First Name Robert Bruce (1274-1321) Edward Seymour (1500-1552)

Family Names as First Names Middle Names The European Model Royal Naming

Mothers Surname > Babys Middle Name Early Double-Named Princes Albert Frederick of Prussia (1553-1618)

Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy (1553-1580) Charles

Edward Louis John Philip Casimir Sylvester Maria Stuart,

A.K.A The Young pretender Charles Carter Lee

What Were All the Brothers, Uncles and Sons of This

Man Named? Part III: Different Patterns for Girls and Boys Names

Tradition versus Fashion JOHN



Top Ten Names for Boys Between 1500 and

1950 Percentage of Boys Who Had One of the Top Ten Names

1500: 85 % 1943: 50% 2017: Less Than 1% Publius Cornelius Scipio and Family

Julia Playing Ball with Julia and

Julia Girls Names Since the Middle Ages Traditional Names for Boys

Attractive Names for Girls Girls Names from Plays or Novels Flower and Gem Names

Soap Opera Names for Girls Dynasty: Fallon, Kristle The Bold and the Beautiful: Ashley, Brooke, Taylor One Life to Live: Destiny, Dorian, Starr

The Young and Restless: Avery, Chelsea, Kelly, Tyra General Hospital: Alexis, Tiffany Guiding Light: Dinah, Holly, Lacey, Marah Queens

Regnant of England Since 1500

Spanish Girls Names That Refer to the Blessed Virgin Mary Boys Alexis, Ashley, Avery,

Names Beverley, Blair, That Dana, Darcy, Emery, Turned Gale, Hilary, Kim, into

Leslie, Meredith, Girls Morgan, Reese, Names Sydney

A Boy Named Maria (Edward Maria Wingfield) Anne de Montmorency

(1493-1567) Shirley (ShireClearing), the Derbyshire Village

Governor William Shirley (1664-1771)

A Canadian Miss Shirley

Shirley Povitch and Shirley Crabtree Shirley the

Charlotte Bronte Heroine Shirley the

Child Star Shirley the Sheep with

Shaun the Sheep Part IV: Canadian First Names

English and French Top Ten Names of Canadian Anglophones Born

in the 1930s and 40s Most Popular Names for Baby Boys in 1992

The Marquis of Lorne, Lorne Michaels and Lorne Greene General

Sir James Murray (17211789)

First Names in Quebec

Unusual Quebecois First Names Papal Names of 19th Century Quebec

Part V: First Names in 2018 Anything Goes!

A Girl Called Nutell a

Some Names Recent ly

Allowe d by U.S. Govts

Texter Names? Top Names for Babies Born in Canada in 2017

Boys Girls Noah

Liam Jackson Lucas Logan

Olivia Emma Charlotte Sophia Aria

Names in a 2017 Kindergarten Class Louis, George, and Charlotte

Ten Names Jill Slattery Claims will be Commonplace Five Years from Now Everleigh, Oaklynn, Kairo, Wells, Kahlani, Callum,

Ensley, Ayan, Koa, Juelz Ten Names Jess Catcher Says are on the Verge of Becoming Popular

Arly, Jagger, Juniper, Rylan, Wilder, Maisie, Guthrie, Leontine, Nile, Sybella

Trends ? Names that Confer Individuality Names that Suggest Tradition (but not the traditions of ones own family)

VI: Common Words Derived from First Names What Saints Names are Behind these Words?

Dunce, Bobby and Hobby Some Recommended Reading

L. A. Dunkling, First Names First (Don Mills, 1977) P. Hanks and F. Hodges, A Dictionary of First Names (Oxford, 2016)

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