First Period

First Period

A Trip Through the Solar System Mrs. Fredericks 6th Grade Class of 2009 May 2003 Galaxy Tour to Neptune Agents:

Maddie Kelzenberg, Jamie Stockholm, Liesbeth Stiegelmeier, and Jena Lockwood Martian Arts Agents

Charles Stuart Jarrod Redday Matt Anderson Dorian Walker Spectacular Saturn Agents Nicole Patrick

Katrina Hanson Becca Anderson Amber Swope Pluto Adventure Amber Benz, Julia Edmonds, Naomi Schaefer, Brandi

Moran and Sharlynn Meyer with the Pluto Adventure. JumpinJupiter! Travel Agents: Josh Heath Brett Rasmussen

Jake Carlson Beau Prest Galaxy Airlines Agents Tara Skinner Whitney Nelson Meighan Robbins

Christina Rowbotham Galaxy Tours Agents Zeno Wicks A.J. Becker Tyler Watkins Josh Peterson

Jupiter Adventure Agents Chris Goodfellow Ben Smidt Kyle Young Stephanie Moran Jennifer Rice

No Limitz Agents Kirby Trooien Kayla Madler LuAnn Pietz Kacey Harming

Savannah Andersen Adventure to Venus Agents Garth Britzman Brayden Carlson Keith Campbell Michael DeBough

Saturn or Bust! Agents Brandi Nissen Alyssa Graphenteen Chanel Eiseman Jeannie Buckley

Got Mars?! Agents Blair Hodges Kaylin Helsper Tara Harvey

Neptune Travelers Agents Allyssa Rae Perryman Kyle Nordbye Allee Mersch Tyler Zmuda

To Jupiter and Beyond Agents Dennis Hock Kyle Cooper Jake Maca Nick Howey To Pluto and Beyond!

Agents Coby Styf Matt Aadland Morgan Vrchota Gavin Winters The Scaled Down Solar System

Jordan West Showing: The solar system distances scaled down 5.8 trillion times. The planets are 1billion times smaller.

Saturn Express Agents Dani Wang Corrina Benz Jerad Runge Alex Parker A Far Out Adventure to Jupiter

Agents Kris Kotelman Heather Schmidt David Debowey Not Pictured: Beth Shaffstall Mystery Martian Express

Agents Matt Field Matt Teal Erin Harwood Cassy May Magnificent Mercury Agents

Skylar Livingston Stefani Bibby Megan Schmidt Donald Briggs Mission to Mercury Agents Ryan Dodd

Mason Winterboer Sandy Lunt Kayla Lerew Neptune Expressway! Agents Sarah Jones

Cathy Rothmeier Jacalyn Seas Katelyn Waligoske Mars the Red Planet Agents Tye Fox Tyler Krump

Judge Kelly Not Pictured: Dillon Janes Sailing to Saturn Agents Patrick Coughlin Jordan Swenson

Justin Klingbile Austin Ribstein Just Going to Jupiter Agents: Chloe Hillberg Brooke Huisken Kristen Drake

Ulla Canoy Thanks for a Great Year! May the force always be with you, May you find a new challenge with each new day,

May you never stop learning new things, May you treat everyone you meet with respect. The End

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