Folklore - Moore Public Schools

Folklore - Moore Public Schools

English- 7th Grade Folklore Why do we share our stories? to to entertain preserve memories to share wisdom and teach

Read the student experiences on page 650. Flashcard Definitions Theme- main idea OR moral of the story. Idiom- figure of speech, not literal. Folktale- old story never written down. Myth- story about gods and goddesses

Legend- story about an amazing event or hero Tall Tale- story about a larger than life person Fairy Tale- magic tale about lives changing Origin Story- tells beginnings of nature Trickster Tale- animal outsmarts an enemy Archetype- character found again and again. Dialect- variations of a language. Examples Theme- Hyena- learn not to lie. Idiom- knock on wood, tongue-tied Archetype- princess/damsel in distress

Dialect- sho nuff there aint no lions! Folktale- Aunty Misery & The Boy and His Grandfather Legend- Groundhog Day Tall Tale- The Bunyans- Paul Bunyan Fairy Tale-Rumpelstiltskin Origin Story- The Lion, the Hare, & the Hyena Trickster Tale- Brer Rabbit & Brer Lion Myth- anything with a god or goddess

Folktale A folktale a story told by generations within a culture but never written down. Folktales are a part of a larger genre of storytelling- called folklore. Folklore Folktale

Trickster Tale Origin Story Fairy Tale Tall Tale Legend Myth Descriptions found on page 652.

Key Literary Elements Theme Character/ Characterization Cultural allusions Dialect Archetype Idioms (from vocabulary list! Also pg. 658) Characters in Folklore

Often animals with human characteristics Larger than life Magical abilities Archetypes or stock characters you see again and again Clearly defined as good or evil History of Trickster Tales Brer

Rabbit stories were first told in Africa and were brought to America by enslaved Africans. Brer Rabbit is known for his ability to outsmart larger/more powerful animals. Native American stories have tricksters like Old Man Coyote, Raven, and the Tricky One. In all trickster tales, the trickster uses his smarts to survive.

Storyboard Sequence 1. Brer Rabbit is in woods when wind blows. 2. Brer Rabbit runs into Brer Lion. 3. Brer Rabbit lies about a hurricane. 4. Brer Rabbit gives suggestions on how to stay safe. 5. Lion wants to be tied to a tree! 6. Rabbit is respected by all the animals in the forest. Origin Story

A story about the beginnings of something in nature. Origin stories help explain how something came to be. Why the sky is blue, How tigers got their stripes, Why hyenas look the way they do. Stock Characters/

Archetypes Stock characters appear over and over in many stories. The sneaky hyena is a stock character in African folklore. Stock characters in fairy tales include: the damsel in distress, witch, hero (usually a prince). Archetypes are the typical, ideal, or classic example of something

(damsel in distress, trickster, hero, Hyenas

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