Food Pyramid Bingo

Food Pyramid Bingo

Grains By Melissa Bess Nutrition and Health Education Specialist FNEP STAFF TRAINING ONLY, DO NOT USE WITH FNEP PARTICIPANTS 02/2007 Introduction

Gluten Gluten sensitivities Whole grains Protein/amino acids 16 different grains/breads

Gluten Gluten is a protein in wheat, rye, barley, and oat products Gives cohesiveness to dough Now food labels must list wheat under allergy info, if gluten is in the product Gluten sensitivity

Immune system is intolerant of gluten Not an allergy Symptoms bloating, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, etc Celiac disease damage to small intestine, impaired ability to absorb nutrients, can cause malnutrition Often misdiagnosed, thought to be in 1 in 133 people Genetic disorder

Whole grains Contains entire grain kernel Bran Germ Endosperm Visible on label Amino acids

Building blocks of protein 9 essential can only get from diet 11 non-essential body can make 20 total

Amaranth Aztec culture to Asia

In South America, popped like popcorn Gluten-free Ancient whole grain Carb, protein, polyunsaturated fat One of best sources of vegetable protein Calcium, iron, fiber, vitamins A and C, amino acids More iron and fiber than wheat, 2x as much calcium as milk Eat as cereal, mix with other grains, add to stir-fry

or soups Barley Contains gluten Egypt and England

One of the oldest cultivated grains Highly adaptable, grown from north of the Arctic and in Africa Hulled more whole grain nutrients, very slow cooking Pearled not technically a whole grain, but full of fiber Buckwheat Gluten-free

Cousin of rhubarb, not technically a grain and not wheat Nutrients, nutty flavor, and appearance led to adoption by grain group Often used to make pancakes Contains antioxidant called rutin, which may prevent bad cholesterol from blocking blood vessels Bulgur

When wheat kernels are boiled, cracked, and sorted Often made from durum wheat (made into pasta or bread, hardest of all wheats) Nutritious fast cooking food (10 mins to boil), common use in tabbouleh (minty grain and vegetable salad) Kashi cereals Contains whole grains

Whole oats, brown rice, whole rye, triticale, buckwheat, barley, sesame seeds No artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors, or flavors Millet Gluten-free Ancient whole grain mentioned in Bible High in protein, fiber, B-vitamins, amino

acids, phytochemicals, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium Grain found in bird feeders in U.S. but very popular in India, China, and South America Has mild flavor, mixed with other grains Muesli Dry - Contains organic rolled oats, rye flakes, dried nuts, dried fruits, and seeds

Fresh rolled oats soaked in water or fruit juice, includes chopped fresh fruits, ground nuts or seeds, milk products (yogurt, cream, cottage cheese, etc), or lemon juice Fresh - not to be mixed with fresh milk, it coagulates from acids in lemon or apple juice Dry vs. fresh

Dry Fresh Oats Inherently gluten-free Frequently contaminated with wheat during growing or processing Polenta

Made from cornmeal Alternative to rice, pasta, potatoes Popcorn Gluten-free Ancient whole grain (5,600 yrs old) Choose low-fat without trans fat Quinoa Gluten-free

Ancient whole grain (5,000 yrs old) comes from Incas Protein, carb, polyunsaturated fat Complete protein, best sources of vegetable protein (all 9 essential amino acids) Fiber, iron, magnesium, riboflavin Eat as cereal, infant cereal, in salads, or can substitute for any grain in almost any recipe Sorghum

Gluten-free From farmers in Great Plains, thrives during droughts In U.S., most goes to animal consumption, made into wallboard, or for packing materials Worldwide, 50% goes to human consumption Eaten like popcorn, ground into flour for baked goods, or brewed into beer Spelt bread

Ancient whole grain 8,000 yrs old, one of original seven grains mentioned in Bible Contains 8 of the 9 essential amino acids High in fiber, excellent source of vitamin B2 Alternative to wheat Sprouted grain bread Made from sprouted wheat, rye, and other

grains Sprouted wheat actually allow wheat berries to sprout or grow, then grind into dough Contains no flour Easier to digest, simple sugars Triticale

Contains gluten Hybrid of durum wheat and rye Been around for 35 years 80% grown in Europe Grows easily without pesticides or fertilizers

Nutty flavored, more protein and less gluten than wheat alone Wild rice Gluten-free Higher in protein, iron, fiber, and B vitamins than brown rice but less calcium and iron Not technically rice, but a seed Whole grain


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