Fourth Brigade JROTC - Fourth Bde JROTC

Fourth Brigade JROTC - Fourth Bde JROTC


DD Form 2767 DD Form 2754 Verification of dependents (marriage/birth certificates) CNACI BACKGROUND Order of Priority: 1) Vacancies (hire/intent letter) 2) Existing Instructors

3) Certification applicants (hire letter) Existing instructors can relocate to other schools without immediate CNACI New instructors must have an approved CNACI background prior to employment (CONTINUED)

Email notification (CC/4th Brigade) Complete within 30 days Certified mail to CC error free Continue to monitor email

CNACI process 60-120 days AUTOMATED 2767 Each instructor creates their DD2767 in JCIMS. Each instructor submits their signed DD2767 through JCIMS to Brigade. Within JCIMS, the Brigade validates the DD2767. After Brigade validation, JROTC HQ staff verify the DD2767, completing the process.

JCIMS Logon Open in your web browser. Enter your DS LOGON User Name and password * NOTE. If you experience LOGON issues contact the 4th BDE S-6 @ 910-396-5675

Instructor Information Page 1. There are 3 links in the upper left column on your instructor information page under instructor menu. a)Documents. Allows you to view all documents in your file. b)Create New DD2767. Allows you to start the process of submitting a new DD2767. c)View Current DD2767. Allows you to view

your current approved DD2767. Create/Modify DD2767 1. To create a new DD2767, perform the following: A.Click the Create New DD2767 link on the Instructor Info page. The DD2767 Input/Review page opens. Process Help is provided at the top of the page and must be read and followed.

Create/Modify DD2767 1)Once you have completed the DD2767, save and print. All changes, before and after the 2767 is printed must be saved again. 2) Both you and school official must sign 3) Scan the signed 2767 and save (preferably PDF/JPEG file)

4) Use the browse and submit buttons to upload and submit the scanned document for validation Cert. Document (DD Form 2754) 1. Before the submission process is completed, you are required to complete a Certification Document. 2. CONUS instructors (click the checkbox)

a) You must click the checkbox to certify that, If there has been a change to your marital status, dependent status, place of employment, or home address you will submit a new DD2754 and all required support documents. Cert. Document (DD Form 2754) 1) The DD2754 is a link that opens a fillable PDF

version of the DD2754. 2) The DD2754 must be completed before your DD2767 is processed by CC HQ . 3) The DD2754 and supporting documents must be submitted through BDE to CC HQ. 4) After you click the checkbox, the Ok button becomes available. 5) Click the OK button to digitally sign the Certification document and finalize the

submission of your DD2767 to Brigade. VALIDATED 2767 REJECTED 2767 UPDATE 2767 To update a DD2767 that has been rejected by Brigade, Log into JCIMS and select Update

DD2767 Make the corrections and follow the steps for creating/submitting the DD2767 DD FORM 2767 DONTS

Do not create a blank 2767 Do not submit other instructors 2767 Do not submit additional documents Do not make any pen & ink corrections Do not resubmit 2767 after validated (unless an issue is identified)

INSTRUCTOR PHOTO 4x6, color, 3/4 length, professional background, ASU uniform w/all authorized awards and insignia Electronic photos only. Use the guidance and template that is provided on the 4th BDE website, Click instructor management/DA style photos. You will be required to enter the following info (name, rank, SSN, school name,

location, and date of photo). Updated photos should be submitted every 5 years EDUCATION/CERTIFICATION SAI : Bachelors degree AI : Associates degree (within 5 years of employment/official transcript submitted to CC) Instructor certification : will expire 2yrs after resignation, termination,

retirement, or revocation Certification reinstatement: complete education requirement, submit official transcript and memo requesting reinstatement of certification to CC within 2 yrs 6 WEIGHT CONTROL Weight Verification Form (all instructors)

DA Form 5500-R (male) / 5501-R (female) Due to BDE NET 1st day of school, NLT 15 Oct NOTES All instructors should check their documents/ update email address/contact numbers in JCIMS CC will stop cost share if (delinquent 2767/Photo) 30 Day classroom absence (SIR if necessary)

10 day contract extension (JLAB, JSOCC, JCLC, Workshops) MIP decrease (Dec) MIP increase (Jan) Monthly pay statements via MYPAY. QUESTIONS MR. ARTHUR JAMES

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