Freedom Irish Basketball - Freedom High School

Freedom Irish Basketball - Freedom High School

Freedom Irish Basketball Welcome! Youth Philosophy Purpose The purpose of Freedom Irish Boys Basketball is to promote the secondary part of education. We feel extra curricular activities are important in developing a well rounded student. We hope

to emphasize basketball as an integral part of the educational process. We promote high ideals of good citizenship, sportsmanship and teamwork. The program wants to have good students and good people as well as good basketball players. 3 & 4 grade opportunities rd

th 1. Saturday morning program 2. Heart of Valley league (4th) 3. Tournament team play Concussion Forms State law Every player must have concussion form

on file. Should have done when you registered on-line All coaches & helpers must take on-line concussion test Saturday morning program

3rd grade 9:15 -10:30 4th grade 10:30 - Noon November December (meet 5 times) Focus on developing fundamentals Eventually 5 on 5 games occur High school coaches and varsity players

work with the 3rd & 4th graders. Heart of Valley League 4th grade is part of league this year Games are on November 5, 12, and December 3 2 or 3 games each day Practices begin in October Another opportunity, not a requirement Can still do tourney teams without doing this

Tournaments Many 3rd graders are not ready both physically & emotionally for the high intensity of tournaments However, there is a strong feeling amongst some that this is the age where kids begin to play tournaments Tournaments

Tournaments will be financed through the boys basketball program. Boys interested must participate in the Saturday morning program. Size & # of teams to be determined by interest level. Up to three tournaments per team All interested players will be placed on a team. Coaches

All parents interested in coaching and/or helping coach should indicate on sign-up sheet. Lead coach at each level Coachs clinic: Sunday, October 2 3-6 pm @ Field House gym (no Packer game) Parent Workers At some point during the season you may

be asked to help out with game day operations: Score clock, score book, concessions, door. Please help out and thank you in advance. Your continued help and support allows your sons to have the opportunity to play. Player Burnout In 2007 48 million kids nationwide participating in organized sports

73 percent of these kids quit their childhood sport by the age of thirteen because they simply are not having fun anymore. Player Burnout Allow you son to enjoy the game. Encourage him by being supportive. Remember that the coaches are coaching at practice. Try not to make the ride home

or the dinner table another practice session. Winning isnt everything. Focus on player improvement. Growth Mindset As coaches we make the effort to

develop each player to his fullest potential. We are process oriented. Built on the notion of applying ourselves each day to become a little better. In the long run, we become a lot better. AAU thoughts AAU provides another opportunity for your son to play basketball.

There are a variety of AAU programs out there. There are a variety of opinion out there about AAU I have email list of parents/players who want AAU info when I receive it. Let me know if you wish to be added to the list. Sign up Forms for sign-up need to be returned to the school office by September 23.

Please indicate on the form if you are interested in helping out as a coach for tournaments. Fundraiser New Morning Coffee Roasters coffee Festival Foods card September 12 September 23 Make check payable to Freedom Boys Basketball. ($20 buy-out)

Turn forms and money into school office or get to John Van Rossum @ FMS. Thank you!! Fundraiser

Simons Cheese Little Chute Takes place on Saturday, October 15 20% of all sales go to program Present flyer at time of purchase May copy and give flyer to others Can not hand out flyers at Simons Cheese

Apparel Eagle Graphics (Kaukauna) September/October and November Order forms will be sent via e-mail and will be posted on high school basketball web page Orders will be done on-line Freedom Backcourt Club They are a support system for boys & girls

programs. Their philosophy is not to be involved with youth tournament teams. Help fill many of the needs for the programs when the school budget can not. ($60,000 since 2000) Interested in joining? Contact Jason Vosters [email protected]

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