Freelance Writing - terriparsellhilmey

Freelance Writing - terriparsellhilmey

FREELANCE WRITING Tricks and Tips Freelance Organization of

Letters and Scholars Sharpen Your PR Skills Every PR professional needs to write anyway Freelance writing forces you to

become a quick expert And who knows? You may just like it Its an extremely flexible profession Make of it what you will Are You a Writer?

You only do it if you Cant Not Do It The only proper use of the double negative Writers are a stubborn bunch Examples of writers who worked for

years until they hit John Grisham The Lord of the Flies Norman Mailer

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Outlets for Frustration Magazine Writing

Travel Writing Novels Childrens Books Nonfiction Scriptwriting Food Writing

Magazine Writing There are so many magazines out there Some of them pay particularly well Types of articles How do you find out about the magazine?

Do they hire freelancers? What gets you sold? Queries Samples of Good Query Letters are Available Online

Do what they want Dont get too cute E-mail Queries Start Local Everybody has to start somewhere

Write what you know Sell to the publications that you read Travel Writing Its tough to break into But once youre in, it can be pretty great

Youd better be flexible, and comfortable with carrying all of your belongings in a backpack You must have the right

temperament Writing a Novel Everyone has one good story inside of them You can only find out by starting to write

Put yourself on a schedule, and stick to it You need a plot You need characters Should you outline? Childrens Books

It sounds like its going to be easy Try to remember what it was like to be a kid Characters have to be believable Remember that kids dont just think with their heads

Be careful with names Writing Nonfiction There will always be a need Narrative Nonfiction Memoir Rules for Research

Proposals Scriptwriting To get better, read the good stuff, like Woody Allen, or Aaron Sorkin. Dont over-explain.

Scripts are all about structure. Audiences love a good story with strong characters. Persistence does pay off. Resources

Books you need Equipment you need Supplies you need Creating Opportunities Making connections Writing for free at first

Charitable organizations Looking for an Agent Dont kid yourself Youre selling yourself Let your presentation show who you

are E-mail, or not e-mail Do I HAVE to have an agent first? Looking for a Publisher Its a bit of a Catch-22

Publishing is a business Finding the right publisher Submitting a manuscript, or a proposal Right Brain/Left Brain Youre creative

But youre a businessperson, too Make sure youre getting paid enough Nurture your relationships Being creative doesnt mean you can be a jerk

Copyright Information Copyright law protects the expression of an idea A copyright generally lasts until 70 years after

the authors death A copyright automatically arises when you put your ideas into tangible form You can always put Copyright, the year, and the authors name You can always Register Find out what rights youre signing away

The Poor Mans Copyright Taxes Take every deduction you possibly

can The proper forms Working with Your Editor There are plenty of others out there that would love to be in your shoes

Be dependable Meet your deadline Once you sell it, its not really yours anymore Theyve edited you poorly shake it off Dont burn bridges Youre proving yourself every single time

Get Your Facts Straight Factual Information Experts say that most magazine writers submit drafts containing errors. Details do matter

Wikipedia DOES NOT COUNT Plagiarism Quoting your source Selling Yourself Shameless Self-Promotion

Handling your own PR Writing from Home It is possible Writing from Home Youre not going to like this get up

early Find out when your productive time is, and leave all the chores to another time You deserve a place of your own Sometimes theres no place like

ANYWHERE BUT home Theres always late, late night Are you any Good? Put it aside, then read it Compare it objectively with whats already out there

Reading to Write Read in your format Read outside your format Read good writing to raise your level of expertise

Websites Do I need one? How expensive? What do you really need? How much help will you need? Register your domain name. Its NOT Facebook!

Blogging To blog or not to blog, that is the question If you post your blog on your

website, you have to remember that its a reflection of you Remember that a simple Google search can easily turn up the stupidest thing youve ever said

Writers Groups Are they for you? Which ones? Writing Software? Story development software Formatting software

Utility software Business software Specialty software Writers Block Does it even exist? And even if it doesnt, what do we

do about it? Strange exercises Keep at it !!!!! Youll never know until you try Im rooting for you!

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