Fun Side Of Mechanics: Day 5 Rotation: Angular Momentum Torque

FUN SIDE OF MECHANICS: DAY 5 ROTATION: ANGULAR MOMENTUM TORQUE Jonathan Abbott REVIEW FROM LAST WEEK What type of motion did we talk about last week? Hint: it starts with a T. Translation: move from one point to another

What was momentum? momentum p = mass * velocity = m * v. What types of energy did mechanical energy include? Kinetic Potential

TRANSLATION ROTATION Translatio n (A to B) Rotation (Spin) Force Torque Momentu m Angular

Momentu m Kinetic Energy of Translation Kinetic Energy of Rotation TORQUE! Torque is a force that causes rotation. In which of the following pictures, would there be torque about the axis?

4 THERE IS TORQUE WHEN The force has a tangential (not just radial component). 5 DIABOLO AND TORQUE 6 TORQUE IN ACTION:

TRY TO STOP ON A UNICYCLE AND YOU ROLL! If I try to stop immediately on a unicycle, I will not only fall forward, but I also will begin to roll forward. Hence I would land face first. Or I would dismount, land on my feet, and catch the seat :D There is torque from friction that causes the object to rotate. MOMENT OF INERTIA (MASS, BUT FOR ROTATION) Find the shape with the largest and smallest moment of inertia

Each shape has the same mass. A shaded shape means the mass is evenly distributed across the shape. Largest: mass is far from center Smallest : mass is near center

MOMENT OF INERTIA 2m I= So the moment of inertia is: bigger with more mass much bigger as the distance from the

center increases. 3m Practice with the figure on the right. I= 2 kg kg m2 5 kg NOW WE WILL DISCUSS ANOTHER TYPE OF KINETIC

ENERGY: ROTATIONAL KINETIC ENERGY Kinetic Potentia l translatio n height rotation elastic

Other ROTATIONAL KINETIC ENERGY The faster I spin, the more kinetic energy The greater my moment of inertia, the more kinetic energy +Kinetic Energy of Rotation Spin Faster

Larger Moment of Inertia ROTATIONAL KINETIC ENERGY KEr = I (w)2 (Oooh, looks a lot like KEt= m v2 ) I is the moment of inertia w is the angular velocity (or angular speed)

http:// photos/cfarivar/ 2143702841/ ANGULAR VELOCITY Curl your fingers in the way in the way the object rotates. X Into the page A longer

arrow means it is spinning faster Out of the page LETS DO SOME PRACTICE Curl your fingers and figure out which way to point with your thumb X RECAP: TWO WAYS TO BALANCE Countersteering Twist body Continuum Change Point of Contact Change Shape of Body

Translation Rotation Use both techniques to balance best BALANCE BEAMS: USING YOUR ARMS Twisting your arms on way twists you body the other way. As your body twists, there is friction at your point of contact. This friction:

1. Causes rotation (stay upright) 2. Causes translation (shift over to countersteer) THE COUNTERSTEERING- A CORRECTION OF ROTATION Now that you are too far one way, twist back. You will not be upright momentarily. Eventually twist upright once your center of mass has shifted far enough over. QUICK QUESTION:

Why might a long pole with weights at the end help someone to balance? Increase moment of inertia proportionally faster than increasing mass. This way, it takes longer to twist and fall- giving you more time for balance corrections. TECHNICALLY ITS POSSIBLE While its easiest to balance with a long beam, it is possible to balance even without hands. (Yes, wear a helmet) HOW MIGHT PUTTING SPIN ON A BOWLING

BALL RELATE TO ALL WE HAVE TALKED ABOUT? The friction between the ball and the alley is a force and a torque on the ball. The friction is a force in that it changes the translational motion of the ball (makes it slow down or curve) The momentum and kinetic energy of translation change. The friction is a torque on the ball

because the balls rotation changes over time The angular momentum and kinetic energy of rotation change. MOMENTUM SPINNING CHAIRS DIZZY BUT MUCH FUN You can see angular momentum is conserved by pulling your arms in as you

spin around in a chair. This is like an ice skater who does a spin and pulls in to spin faster. ANGULAR MOMENTUM APPLIES TO UNICYCLING TOO! Its difficult to start rotating. One you start a turn you just keep spinning! Think about spinning on a pogo-stick. There is such a thing as spinning on a unicycling! 22

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