FY 2020 / 2021 Method of Distribution Changes

FY 2020 / 2021 Method of Distribution Changes

Technical Assistance Workshop Funding Years 2020 / 2021 Citizen Participation Requirements Each applicant/grantee shall provide citizens with adequate opportunity to participate in the planning, implementation,

and assessment of the CDBG program. The applicant/grantee shall provide adequate information to citizens, hold a public hearing at the initial stage of the planning process to obtain views and proposals of citizens, and provide opportunity to comment on the applicant's/grantee's community development performance. Developing a CP Plan

Must develop and adopt a CP Plan prior to application preparation. Must be made available to the public at the beginning of the planning stage (the first public hearing). CP Plan must (at a minimum): Provide for and encourages citizen participation (especially L/M). Provide citizens with reasonable and timely access.

To meetings, information, and records related to the project. Provide for technical assistance. Provide for public hearings to obtain citizen views. Provide for a formal written procedure which will accommodate a timely written response to written complaints and grievances. Identify how the needs of non-English speaking residents will be met. Sample plan is on the CDBG website.

Contact: Jeanine Braud or Amanda Bohannon, OCD Specialists First Public Hearing Public notice must be given at least five (5) days in advance. Plan hearings and notices early in the process to ensure adequate opportunities to achieve public participation. Must provide accommodations for handicapped and non-Englishspeaking persons.

Physical assistance, interpreters, etc. Must encourage citizens, with emphasis on L/M, to participate and submit their views. Must be made aware of when and where to submit those views and proposals. First Public Notice Must Include:

The amount of funds available for proposed community development. The range of activities that may be undertaken, including the estimated amount proposed to be used for activities that will benefit persons of low and moderate income. The plans of the applicant for minimizing displacement of persons as a result of activities assisted with such funds and the benefits to be provided by persons actually displaced as a result of such activities. If applicable, the applicant must provide citizens with information

regarding the applicant's performance in prior LCDBG programs funded by the state. Note: Written minutes and a roster of attendance must be retained. Second Public Notice Must be published after the first public hearing and before the application is submitted. Must be published a minimum of seven (7) calendar days prior to

submittal of the application. Must inform citizens of the proposed objectives, proposed activities, the location of the proposed activities, and the amounts to be used for each activity. Citizens must be given the opportunity to review the application and comment on the proposed application. Second Public Notice (continued)

Must state the proposed submittal date of the application and must further provide the location at which, and hours when, the application is available for review. The application must be available for review when the notice is published in the newspaper. This means the application and all documents must be signed and executed prior to being available for public review. (results in many findings)

Note: Notarized proof of all publications should be filed. Notarized proof of the first and second publications should be submitted in the application. Other Facets of Citizen Participation Technical Assistance TA must be provided to facilitate citizen participation upon request.

Amendments Grantee must involve citizens in program amendments. Public hearing must be held prior to submittal of the program amendment.

Minutes and roster must be included with amendment request. Exception: Not required if acquisition is being eliminated. Performance Hearing Obtain citizen views and respond to questions relative to program performance. After construction is completed. Copy of notice and minutes must be submitted with closeout documents.

Citizen Participation Questions? Procurement for Professional Services Utilizing Federal Funds In accordance with 2 CFR Part 200

Requirement: 2 CFR 200.317(h) The non-Federal entity must maintain records sufficient to detail the history of procurement. These records will include, but are not necessarily limited to the following: rationale for the method of procurement, selection of contract type, contractor selection or rejection, and the basis for the contract price.

2 CFR 200.319 Competition All procurement transactions must be conducted in a manner providing full and open competition consistent with the standards of this section. In order to ensure objective contractor performance and eliminate unfair competitive advantage, 2 CFR 200.319 Competition contractors that develop or draft specifications, requirements,

statements of work, or invitations for bids or requests for proposals must be excluded from competing for such procurements. Applicant Small Purchase Sealed Bids

Competitive Proposals For professional services 2 CFR 200.320(d)

Qualifications Capabilities Experience Price/Cost Selection criteria should:

Qualifications Capabilities Experience

Price/Cost Represent the key areas of importance and emphasis to be considered in the source selection decision and Support meaningful comparison and discrimination between and among

competing proposals Step 3 Review requirements, estimate work effort Step 3 costs

Estimate proposed Fixed Price Cost Reimbursement Time and Materials Uncertainties involved in contract performance do not permit costs to be estimated with sufficient accuracy

Lump Sum Unit Price Billable Hours

Reimbursable Costs Contractor Invoice Billable Hours with expenses format Contractor Invoice Unit Price format price established upon itemized cost detail provided

Contract Task: Conduct Labor Interviews Work Product: Completed Labor interview forms Federal Audit Checklist For procurement questions, please contact: William Hall

Office of Community Development 225-342-7412 or [email protected] Procurement Questions? FY 2020 / 2021 Method of Distribution

Large Municipality Grants Limited to one (larger) grant per year. Up to $2 million for water/sewer; $1.6 million for streets. Population threshold for these municipalities. 12,000 14 eligible municipalities:

Baker, Bogalusa, Central, Crowley, Hammond, Minden, Morgan City, Natchitoches, New Iberia, Opelousas, Ruston, Sulphur, West Monroe, Zachary. Administration Fees For projects with costs of $600,000 and under: $35,000

For projects with costs from $600,001 to $1.2 million: For projects with costs over $1.2 million: $45,000 $40,000 Set-Aside for Water and Sewer

A minimum of $14 million of the total allocation will be used to fund eligible water and sewer projects. Once that threshold is met, the remaining funds will be used to fund the next-highest-scoring eligible applications until no additional funds remain. Rating Criteria Benefit to L/M income persons: 1 point

Cost Effectiveness: Up to 10 points Project severity: Up to 50 points Engineering fees paid with local funds: 2 points Admin fees paid with local funds: 2 points Consolidation of systems: 4 points Application Completeness: Up to 2 points 1 point if all application forms and required documents/information is included 1 point if no revisions are needed that directly affect application scoring

TOTAL: 71 points Questions? Severity 2020-2021 LCDBG Application Cycle Jeff Tessier

Engineer Office of Community Development All severity Packages are rated on a 50 point scale. Water, Sewer & Streets The maximum points available for all PF categories (sewer, water and streets) is 71. Severity is 50 points.

Severity is 70% of total points. Severity is the determining factor on who gets to submit an Application. Streets Teams (at least 2 people) ride the streets. What we look for:

CRACKING: transverse, longitudinal, shrinkage, fatigue, reflection, edge DISTORTION: rutting, corrugations, shoving, depressions, upheaval DISINTEGRATION: potholes, patch deterioration, raveling

Overall Ride Quality Total Field Score 100 (the divided by 2 to get Severity) Light: 1 - 5; Moderately light: 6 - 10; Moderate: 11 - 15; Moderately severe: 16 - 20; Severe: 21 - 25 LDH & DEQ Concurrence for Streets LDH and DEQ must be contacted prior to submittal of a street application.

Must concur that no utility system within the corporate limits/target area requires improvements that qualify for CDBG PF assistance. LDH (for water systems) Amanda Ames [email protected] Jennifer Kihlken [email protected] John Williams [email protected]

DEQ (for sewer systems) Angela Marse [email protected] Wayne Slater [email protected] Deadline to send form: April 12, 2019 Water and Sewer Severity

Project Severity Criteria for Potable Water Applications PROPOSED ACTION POINT RANGE SOURCE and SUPPLY

Replace or Rehabilitate source to meet existing demands. DISTRIBUTION 15-50 Replace or Rehabilitate Distribution due to pressure or MCL violations. STORAGE New or Rehabilitate facility when existing capacity is not capable of meeting

current requirements. TREATMENT Replace or upgrade facility due to existing demand to meet primary drinking water standards. SYSTEM New water system or extension of existing system to un-served areas. Replace or rehabilitate various components when minimum requirements have been met.

20-50 15-50 20-50 35-50 0-50

Project Severity Criteria for Wastewater Applications PROPOSED ACTION POINT RANGE COLLECTION Replace or rehabilitate collection system components.

10-50 EXISTING TREATMENT FACILITY Replace or upgrade existing facility to meet capacity and or discharge requirements. 15-50

SYSTEM New collection system to provide service for un-served areas. Replace or rehabilitate various components when minimum requirements have been met. 35-50 0-50

If existing conditions as stated in the severity package are unsubstantiated or not in violation of any state or federal standard, the OCD reserves the right to assign severity scores below the minimum score given in the point range. Severity Rating

What does everybody want? 50 Water and Sewer Severity How to get to 50? Back Up Data

Media Newspaper, TV or Social Media Lawsuits Citizen Complaints Work and or Purchase Orders

DMRs or other Monitoring Reports Admin or Compliance Order 50 Relevance

Relevance - bearing upon or connected with the matter in hand; pertinent.

Administrative Orders or Compliance Orders DMRs or other Monitoring Reports Work and or Purchase Orders Citizen Complaints Lawsuits Media - Newspaper TV or Social Media

Make sure they relate to the application & they are fairly recent and widespread. LDH & DEQ Buy-In I contact the Regional Engineer for LDH and the Compliance Engineer for DEQ and get their opinion. Before you submit the Severity

Package Make sure all parts of the package is included. Descriptions Cost Estimates Attachments After I start my review, I will not have time to call or email for clarifications or get additional or missing data.

Most Never Have Questions Never Call Never Email After the scores are out, a few will call

Before submitting Severity Package; Very few Call and ask Questions Severity Examples 1 Very vague description of the project 2 No backup data. 3 No backup data.

4 Data is not related. 5 This severity got a 50. Questions?

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