GACFall Recruitment Training for Unit leaders

GACFall Recruitment Training for Unit leaders

GAC FALL RECRUITMENT TRAINING FOR UNIT LEADERS WHY ARE WE HERE? Because SCOUTING IS A MOVEMENT! Vision Statement: The Boy Scouts of America will prepare every eligible youth in America to become a responsible, participating citizen and leader who is guided by the Scout Oath and Law. 2019 GAC PLAN for GROWTH 1.

No Dropped Units 2. New Member Coordinators 3. New Unit Growth 4. Scoutreach Expansion 5.

Webelos to Scout Transition 6. Spring Recruitment (Limited) 7. Full Family Fall Recruitment Round 2 8. On-time Recharters Full Family Fall Recruitment PURPOSE & OBJECTIVE

To give every youth the opportunity to join To ensure all Schools have a Sign-up Night Recruit new Adult leadership Start new Scouting units

Increase community awareness Strengthen relations with our schools Full Family Fall Recruitment KEY POINTS TO THE PLAN 1st - Its about recruiting parents! 2nd - Its about Coordination

We are 22 Counties and 30,000 Scouts, To help each other we need to be organized 3rd Its about simplifying things For new parents & for our Unit Leaders Full Family Fall Recruitment MARKET RESEARCH 2018 - National Organization pilot programs

For the 1st time we have real data on: What Works What Doesnt Work We MUST use Best Practices from this Full Family Fall Recruitment KEY FINDINGS Since Starting Full Family Scouting: The BSA has DOUBLED the percentage of ethnicity

we serve in Hispanic and Black communities. GEO-Fenced Packs: saw a average +7.43% increase in growth. All other packs had average -10.2% loss. Full Family Fall Recruitment BEST PRACTICES (THE RESEARCH SHOWED) 14 Day Geo-fencing works best

Sign-Up Nights MUST be at the School Parents are SIGNIFICANTLY more likely to attend and sign-up night held at their Childs School. Neighboring Schools DID NOT work Churchs DID NOT work AT ALL! Full Family Fall Recruitment OVERVIEW 5 Steps to a Successful Fall Recruitment The plan for each Pack:

5 STEPS to a Successful Fall Recruitment 1. Pack Organizes a Volunteer Team 2. Pack Heavily Promotes & does Scout Talks 3. Pack Holds a Sign-up Night at each individual Elementary School 4.

Pack Turns-in Paperwork & Receive Rockets/Books 5. Pack Holds a Parent Orientation Meeting Hold Sign-up Night(s) STEP 3: 1st Remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE! Welcome Families

Provide: Youth App / Boys Life / GAC New Parent Guidebook Pack Information Flyer Answer Questions & Collect Paperwork

If family doesnt join collect contact information & invite to Parent Orientation mtg. Hold Sign-up Night(s) STEP 3: Dont complicate this! Families are In & Out in less than 10 min

Only 1 Volunteer Required Can be done in the parking lot! Important thing is that its held AT THE SCHOOL! STEP 4: Turn in Paperwork Use & Fill out the Reporting Envelope

Turn in paperwork and fees Collect Free Books & Rockets! Do this Prior to Parent Orientation Meeting Organize Volunteer Team STEP 1:

Unit New Member Coordinator Sign-up Night Promoters Sign-up Night Volunteers Parent Orientation Meeting Den Organizers

Parent Orientation Meeting Activity Leaders Promotion & Scout Talks STEP 2: Posters ( 2 per School) Flyers ( 2 rounds)

Stickers (With Scout Talks) Yard Signs ( 2 per School) Facebook Advertising 14 Days Paid by National with Pin Dropped on School Sign-up Night MUST be held at the School Once submitted Cant be changed

Promotion & Scout Talks STEP 2: Open Houses / Back to School Nights School Announcements Kindergarten Roundups

Sidewalk Chalk Peer to Peer Cards Call Parents from PTA / PTO List Uniform or t-shirt day STEP 2:

Scout Talks Most effective Scout promotion Room to room & Assembly = best results Lunch room = good results During Recess / Bus Stop = Ok results USE ANY WAY POSSIBLE TO TALK TO THE YOUTH! Rule #1 Exude Excitement!!! HOW TO DO A SCOUT TALK

Hey everyone, Im __________ with Pack ___ and Im hear to invite all of you to become a Cub Scout! Were going to play a little game to help teach you what activities Cub Scouts do! This game requires no talking. Everyone ready? Raise your hand if you like to _______. Ok Put your hands down. Raise your hand if you like to.. (Go swimming, go camping, shoot bb-guns, shoot bows and arrows, rock climb, go fishing, etc.) Do 4-5 of them Those are all thing that we do in Cub Scouts! Everyone can join Cub Scouts! Boys & Girls! We want each of you to become a Cub Scouts! So, tonight at 7:00pm, right here in your school cafeteria you can sign up to be a Cub Scout! And Im going to give each of you a sticker that has all the information on it. Once again its tonight at 7:00pm, right here in your school cafeteria. So when you get home, show your parents this sticker and say I want to be a Cub Scouts! Thanks everyone, see you tonight! Hold Parent Orientation Mtg STEP 5:

1. Re-invite all families via E-mail & Phone call 2. Set-up the Room: 1 Den per table with Table-Tents 3. Update the Parent Presentation PowerPoint prior to meeting. 1. Add Pictures of your Pack / Tell them what your Pack does!

2. Found at 3. You dont need to show this, it can be used as a script Hold Parent Orientation Mtg STEP 5: Have Greeters meet families as they arrive

Conduct an Opening Ceremony Start on time Introduce Pack Leadership Conduct Flag Ceremony Begin Unit Presentation to Parents PowerPoint

Again, Doesnt need to be shown & can be read/ used as a guide/script A PDF version is available on website 21 Welcome to Pack 123! Intros (insert picture of pack doing something fun!) 22

What is Cub Scouts? Cub Scouting is fun! Families spend time together! Program for all youth in grades K-5 Do things and go places! Earn awards! Do activities and go to camp! Year round program!

23 Things we do: Fishing Skating Party 4th of July parade Rocket launch Bike rodeo Pinewood derby

Day Camp! 24 Scoutings Youth Magazine Official magazine of the BSA Order through the Pack and you will receive the Cub Scout edition Boys Life is $1 per month and delivered to your child 25 Rocket Academy!

All new Scouts attend and launch your rockets! September XXth at (Enter Location) 26 Cub Activity Time! 27 Pack 123 - Organization The Pack is all of the youth (grades K-5) and their adult leaders The Pack meets once a month for a fun meeting (Pack meeting) 28

Dens The Pack is divided into Dens by grade & gender, Dens meet 2-3 times a month. Lions (Kindergarten) Tiger (1st grade) Wolf (2nd grade) Bear (3rd grade) Webelos (4th grade) Arrow of Lights (5th grade)

All Scout Activities are age-appropriate All Dens are singe-gender 29 Volunteers Parents make Scouting go! Cub Scouts is designed to help parents spend time with their child Parents participate with their child Parents are the major source of pack leadership (plan events, run den meetings) 30 Training for Volunteers Online & In-Person Training is offered to ensure a quality program and to keep our youth safe

Every Scout deserves a trained leader 31 We are Pack 123! We are chartered by: We are part of the District of the Greater Alabama Council 32 Pack Meeting Our Pack meetings are held on: Our next Pack meeting is:

Location: Time: 33 Pack Leadership Cub Master contact info: Committee Chair contact info: 34 How the Pack funds itself Pack dues (if any) Annual fundraisers Popcorn Sales Camp Card Sales

35 Registration Fees Registration is $13.75. Covers your registration through Dec 2019. This is $2.75 a month Boys Life Magazine is $5 Pack Dues are $ (if any, or delete) Make checks payable to _________ There will be additional costs for campouts, uniforms etc. 36 Friends of Scouting

The $13.75 paid to join Cub Scouts is not the full cost to participate in Scouting. Each family will be asked to make a charitable contribution to support Scouting at some point during the year. We refer to these donations as Friends of Scouting. 37 Den Breakouts Take 10 Minutes to Ensure all Dens have full leadership! 38 Why the Magic Circle?

The Magic Circle is a simple way to recruit new parents & it works like MAGIC! It creates an environment where the parents speak to each other They become comfortable with each other They share contact information They begin to make friendships This is VERY important because: At their next Den Meeting,

they will be the only people there! How the Magic Circle Works 1. Be sure that the group is divided into Dens via Table Tents: 2. Ask for a scribe:

3. Ask him/her to write down the vacant positions needing filled List a position for all the adults at the table (nobody gets left out) Positions can be: Den Leader, Assistant Den Leader, Pack Committee Member, etc. Inform the group that they must decide who will do each job. Walk to the next table / Step away: 4. Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, Arrow of Light

Just say Well let you talk amongst yourselves and will be back in a second. You and the other people helping must leave the room or area at this time. Stay away at long enough for them to make a decision Upon returning Provide adult applications for the new leaders If they havent made a decision or have questions. Answer their questions as simply as possible and then move on to the next table. Keep encouraging the parents to make a decision until you have a complete team. Dont stand around the Den!

New Den Membership Rosters Scout Presentation! 42 Questions? 43 Logistics for District Facilitators Calendar Volunteer Structure & Steering Committee Job Descriptions Tracking our Progress Report Meetings

Back to the Pack Letter Full Family Scouting Starting New Cub Scout Packs 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 1. 2. 2019-2020 New Pack Annual Plan 2019-2020 New Pack Budget

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