Geography of China

Geography of China

Population/Culture Population China: 51% rural Japan 25% rural Population Density China & Isolation

Ancient Chinese: saw themselves as the center of the world, self sufficient & technologically advanced.

Foreigners inferior & did not pursue links with the outside world. Censorship of political speech & information: routinely used to silence criticism of government & the Chinese Communist Party.

Civil rights violations common China limited western influences.

Banning, threatening to ban TV shows that are deemed inappropriate Tiananmen Square 1989 Pro-democracy reform movement. Result: Martial Law in China Forbidden City:

Chinese Imperial Palace Spread of Religions to Asia Indonesia: Muslim Person must carry a religion ID card. Largest Islamic nation, spread from India during the 11th

century Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma: Buddhist Philippines: Christian (Portuguese Explorers) China: Buddhist Pagodas: tiered tower with multiple eaves. Usually Buddhist/religious function.

China as % of World Population Government & Economics Economics

ASEAN: developed 1967 Goals: peace & stability, economy, right to be free from external interference

Asian/Economic Tigers : have experienced major economic growth (S. Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore) Jakota Triangle (Japan, S Korea, Taiwan) high pop. density, urbanization, rapid growth in

manufacturing, problems traced back to WWII SEZ: Special Economic Zones (Southern coast of China) areas w/o taxes & regulations to attract foreign businesses. Economics

Vietnam & Laos: Communist moving toward market economy, poor, agricultural. Improved relations between Vietnam & US. Japan: Wealthy, imports raw materials (size) and paid for these with exports. Thailand: economy improving, trade improving China: 2nd largest economy, Coastal regions most industrialized. Trade surplus with US, US

placed protective tariffs in the early 2000s . COUNTRY GOVERNMENT ECONOMY

China Communist Command North Korea

Autocratic Dictatorship Command South Korea Republic

Free Market Myanmar (Burma) Parliamentary Republic Socialist

Japan Constitutional Monarchy Free Market North & South Korea

Kim Jong iL: Supreme leader, communist, harsh, kept Korea isolated. Kim Jong Un: son, supreme leader at his fathers death in December 2011 Attempted to launch a rocket last week, failedburst apart after liftoff.

Goal was to demonstrate their power. Physical Geography Pollution Concerns in China Impact of technology /industrialization in agriculture:

Pro: More food produced Con: severe pollution 1979 China passed EPA (Environmental Protection Law) Not enforced Water Pollution is one of the most serious

threats facing China: approx 300 million Chinese are drinking unsafe water. The Polluted Yellow River! Arable land in China Pacific Ring of Fire

Indochina Indochina: region between India & Chinamany volcanoes, earthquakes. Maritime SE Asia

Three Gorges Dam To control dangerous flooding on Chang River, control river traffic, hydroelectric power. 1-2 million people displaced,

ecosystems destroyed due flooding of reservoir. The Great Wall of China

Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge Japan longest suspension bridge in the world Japanese Bullet Train

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