Germany's Eco-Friendly Revolution

Germany's Eco-Friendly Revolution

Ron Herbert Wheeler Eco Power Used By Germany Wind Turbines Biomass Hydorelectric Solar Panels Biofuels

Geothermal Wind Power Wind Power Accounted for 6.2% of all electricity produced in 2010 1 turbine can power 3000 homes ~22,000 turbines in Germany Hope to use 2% of all German land for wind turbines

Offshore produces the best winds but a challenge to maintain North Rhine Westphalia 3.7% of electricity from windpower to 15% by the year 2020 Relaxing laws to accommodate this push Closer to residential areas and being built

closer togther 2000 wind turbines in operation now but an expected 2800 more are expected to be needed Biomass

Biomass Burning or using renewable fuels to create electricity 18% of German crops used to provide raw materials for renwewable fuels 2.15 million hectacres Hectacre = 2.471 acres

Fuels used Manure, rapeseed (canola), corn, grain, grasses 5.6% of electricity in 2010 Up to 4 million hectacres may be set aside for biomass by 2012 Unsure of future

Food production and prices Hydroelectric 3.2% of Germanys electricity production in 2010 Most reliable source Around the clock electric energy

Cheap to build and design and efficient Dam, underground turbines Most good locations have already been taken Stable future but hopes of growth are small Hydroelectric Solar Power 2% of electricity produced

Worlds biggest solar market! Panels are capable of producing more power than the Fukushima Reactor was at the time before it failed. 2010, produced more energy than 17 large power plants Hopes are production costs will be cut by 50% by 2020

Only reliable during the day Future is bright! Solar Power Google invested $ 5 mil in German solar power Biofuel

Used to power automobiles and other machinery Made from animals waste or plant matter such as grain or rapeseed oil; zero emissons Germany had hoped that 20% of autombiles would run on biofuel by 2020 E-10, 90% ethanol fuel was supposed to be introduced Alcohol, fermentation of sugar

Drive up cost of food crops and threaten rainforest in Brazil Biofuel Chorean Industries plant in Frieburg, Germany in final stages of construction

Wood used to produce 15,000 tons of biomass-toliquid gas, second generation biofuel Costlier to produce than first generation biofuels Choren wants to work with German citizens instead of forcing the technology on them before opening more plants to commercially produce this new fuel Geothermal < 1% of electricity Drill wells 2 miles deep into the earth to

reach hot water that produces steam The steam spins turbines that produce electricity Expansion has halted due to speculation that drilling could be causing earthquakes Other Steps To A Cleaner Europe! Dorentrup, Germany

Lights out at 9pm Make a cell phone call to an automated system Code on each lamp post Lights stay on long enough to walk to the end of the road, 15 min Eco Taxis Hamburg, Germany Nov., 2010

130 eco taxis introduced Either hybrid or run on natural gas Emit 3.6 tons fewer CO2 emissions than a regular taxi Freiburg, Germany Solar Village Utility costs are 5 times as low as a typical household

Super insulated (20cm), efficient Using solar panels, homes produce more energy than each home uses. What electricity is unused is fed back into the grid and the electric company pays owners back ~$7400 return for one household

$3400 per square meter 1600 sq. ft. home is about $500,000 10+ years before profit is made World Leader! Shut down 7 nuclear power plants 2 permanently Angela Merkel wants a faster shift in policy

toward renewable energy Nearly 17% of Germanys electricity produced by renewable energy Goal is 39% by 2020 and 50% by 2050! Vielen Dank! Frage n?

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