Getting to know Harcourt Hill Library - EQUELLA

Getting to know Harcourt Hill Library - EQUELLA

Getting to know Harcourt Hill Library or, how to save time, save frustration, save money and improve your marks! for Education Studies and Early Childhood Studies students (Throughout the tutorial, click the mouse or the Down arrow to advance.) Introduction Welcome! This tutorial aims to give you the basic information you need to know to start finding your way around the Library both the physical building and our

Electronic Library. It assumes that you have already looked at the Virtual Tour (photo slideshow) available from the Harcourt Hill Library website: The Virtual Tour replaces the need to come on a staff guided tour. Once youve viewed the Virtual Tour and worked through this tutorial, you should be ready to start finding the books and journal articles you need for assignments, seminars and other academic work and also to complete your Library Induction quiz. (Throughout the tutorial, click the mouse or the Down arrow to advance.)

Why bother with the Library?... The services given to us from library staff are fantastic! They are always willing to help and are really positive. Pleased and impressed by the children's resource centre - very helpful and useful especially during school experience. Once I had established how to access eresources from home I find this resource one of the most useful provided by

Brookes. - Harcourt Hill student comments from past Library Satisfaction Surveys But Im not at Harcourt Hill half the time Then you can: get books and journal articles online, while youre offcampus or at home phone up or email an Education Librarian for help or find information via our Education and Early Childhood Web pages have your books automatically renewed (unless someone else wants

them) so you dont get fined come in till 9 in the evening, or at weekends 12 6 pm, during semesters The Basics Harcourt Hill Library is one of the 3 Brookes campus libraries in Oxford (the other two being Headington and Wheatley) Harcourt Hill Library covers the subjects taught on this campus Education, Early Childhood Studies, Communication Media & Culture, English Language & Communication, Philosophy, and Sports & Coaching You can find Education and Early Childhood and other textbooks, print

journals (for the last 10 years), dictionaries and encyclopedias in the Main Library (on the ground floor) Youll find childrens books, picture books, Big Books, resource packs, musical instruments, maths equipment and more for early years, primary and secondary in the School Experience Centre on the lower ground floor. Education Studies and Early Childhood Studies students can borrow up to 15 books from the Main Library (for 1 or 2 weeks) and 5 items from the School Experience Centre (for 1 or 6 weeks) at a time Your student card is your Library card and you need that to borrow all borrowing, returning, renewal of books and collection of reservations is selfservice You will be fined for overdue books which are wanted by someone else, so

its essential to check your Brookes email for library reminders. Have you got the things on my reading list? How do I get a journal online? Can I get this book sent

over from Headington? I need to check when my books are due back and Im away from Brookes All the copies of the book I want are out! What do I do? The answers to all these questions can be found

from our Library home page: You can find books by choosing Books and e-books from the single SEARCH box on the Library home page at To find a specific book, type in the authors surname, the title, keywords from the title or a combination of these. This takes you to the Library

Catalogue. You can also get to the Catalogue directly online: (no login needed) or use it in the Library. Youll see both print books and e-books in your search results, with edition and date details. Find the edition you want and click on the title or Check Availability Youll see how many copies are available

and where. If all the copies are out on loan, youll see the date the first one is due back. If all copies are on loan, you can use the green Reserve button to get in the queue. You can also use Reserve to get a book

thats at another campus sent to Harcourt Hill for you to collect. To read an e-book, click on the Access the resource link. Youll then be asked to log in with your Brookes

student number and password. To search for a topic, just type keywords into the search box you can then use the Refine Your Search menu on the left to narrow your search to: just Harcourt Hill (Library

Location) just e-books, or just journals (Collection) just items in the School Experience Centre (Collection) just books published this year or in many other ways. This is the login screen youll see whenever you want to access a Brookes Library online resource (e-book, e-journal, database) Just log in with your

student number for User ID, and your standard Brookes password. You can then move between items without logging in again, unless you leave the screen for a while and it times out. You can search for journal titles (not the titles or authors of individual journal articles!) from the E-journals by title tab on Library Search. Youll then get links to the journal online (the

different options in blue cover different years). To access the ejournals, youll be asked to log in with your student number and password. You can also use the Discover tab on Library SEARCH to search

right across the Library for books, articles and reports on any topic. You can even use the Reading lists tab on SEARCH to find the reading lists for any of your modules online, with links to all the books, journals and Web pages!

You can search for a reading list by the module number or the module name, and then click on the right list and get links to every item on the list, in the Library or online. You dont even have to look the items up on the Library Catalogue

yourself the reading list does it for you! To check what books youve got out, when theyre due back, whether someone else has reserved them, and if any books youve reserved are ready for you yet just click My Loans and Reservations (either the button on the Library home page, or the link in the green bar at the top of the

Catalogue). In My Loans and Reservations, you can keep track of all your dealings with the Library. This is the only part of the Catalogue you need to log in to just log in with your Brookes details. (If you are using My Loans and Reservations on a public Catalogue PC in the Library, remember to log out when youve finished!) You can check: What youve got out of the Library and when its due back

(Loans tab) Whether you have any unpaid fines (Charges tab) Whether items youve reserved are ready for you yet (Reservations tab) Everything youve had out in the past (Loan History tab) We automatically renew your books for you when theyre due back, unless theyve been reserved by someone else then they will go overdue if you dont bring them back by the due date. We charge fines for overdue books, and while they may not

sound much per item (50p a day) they soon mount up. More importantly, if a book hasnt automatically renewed, its because someone else wants it, so you are inconveniencing another student by hanging on to it. We email reminders to your Brookes account when your books are due back so always check your email to see if all your books have auto-renewed, then return anything that is reserved before you get a fine! If you need any reminders, theres a series of short

YouTube videos on searching the Catalogue, and on using our online Reading Lists, available from the Catalogue Home page. So how do I get things online then? Off campus? At home? Library closed?

You can get hundreds of Education e-books and thousands of journals online through our Electronic Library. Youll need your Brookes login which is just your Brookes student number (username) and password. Start from the Library home page, Then you can choose from the SEARCH tabs:

Choose Books and e-books to go straight to the Catalogue Choose Discover to search across our books, journals and databases Choose Find a database (articles & more) and then Education to go to our key Education and Early Childhood databases And for guidance on how to find the best e-books, e-journals and databases for your topic, scroll down the page. and click on SUBJECT HELP, then on Education or on Early Years.

This will take you to Our Education and Early Childhood Subject Help pages. Youll find masses of useful information, help, guides and links here including

how to contact us if youre still stuck! I need help!... Come to the Helpdesk in the Library Email: [email protected]

Phone: details on our Web pages at ries/harcourt-hill-library/ Look at the guides and handouts available in the Library on journals, e-books, Early Years,

the Electronic Library, referencing The Librarys Education and Early Childhood Web pages including our mini video tutorials! elp/education-and-early-years---early-child hood-studies/

Find us on Facebook and Twitter Get the latest updates and news from the Library, or talk to us, on Facebook or Twitter: @brookeseduclibs This is the end of the tutorial. We hope youve found it useful.

If theres anything that wasnt covered or that wasnt clear, please do have a look on our Web pages, come into the Library or contact us. Wed also welcome your feedback on the tutorial itself! Email us: [email protected] Tweet us: @brookeseduclibs Post on our Facebook page (Harcourt Hill Library) Use the Tell us what you think slips, available by the Catalogue computers in the Library foyer, to

leave us a note. Thank you for your time.

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