Girls Get IT -

Girls Get IT -

Girls Get IT Recruitment Presentation By Marian Hesse - SWD Join Girls Get IT Women and girls continue to be underrepresented in science, technology,

engineering, and math in both education and employment. Participate in the After school all Girls Technology club. Come experience Lego Robots. Objectives To increase the interest of young women

in math, science and Technology through positive, hands-on experiences. To involve young women in positive experiences in math, science and Technology through Robot competition. Robotics Competition ASIMO

RoboCup Robot Drummer at Tech Robotic competitions RoboCup Junior - promotes project oriented, team-based education. Designing, building and programming robots.

Several challenges have been developed Soccer Rescue Robots Dance RoboCup Junior To be Held At Georgia Tech July 2-8th 2007 For middle and high school students Primary level if oldest is 14 or younger

Secondary level if youngest is 14 or older and <= 19 3 events Dance Soccer Rescue We would like You to join and compete It is an international competition (about 200 teams

total) RoboCup Junior Advantages Focused more on education and sharing than competition The challenges are the same from year to year to encourage teams to develop more sophisticated solutions Autonomous robots, not remote controlled

Located with RoboCup so kids get to see professionals in the field Students do the work, not the mentor or professionals Checked by an interview (teams have been disqualified) Much cheaper than many other competitions Get Involved Come have fun with us while you learn

Design, build and program robots Find out if your robot will behave as it should Come experience the challenge For more info see Mrs. Hesse IT lab or come to room 6354 Thank you!

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