Gothic Literature - Loudoun County Public Schools

Gothic Literature - Loudoun County Public Schools

Gothic Literature By: Raymundo Esparza, Christian Gutierrez, Juan Alanes What is Gothic Literature? It came from Gothic Architecture during the Middle Ages. Ex; gargoyles. Its a genre of literature that combines elements of horror and romance (dark

romanticism). American Gothic

Inability to overcome perversity. Sucked in by rational. Fear of the unknown or future. Existence is horrifying, destruction. Almost synonymous with dark romanticism. American Gothic vs Romanticism Peering into darkness

Against Rationalism Imagination unknown shadowy Celebrated beauties of nature Insane reside

Freed imagination Individual sees potential evil Individual sees hope Edgar Allen Poe; His Life (Jan 19, 1809- Oct 7, 1849) American author

from Boston Massachusetts. Died in Baltimore. Lived a tragic and unhappy life. His mother died. Married his 18 year old cousin, who died of tuberculosis after the publication of The Raven (Jan 1845). Joined the army. Had no money.

Edgar Allen Poe: Story Characteristics

Dark medieval castles. Decaying ancient estates. Murder Male; insane. Female; dead or dying. Physical and mental torture. Retribution from beyond the grave. Live burials.

Extreme situations. Revealed their true nature. Edgar Allen Poe; His Work The Raven Published in Jan 1845. Uses refrain of nevermore and nothing more at the end of each paragraph. The Mask of the Red Dead

Published in 1842. An allegory about the inevitability of death. Flocab #3 Persevere: to persist in anything undertaken or difficult. (synonym: continue antonym: cease) Latent: existing but not yet developed. (synonym:

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