Gov 1750 Nationalism in International Relations

Gov 1750 Nationalism in International Relations

Nationalism Lecture 5: Nationalist Systems Change Prof. Lars-Erik Cederman Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Center for Comparative and International Studies (CIS) Seilergraben 49, Room G.2 [email protected] Assistant: Kimberly Sims, CIS, Room E 3, [email protected] Three types of change Source: R. Gilpin: War and Change in World Politics Type Systems change Systemic change Interaction change Factors that change Nature of actors

Governance of system Interstate processes Two types of systems change: State-formation Nation-building Examples empires, nation-states... polarity, rules of conduct war, alliances Otto Hintze: States are created by war, colonization, conquest and peaceful settlement, through amalgamation of different parts and through their separating from each other; and all this is bound up with an alternating

process of intermingling and separation of races and civilizations, and languages. The European peoples have only gradually developed their nationalities; they are not a simple product of nature but are themselves a product of the creation of states. Feudal Europe Emperor Church Kings Lords and vassals Peasants Feudalism Indirect rule Private possession of means of violence

Lack of distinction between private and public property => Violation of sovereignty conditions internal external boundary Alternative Political Orders The Italian CityStates City Leagues like the Hansa Emergence of the territorial state in early modern Europe Institutional legacy Warfare Improved communications Doctrinal innovations

Renaissance Reformation Sovereignty Thomas Hobbes Louis XIV Early Modern Europe Diplomacy & Warfare Interstate Relations Descending sovereignty States The Westphalian Model Peace of Westphalia of 1648 after 30 years

war: Territorial state confirmed Legal equality Non-interference Compensation Nationalist Systems Change Irredentism Interstate Relations States Ascending sovereignty

Nations The evolution of sovereignty PostNapoleonic Problem as Napoleons seen by unrestrained victor nationalism Post-WWI Post-WWII Post-Cold War? Failure of balance of power Hitlers

nationalistic excesses New Principles Balance of power State legitimacy Dynastic intervention Wilsons 14 points national selfdetermination collective security (L of N) bipolarity

strategic stability noninterference (UN) Communist repression of democracy and HR democracy human/minority rights Result restoration Concert long peace imperial

breakup plebiscites ==> IR idealism divided states stability and balance of power ==> realism Contradic- waves of tions nationalist revolutions multi-national states undermined German reunification ethnic conflict new states

decolonization EU, S. Africa fragmented latent intervention? colonial powers nationalism US policy to human rights Iraq Source: Barkin and Cronin

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