Government Consulting at Booz Allen Hamilton -

Government Consulting at Booz Allen Hamilton -

Government Consulting at Booz Allen Hamilton Kristin Reisinger Associate Booz | Allen | Hamilton 4692 Millennium Dr. #200 Belcamp, MD 21017 USA Tel: +1 610-915-8388 [email protected] 1 Agenda Introduction Government Consulting Industry Overview Federal Proposal Process Working at Booz Allen Human Capital Consulting Practice

Example Projects Required Skills Q&A 2 Introduction 3 My Path Loyola College BA 2001 Manchester, Inc. 2002- 2003 Consulting Intern

University of Baltimore MS 2003 Grad AssistantshipDeans Office Human Performance Systems, Inc. 2003 2004 Intern, Research Assistant Booz Allen Hamilton 2004-Present Consultant Senior Consultant Associate McLean, VA 2004- 2006

Philadelphia, 2006-2010 Aberdeen /Telecommute 2010-present 4 Government Consulting 5 What is Management Consulting? Consulting: Work done by a consulting firm, which focuses on advising organizations on the best ways to manage and operate their business Management Consulting: The practice of creating value for organizations through improved performance, achieved by providing objective advice and implementing business solutions Booz Allen Hamilton is a leading provider of management consulting, technology, and engineering services to the US Government in defense, intelligence, and civil markets Trusted long-term partner to our clients Seek our expertise and objective advice to address their most important and complex problems

6 Commercial vs. Government Consulting Commercial Consulting Federal Consulting Example Organizations Big 4 Consulting Firms Ernst & Young Deloitte Price Waterhouse Coopers KPMG McKinsey Bain Boston Consulting Group Strategy& (BAH commercial spin-off)

Beltway Bandits Booz Allen Hamilton Bearing Point Accenture Deloitte Lockheed Martin SAIC International CSC Employee Stereotypes Top-tier MBA Graduates Focus on doing cutting edge, interesting work Ex-military and/or smart/driven functional experts Focus on serving important government missions, providing excellent client service Relationship to Clients

Trusted advisors Staff Augmentation (Butts in Seats) Strategy and implementation work done in direct collaboration with clients Assignment Length Short-term (3-6 months) Multi-year, long-term strategic partnerships Culture Up or Out, Road Warriors Common to stop at Associate level Long-term onsite work, risk of Going Native

Environmental Impacts Economy Elections 7 Federal Contracting The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) guides how we work with our government clients Complex set of rules governing the federal governments purchasing process Ensures consistency and fairness of purchasing procedures Booz Allen solicits work from the federal government through a structured procurement process 8 The Standard Federal RFP Format has 13 Sections

RFP Description Typical Content A Solicitation/Contract form RFP table of contents, contact information, due date, submittal location, serves as contact when signed by offeror and government B Supplies or services and prices Contract Line Items (CLINs) listing what is to be priced and how C

Statement of Work Describes work required, i.e., specification D Packaging and marketing Product packaging and marketing requirements E Inspection and acceptance Product/service inspection and acceptance criteria F Deliveries or performance

When products are services are required G Contract administration data Contract requirements not on solicitation form H Special contract requirements Items not in Section I or other sections of the contract I List of attachments Data requirements and organization, anything that did not fit elsewhere, and occasionally organizational instructions not included in L to permit using an otherwise standard RFP

J List of Instructions K Representations, certifications Acknowledgement forms that must be signed and submitted with the proposal L Instructions, conditions, notices Instructions for proposal preparation, format, organization, content, length M Evaluation factors for award Process, evaluation factors, and relative importance of the factors used to evaluate offers

Sections we write to, and ensure compliance 9 Proposals What is a proposal? A response to a clients RFP A sales document that is intended to convince the client of our ability to successfully perform the work at the lowest risk. If awarded, our proposal is a binding agreement to perform. Most government proposals include: Technical/Management Volume Approach Staffing Assumptions Cost Volume Past Performance Volume All Booz Allen client-facing staff support proposal development

10 Procurement Process Example Social Security Administration Office of Information Technology Human Capital Strategic Plan Development Requirements Definition Existing BAH client, SSA IT, needed support developing a human capital strategic plan for their IT workforce Supporting BAH IT team reached to HC leadership for support I took the marketing call to understand their need and discuss our human capital capability. Client requested a white paper outlining general approach BAH IT and HC staff collaborated on the white paper Acquisition Strategy Client turned white paper content into an RFP

Request for Proposals BAH IT and HC staff collaborated on the proposal, responding to specific requirements Evaluation Contract Award SSA IT evaluated two offers based on approach, cost, and qualifications. Cost was the most critical factor. Offeror was notified of win OUTCOME: BAH lost on price 11 Consulting vs. Industry 12

Working at Booz Allen 13 Our Operating Model Focus of Work in Central Maryland and Aberdeen 14 Booz Allens Human Capital Bench Strength Approximately 1,800 human capital and learning professionals with advanced degrees and certifications in: Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Human Capital Strategist (HCS) Change Management Advanced Practitioner Professionals with functional expertise in: Workforce planning and assessments Competency development

Organizational development and transformation Performance management Human Resource (HR) process redesign HR program support Breadth allows us to staff projects with specialized experts and rapidly surge to meet client needs 15 Example Booz Allen Human Capital Capabilities 16 Example Projects Along My Path Competency Model Development and Analysis Veterans Affairs, Office of Information Technology/ Human Resources Academy Department of Homeland Security National Science Foundation Joint Special Operations University Employee Opinion Survey Programs National Reconnaissance Office

Office of the Director of National Intelligence NASA 17 Case Study: VA IT Workforce Development Challenge Faced: Lessons Learned Need for data-driven process for identifying training Best Practices needs Need for common language for newly centralized IT staff Active SME Working Groups performing similar roles in different ways Used one occupation as an initial pilot to agree on definitions/outcomes and Actions Taken: improve the process Identified workforce competencies for all IT and IT Implemented competency-based support occupations, with behavioral indicators for five learning

levels of proficiency Aligned 8000 staff against appropriate profile Assessed individual gaps for custom training plans Pitfalls Assessed aggregate gaps to drive training development Lack of senior stakeholder engagement and acquisition from the outset caused leadership commitment to wane in some Results Achieved: organizations Competency models for 22 occupations Competency models are voluminous and 3000 learning events mapped to the models in a Talent some reflect functions not competencies Management System 96% assessment completion 18 Career Progression at Booz Allen

Principals, Partners Senior Associates Lead Associates Associates Senior Consultants Consultants Admins, Researchers 19 The Way We Work Virtual work is accepted Many staff on client site Move to hoteling/staff alignment to closest office Matrixed teams Virtual Collaboration is expected Most meetings include Lync/ LiveMeeting screen sharing

Outlook invites include iPhone direct access Work/Life balance is a mantra 40-50 hour work week Travel outside DC is minimal Flex hours are common 20 Required Skills Consulting Listening actively and asking pertinent and relevant questions Thinking critically to properly evaluate information Project management Communicating solutions effectively PowerPoint Executive writing Human Capital Job Analysis Focus group facilitation Analysis Best practice theories and approaches

Credible sources to cite 21 Questions? 22

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