GP Forward View NHSE Midlands and East: Cambridgeshire and ...

GP Forward View NHSE Midlands and East: Cambridgeshire and ...

GP Forward View What Can It Do For You? Dr Ben Jackson GP, South Yorkshire RCGP Ambassador Chair, Primary Care Workforce Group @DrBenJacksn 1 GP Forward View: Launched in April 2016 A national strategic outline but one set to be locally customised and delivered. Maureen Baker: GPFV is the most important change to GP in 60 years 5 key challenges and action areas identified 1. Investment 5. Care redesign 2. Workforce Simon Stevens : There is arguably no more important job in modern Britain than that of the family doctor. 10 High impact actions 4. Infrastructure & Technology 3. Workload 2 GPFV: STP strategic background Formulation Tight timetable Scale and diversity Multiple stakeholders New organisations Finance Workforce

Workload Retirement threat Recruitment challenges Upscaling small practices Strategic Tensions Under investment in GP Aggregate do nothing Per Patient do nothing Acute vs primary tension Wide ranging transformations aimed at improving patient care Stabilise workforce/workloads Stabilise finances Improve self care & use of IT Build out primary workforce Invest in scale & local primary care Manage and redirect demand GP Forward View Directorate 3 GPFV: STP landscape South Yorkshire STP STP Primary Primary Care

Care Workforce integral to to plan plan Andrew Andrew Cash Cash Will Will Cleary-Gray Cleary-Gray Strategy for for Strategy Transformation Transformation LWAB LWAB Primary Care Primary Care Workfoce Workfoce aa priority priority and and funding funding to to SYBPCWG SYBPCWG to to enable enable Mike Mike Curtis Curtis Lyndsay Lyndsay Hamilton Hamilton Ben Ben Jackson Jackson Penny Penny Brooks Brooks Enablement Enablement of

of Strategy Strategy HEE HEE Workforce Workforce transformation transformation development development and and funding funding Mike Mike Curtis Curtis Mark Mark Purvis Purvis Kevin Kevin Moore Moore Support/Funding Support/Funding NHSE NHSE GPFV GPFV Team Team employed employed to to support support CCGs CCGs with with specific specific primary primary care care workstreams workstreams including including workforce workforce

Lisa Lisa Simmonite Simmonite Jaz Jaz Uppall Uppall Support/Enablement, Support/Enablement, Delivery Delivery ATPS ATPS Training Training hubs hubs from from 10 10 point plan. point plan. Focus Focus on on placements, placements, education education and and training training Pete Pete Lane Lane Louise Louise Berwick Berwick Sanni Sanni Khan Khan Placements,/ Placements,/ Education Education Support Support SYBPCWG

SYBPCWG Primary Primary Care Care Paper Paper ratified ratified by by LWAB LWAB with with specific specific identified identified need need for for PC PC workforce. workforce. CCGs CCGs LMC, LMC, Federations, Federations, HEIs, HEIs, HEE, HEE, ATP ATP ,NHSE ,NHSE Recommendation, Recommendation, Supporting Supporting collaboration, collaboration, Dissemination Dissemination Faculty Faculty of of Advanced Advanced Practice Practice Focussing Focussing on on higher higher bands.

bands. Initial Initial priority priority employment employment and and perceptorship perceptorship for for PAs PAs Fran Fran Mead Mead Simon Simon Clark Clark CCG CCG Reps Reps Trust Trust reps reps HEI HEI Reps Reps Ben/Louise Ben/Louise Training/Development/R Training/Development/R ecruitment ecruitment SYREC SYREC Excellence Excellence centre centre focus focus on bands on bands 1-4 1-4 and and apprenticeships. apprenticeships. Trust Trust focus

focus on on Levy Levy .. Primary Primary Care Care HCA HCA Linda Linda Crofts Crofts -- Lead Lead Hospital Hospital Trust Trust reps reps Socal Care reps Socal Care reps Ben /Louise Ben /Louise Training/Development Training/Development CCG CCG Local Local workforce workforce priorities priorities and and regional regional collaboration collaboration Jacqui Tuffnell Jacqui Tuffnell -Rotherham Rotherham Jackie Jackie Holdich Holdich -- Barnsley Barnsley Katrina Katrina Cleary Cleary -- Sheffield

Sheffield Victoria Victoria McGregor McGregor RRBlaw Blaw Laura Laura Sherburn Sherburn -Doncaster Doncaster Funding/Development Funding/Development GP Forward View Directorate 4 GPFV Workforce Develop the broader workforce by 5,000 staff by 20/21 NURSES PHARMACISTS Support with return to work Improved practice placements 15M to be invested Current 31m to pilot 470 pharmacists in >700 practices, PRACTICE MANAGERS For an additional 1,500 pharmacists by 2020 Expanded national network 6M on development PHYSICIAN ASSOCIATES 1,000 to be trained Regulatory and indemnity enablers Plus new 112m to extend by a pharmacist per 30,000 patients Clinical pharmacists in 111 hubs PARAMEDICS & PHYSIOS New Care Models

MENTAL HEALTH 3,000 Therapists for long-term physical conditions GPs GPs GPs Practice Nurses Advanced Clinical Practice Advanced Clinical Practice Clinical and Care assistant roles Clinical and Care assistant roles HCAs 4:2:1 3:2:2 RATIOS South Yorkshire Primary Care Workforce Group 2016 2:2:4 6 Primary Care Workforce Groups 7

Values 8 GPFV - formulation not implementation so far March 2021 April 2016 ? Formulation Dec 15 STPs formed April 16 GPFV Launch June 16 First draft STP Plan Ambassadors Appointed Implementation Oct 16 Final draft STP Plan Dec 16 Operating plans 17/18 + 18/19 Jan 17 RCGP Interim Policy Statement 9 GPFV: Urgency at the Front Line NHS England

GPFV STP Plans CCG Plans RCGP Ambassador Primary Care GP Workforce Patients 10 Today A Workforce Workshop 1. Investment 2. Workforce 5. Care redesign 10 High impact actions 4. Infrastructure & Technology Explore possibilities 3. Workload Solution Focused 11 GP Forward View What can it do for you ? Thank You Enjoy the Day 12

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