Grade 9 Cumulative Assessments

Grade 9 Cumulative Assessments

Welcome to Curriculum Night 2018/2019 Parent Session Gym 6:00 6:30 Ken Murray Classroom Session Room #2047 6:40 7:00 English and Social Studies Classes 703, 704, 705, 706 Ov w e i v r e * Communication Curriculum Assessment & Evaluation Powerschool/Gradebook Collaboration

Working together to ensure success Questions? o i t a c i n u m m o C n E-mail (preferred) [email protected] * MSMS School Website * Class Websites Phone 832-2300 Direct 725 1247 MSMS Communication Plan ..\Communication Plans\

Communication Plans\ Communication Plan 20182019 English and Social Studies.doc r r Cu m u l u ic Specific curriculum outcomes for each subject can be linked directly from my class/school web pages. Direct Link Tonight is meant to provide a brief, but concise, summary/outline of the curriculum in: English Language Arts Social Studies The 3 Strands: Reading and Viewing Speaking and Listening Writing and Representing En h s i l g 7

5-paragraph essay writing Novel Study Response Writing (3 R Method) Short story analysis Character Study Article Analysis Qualities of Writing (The Six Traits) r u o y The Writing Process h t i w d a e r e Elements of Fiction (plot, theme, etc.) r o Pleas y l r a l u g e r Graphic Representations d l i s h n c

o i s s u c s i d Independent Reading is e h s / have e h t a h t w Oral Speaking / Presentation Skills o t n u o e r ab y e h T . Spot /Quick Writes g n i

read Flash Fiction (Story) Writing o o ld ! Economic Empowerment l a i c o S Economics, poverty, standard of living, budgeting, income demographics, RSP/MTG calculators, sectors of economy,, diversified economies, First Nations vs Newcomers economies, Historical context - The Fur Trade Political Empowerment Canada grows (Provinces, territories join, Manitoba (The Red River Settlement, Louis Riel, The Metis), MacDonalds National Policy, Canadian Pacific Railway, Disempowerment of Aboriginals and new Immigrants Societal Empowerment Everyday life at the turn of the century, Impact of the Industrial Revolution, Empowerment of Women and Social reform early 20th century National Empowerment Canada becomes independent, Canadas participation in WWI, Impact of WWI on Canada and her people 7 l r o W r u

o Y g n i g n g n i t Cha a g i t s t Inve n e m r e w o p Em Map of Canada over time, B.N.A (British North America), Daily life of peoples of B.N.A, Reform, Push for Responsible Govnt, Confederation, The BNA Act Cultural Empowerment s e i d u t S

Introduction Canadian Identity Geographic Influences s e i d u t S l a i c o S Canadas landscape, climate, geographic influences, migration, Decades of Change Socio-economic conditions, changing technologies, World War 2, social and cultural trends, globalization Citizenship citizenship, rights and responsibilities, government

Challenges and Opportunities Economic challenges and opportunities, political challenges, social and cultural challenges Reflections 8 n a i d a n a C y t i t Iden Physical Setting mapping, latitude/longitude, themes of geography, landforms, weather/climate s e i d u t S l

a i c o S Economics basic economics, supply and demand, sectors of economy, entrepreneurship, Atlantic Canada 9 c i t n Atla Culture features of culture, diversity in Atlantic Canada, African Heritage, agents of socialization and change Technology Inventions (technology Then vs Now), effect of technology on resource based industries of Atlantic Canada, Technology at work, Timeline of technology Interdependence Global Citizenship, Current Events, World Issues / World-mindedness, Non Governmental Organizations, Sustainability, themes of

n i a d a n a C the y t i n u m m o C l a b Glo MSMS 4 Point Assessment Rubric 4 (Really Got It!) 3+ 3 (Got it!) In-depth knowledge and understanding of content and concepts. Able to extend the application of related skills. Competent knowledge and understanding of content and concepts. Appropriate application of the related skills.

. 2+ 2 (Not yet! Nearly There!) Developing knowledge and understanding of content and concepts. Developing in the application of the related skills 1+ 1 (Not yet!) Limited knowledge and understanding of content and concepts. Limited application of related skills. Achievement of Expected Learning Outcomes Grades 7-12 90 100% The student demonstrates excellent or outstanding performance in relation to the expected learning outcomes for this course. 80 89% The student demonstrates very good performance in relation to the expected learning outcomes for this course. 70 79% The student demonstrates good performance in relation to the expected learning outcomes for this course. 60 69% The student demonstrates satisfactory performance in relation to the expected learning outcomes for this course. 50 59 % The student demonstrates minimally acceptable performance in relation to the expected learning outcomes for this course. Below 50% The student has not met minimum requirements in relation to the expected learning outcomes for this course . Powerschool / Gradebook It is your portal into your childs academic results. It requires a unique username and password . (This carries forward yearly but requires resetting occasionally.) To obtain your username and password, please email a

request to your childs homeroom teacher or contact the office. (We are not allowed to send it home with the student.) Google Apps for Education GNSPES For some assignments, your child will also have access to my virtual classroom. They have been provided a GNSPES username and password. (It is a combination of their initials (LFM) and the last six digits of their student ID) r e h t e g o T g n i k r Wo How can you help ? - Monitor homework talk with child about school and monitor class websites - Monitor your childs progress track effort and performance (PowerSchool) - Encourage routines homework habits, organizational support - Provide support with homework if necessary - Sign all tests/quizzes/rubrics there should be no surprises! - Read notices, sign, and return ASAP when necessary

- Communicate / Ask Questions email, phone, websites - Model, Model promote, promote and encourage reading! s e m i t e d g u t a s s u o t e n y l o r h a p e l l l c e c d e e t t

a a i c r i p n o u r m p p m A o c e b l l i w k n a h T ! u Yo

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