Grange Academy Bulletin -

Grange Academy Bulletin -

GRANGE ACADEMY BULLETIN 16th September 2019 SENIOR AWARDS CEREMONY Congratulations to everyone who received an award at our senior ceremony last week. We are very proud of your achievements and of the hard work and resilience which underpins them. KIRSTY Congratulations to Kirsty Paterson who did exceptionally well at the Scottish Tae Kwon Do (open) competition last week. She got a 3rd in the Junior

Heavy Weight category and competed in the Ladies team event and got 2 nd! Well done, Kirsty! BBC FILMING Well done to everyone who was filmed by the BBC last week in preparation for the Depute First Ministers Daily Maths Challenge. Pupils across Scotland will watch Grange pupils thinking through some maths problems and will have a go themselves. At the end of each day, Mr Smith will appear in a video explaining the solutions.

HARRY Its great to hear about the progress our S4s are making on their courses at Ayrshire College. Pictured here is Harry McLachlan who is doing well on his Automotive course. GIRLS FOOTBALL TRAINING We had a great turnout at girls football training last week. Wed love to see more senior girls at the next session. The standard of play last

week was excellent! VICTORIA AND LEWIS Congratulations to all of the S4 pupils who interviewed to become sportscotland Young Ambassadors. The standard was incredibly high and you will all have a vital role with developing sport with Jo Clark, our Active Schools Coordinator, this academic year. The two new Young Ambassadors for Grange Academy are: Victoria McDowall and Lewis Barnie. LEADERSHIP CLASSES If you are in a Leadership class, please remember to attend the meeting today, period 3, in the library.

We will be talking through some options for your projects. PREFECTS Calling S5/6 Pupils! Would you like to be a Prefect? There will be a meeting of prospective Prefects in F084 (Mr Brennans English classroom) on Wednesday 18 th September at 1.30pm. We are mainly looking for S6s, but suitable S5s will also be considered. Thanks to all of you who have already submitted your names. Please come along to contribute your ideas and discuss the next steps with members of staff and your fellow senior pupils. We are looking for your good ideas e.g. lunchtime clubs for younger pupils, seniors to lead the Student Council, and projects which will really improve the school for everyone. This is a final opportunity for anyone who may have missed the information previously to register their interest in becoming a Prefect. Is this worth doing? YES! Colleges, Uni, employers, all value young people with proven leadership experience, which is what youll get from being a Prefect. I am a Buddy, can I also be a Prefect? YES! VISITING PARLIAMENT

All S4 Modern Studies pupils who are attending the Scottish Parliament trip on Tuesday: please be at the front of the school for no later than 8:40am. We need to leave at 8:45 sharp. Bring your lunch with you! SENIOR BOOTCAMP *Long awaited - finally here!* When? Tuesday lunchtimes. Where? Dance Studio. Why? Feel more confident, become stronger, increase your knowledge and break up your school day! Bring a friend and give it a try - all abilities

welcome! If you have any questions please come and give me a shout. PROM 2020 Thanks to all S6 pupils who volunteered to be part of the Prom Committee. The venue has now been selected and Prom 2020 will take place at The Royal Marine Hotel, Troon. Prom Committee will meet the first Wednesday interval of every month. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 2nd October in the P.E Games Hall. **Reminder - attendance must be ABOVE 90% to attend!** DANCE CLUB It has been great to see so many new faces and existing

members attending Dance club over the last couple of weeks! Remember - everyone is welcome - even if you have never danced before! You will have opportunities to perform in a Christmas Show, Dance Fest and at various events throughout the year. Come along to the Dance Studio on Thursdays 3.35-4.35pm, meet some new friends and have fun! MESSAGE FROM JO, ACTIVE SCHOOLS COORDINATOR. Would the following pupils please attend a Leadership Academy meeting with Jo Clark, ASC, and Mr Alldridge Monday 16th September at interval in the PE department? Erin Sinclair, Melissa Graham, Lauren Nichol, Victoria McDowall, Lewis Barnie, Jody McRobert, Hannah Johnston, Louise Nichol, Sam Lindsay, Megan MacAlister, Weronika Srebro, Eve Mair, Christine Clermont and Keira

McNulty. Science Supported Study You can attend any teachers supported study session for your subject and level. Subject Day Time Level Location Biology Monday 15.35-16.30 N5 S028 Biology

Tuesday 08.00-08.35 Higher S023 Biology Tuesday 15.35-16.30 Higher S023 Biology

Friday 08.00-08.35 Higher S012 Chemistry Monday 15.35-16.30 Higher S008 Chemistry

Tuesday 15.35-16.30 N4/5 N5/Higher S021 S014 Chemistry Thursday Lunchtime N5/Higher S021

Chemistry Thursday 15.35-16.30 Higher S014 Physics Monday 08.15-08.35 N5/Higher S024

Physics Tuesday Lunchtime N5/Higher S024 Physics Tuesday 15.35-16.30 N5/Higher S024

Physics Thursday 08.00-08.35 N5/Higher S026 Physics Thursday 15.35-16.30 N5/Higher S026

Science Wednesday Lunchtime All S1-S3 S028 Advanced Higher Chemistry candidates should see Mrs Bremner to discuss supported You are invited to Mandarin Lunch Club Wednesday 18th September 13:15-13:55 Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival) Senior pupils will introduce this festival to you You will try Chinese Tea and listen to Chinese music and stories.

HAVE A GREAT WEEK, GRANGE! Work hard. Be kind.

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