Grimmia laevigata - Auburn University

Grimmia laevigata - Auburn University

Cladonia rangiferina whitish and finely structured thallus Cladonia caroliniana fat thallus, greenish Cladonia subtenuis greenish, finely structured thallus Grimmia laevigata

Pioneer species on granite Tiny, low growing Hoary, frosty appearance Grimmia laevigata Xanthoparmelia conspersa prostrate on open rocks, has pale

surface and a shiny black underside Polytrichum commune Large moss with upright stems Gametophyte is dominant Photo shows sporophytes growing out of some

gametophytes Sphagnum sp. Epidermis cells fill with water, hence wet even when the area is dry Dreadlock looking

Dead plants are peat moss used as soil amendment Alnus serrulata Has nitrogen fixing bacteria (but not legume) Female inflorescences look

like pine cones Male catkins are long and the females are short Diamorpha smallii Found in shallow soil (annual) Red succulent leaves

White flower CAM Erythronium sp. 2 mottled leaves Large yellow flower Spring herb: takes advantage of

early phenoseason sun Seeds dispersed by ants (myrmecochory!) Minuartia uniflora and M. glabra Annuals Granite outcrop endemics! M. uniflora smaller flower M. glabra- larger flower

Hypericum frondosum Grows in deeper soils Has boat-shaped leaves Peely bark- smooth once it peels Bright yellow flowers

Krigia virginica Found in shallow soils (annual) Toothed leaves Manfreda virginica

Relative of agave Fairly long and thick spine-tipped fleshy leaves Monocarpic perennial Opuntia compressa

Spines CAM Survives cold winters without freezing using freezing point depression (lots solutes in cells) Packera tomentosa Vertical leaves (avoids solar input at mid-day)

Relatively long white hair on leaves (increases albedo!) Saxifraga virginiensis 5-petaled white flower Hairy flower stalk Rosette forming cluster of broad

leaves Bottom of leaf is reddish Isoetes sp. Looks like grass (long thin leaves) Sporeforming plant

(member Lycophyta: club moss phylum) Has a bulbous base

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