GTM Offer Template

GTM Offer Template

Learning about Taxes with Intuit ProFile Chapter 2 Installation and Setup In this Chapte r

Installing & activing ProFile Managing Licenses EFILE credentials The Options menu

Installing Single user installation ProFile Multi-user installation Activation Licensing information Managing Adding & deleting Licenses 4 What is it? Flexible

How does it licensing work? Maximu m licenses

5 License overused How to prevent? setting it up Setting it up

environment options page 16 7 help! setting it up

efile settings page 15 setting it up File

Location Multiple Files Recently used files File lock page 17

9 file tab file preparer page 18

setting it up additional settings 11 Manual override Drag & drop Validate SIN

Smart Capitalization Jump to a related field Right-click page 19 12

Page breaks Zoom Zeroes in NIL fields Negative brackets Tab icons Line decimals

page 19 13 check for updates live community online

features page 20 14 file naming file location

pdf passwords page 21 15 module options

New file defaults Carry forward defaults Language options page

22 17 File creation warnings Client status locking

EFILE status locking page 23 18 Standard

disclaimer GIFI disclaimer page 24 19 page

24 20 Module specific Print job options Default status Environment

- PDF page 29 21 Module specific Billing

options Detail or summary Environment - timer pages 30 22

Secure your password Tech support may not be able to restore it

page 32 23 page 33 24

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