Guida Europea Per I Sindacalisti Dello Sviluppo Sostenibile

Guida Europea Per I Sindacalisti Dello Sviluppo Sostenibile

With financial support from the European Union - Project number: VS/2011/0188 EUROPEAN GUIDE FOR TRADE UNION ENVIRONMENTAL REPRESENTATIVES Cisl Toscana Ecologia & Lavoro IAL Toscana Guide for environmental representatives Project leader Cisl Toscana Drafting the Guide Ecologia&Lavoro Project administration IAL Toscana

Partners FGTB (BE) PODKREPA (BG) CFDT (F) DGB/VHS NW E.V (GE) Arbeit und Leben (GE) EKA/ ATHENS (GR) TUC (UK) The project is supported by ETUC, special thanks to Judith Kirton-Darling for her personal support and presence. It is also supported by the national confederation of Cisl, and Fulvio Giacomassi. Guide for environmental representatives

Sergio Sorani Ecologia&Lavoro A tool for workers and trade unions reps from all EUROPE for SUSTAINABLE RECOVERY Judith Kirton-Darling ETUC Social, environmental, economic, financial crisis = one answer: sustainable development&fight against climate change. Just Transition strategy: a GLOBAL, PRECISE, UNANIMOUS answer Renato Santini Cisl Toscana Greening our mission: make life more equitable and inclusive. The Guide wish reaching out to all workplaces. Guide for environmental representatives Introduction Many critical environmental issues. Many environmental effects of industrial development.

Climate change causing severe disruption to habitats (desertification, rising sea levels, reduction of glaciers, with serious consequences for biodiversity). Breaking the chain. The key solution for that lies in the quality and the quantity of economical changes, thus in the transformation of the word of work and of the protection systems what we are carrying out as Unions. Guide for environmental representatives Chapter 1 The Culture and new values of sustainable development

Responsibility for our present and future, and for future generations. Sustainable development: balanced and dynamic integration of the principles of economic growth, environmental protection and social equity. (National collective agreement of Chemistry sector, 2006). The concept of sustainable development does imply limits - not absolute limits but limitations imposed by the present state of technology and social organization on environmental resources and by the ability of the biosphere to absorb the effects of human activities. But technology and social organization can be both managed and improved to make way for a new era of growth of personal and collective wellbeing. Guide for environmental representatives Chapter 2. The European legal framework EU 2020 Europes growth strategy: Intelligent,

sustainable, inclusive Directive on Climate change and Energy (European Union Climate and Energy Package) Road Map 2050 for a low carbon economy New Directive on energy efficiency, approved by the EP, September 11, 2012. Guide for environmental representatives Figure 1: greenhouse gases emissions in the UE towards a reduction of 80% (100% =1990) 100% 80% 60% 100%

Settore dell'elettricit Politica attuale Settore residenziale e terziario 80% 60% Industria 40% 40% Trasporti 20%

20% A gricoltura (em issioni non CO 2 ) Altri settori (emissioni non CO 2) 0% 1990 2000 2010 2020 2030 2040 0% 2050

Guide for environmental representatives Chapter 3. Green bargaining for a low carbon economy: a bottomup approach . European model. Social dialogue, tripartite relations. Strengthen the tradition, innovate relationships. Chronologically the last opportunity: The Covenant of Mayors Guide for environmental representatives Chapter 4. The environmental representative at his own workplace The basic conceptual reference: the Continuous Environmental Improvement (CEI). Rights, objectives, tools.

Guide for environmental representatives Chapter 5. The environmental representative, local institutions and society More and more conflicts of interests between different soil uses are resulting in environmental conflicts. The existing production activities are absorbed by growing urbanization and NEW economic activities having difficulties to find space are at the centre of environmental conflicts. Trade unionists have to understand the importance of INFORMATION and PARTICIPATION processes, and assure FAIR

decisional processes. Responsible consumption: to be developed for workers producers and at the same time workers consumers. Local economy, local products, etc.. Guide for environmental representatives Chapter 6. Employment: competences and know-how ITUCs definition of Green jobs: A green job provides decent work and living

conditions, and ensures workers rights are respected as part of sustainable development in a fairer and inclusive society. Not only GREEN JOBS, but also greening all jobs. All activities with less environmental impacts. CEDEFOP: Integrate the new green competences. All workers having included green competences in their professional skills have better access to work. CEDEFOP: apical figures in enterprises are important just as technical professions based on scientific knowledge. CEDEFOP: a general good training can be enough, but not every time. In constructions energy efficiency, the training shall be deeper and relative to the whole industrial process from designing to maintenance. Trade unions involvement in CONTINOUS training on green skills is very important. GUIDA VERDE

Guide for environmental representatives Chapter 7. Environmental representative and international action Think globally, act locally (ONG approach) Think globally, act locally AND globally (Trade Unions). A great and almost exclusive opportunity of having a large international network of unions. European Work Councils and Global Unions: tools and organizations to use in the environmental debates (ex. asbestos) Global Compact: UN enterprises organization for good practices shared and supported by trade unions. Guide for environmental representatives Conclusions and work hypothesis

A proposal for European legislation on workers environmental rights A European training programme for new skills and for the principles and cultural values of sustainable development. ( Reach, Raee, Conai, etc) Finalize and enhance the role of workers - citizens-producerconsumer in sustainable development. Supporting the international unionist initiative for the Tobin tax. Strengthen the rules of international trade that respects labor rights and environmental protection. Promoting Carbon Tax.

Building alliances, starting from our direct partners: employers. Guide for environmental representatives Thanks from all participants at the projects international meetings Sebastien Storme, Lydie Gaudier, Achim Vanselow, Jurgen Lange, Sabine Katzsche-Doring, Lyndsey Mouland, Philip Pearson, Christina Theocari, Dominique Olivier, Sophie Gaudeul, Judith Kirton-Darling, Veselina Starcheva, Stoyan Pantchev, Bogatinova Petya, Giovanni Bolognini, Gianluca Federici, Renato Santini, Gabriella Pusztai, Sergio Sorani, Giuseppe D'Ercole, Paolo Angeli, Gabriella Fenili, Elisabetta Biliotti,

Maurizio Becucci, Daniele Belgrado, Sergio Fondi, Sara Cerri, Vincenzo Cinquini, Rossana Paolinelli, Massimo Pazzagli, Luciano Sacchetti. CENTRO STUDI NAZIONALE CISL Via della Piazzuola, 71 Firenze 50133 Tel: (0039) 055 5032111 You can download the Guide in English and in Italian on CISL Toscanas website: Thank you for your attention

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