Guidance Department A-F Pam Otten G-N Danny Straub O-Z Debbie ...

Guidance Department A-F Pam Otten G-N Danny Straub O-Z Debbie ...

WELCOME TO OLENTANGY ORANGE HIGH SCHOOL Home of the Pioneers! An Excellent High School Guidance Department A-De Pam Otten 740-657-5118 Df-Ja Stephen Gunther 740-657-5113 Jb-Mt Matt Baumgartner 740-657-5116 Mu-Sd Laura Carder 740-657-5117 Se-Z Debbie Harry 740-657-5119

Ann Pfau-Registrar Cyndie Vande Water-Secretary Senior Year An Important Year of Transition Four Year College Two Year College Military Employment Gap Year 74%

16% 1% 8% 1% College Application Application Fee Essay

Transcript Service - Requested on Naviance Includes School Profile Secondary School Report Test Scores Requested from or Letter of Recommendation Parent Brag Sheet Resume Using Family

Connection Online Resource for Planning & Advising Overview for Parents What is it? Family Connection is on the Web Web-based resource that supports career and college planning Promotes communication between guidance counselors, teachers, students and parents Parent

accounts Student accounts Teacher accounts Guidance/Registrar access to all accounts 7 What can students do in Naviance? Students have been working within Naviance since their freshman year at OOHS.

Classroom lessons/activities Career planning tools/inventories (Roadtrip Nation) Research colleges (SuperMatch College Search) Link to selected third-party resources (ACT, SAT, Common Application) Sign up for informational sessions with college representatives visiting OOHS

8 What can students do in Naviance? We will be working with seniors the first week of September to teach them how to utilize Naviance during the college application process. We will also meet with them one on one after these meetings to field any individual questions/concerns they may have as they go through this process. Request transcripts and track submission dates Request letters of recommendation and track their

submission Parents can monitor the status of both transcripts and recommendations Search for scholarships 9 How do you register? Parent letters, containing codes were sent home with students early last year Codes are random and alphanumeric for security reasons Codes can be used only once to set up username and password On your first visit, enter the code in the New

User box, then follow on-screen instructions On subsequent visits, sign in using the Returning User box Parents may research colleges, careers, and scholarships while keeping track of their students transcript requests If you did not register and need your code, please contact your childs Guidance Counselor 10 Scholarships & Financial Aid Merit Based and Need Based Scholarships / Financial

Aid Scholarships (Merit Based) --Primarily Awarded by Colleges Part of admissions application. May be special scholarships with a separate application/deadline. Check college websites. --National, Regional and Local also available Online databases: Fastweb, Highfive Scholarships, Cappex Scholarships (links on Naviance) U.S. Department of Labor Scholarship Search Organizations, Employers, Labor Unions, Credit Unions Naviance Scholarship List

Scholarships / Financial Aid Financial Aid (Need Based) --Must Complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). --FAFSA available after October 1, 2017. --Family receives an SAR (Student Aid Report) with the EFC (Expected Family Contribution). Colleges/universities receive this info. --May qualify for Federal Aid (grants, loans,

work study). Additional need based aid from the college/university. --CSS /Financial Aid Profile Helpful Resources Federal Student Aid- an office of the U.S. Department of Education In-person help completing the FAFSA. Important Dates

September 21, 2017Preparing for the College Admission and Selection Process at Olentangy HS at 7:00 PM September 24, 2017 Columbus Suburban College Fair (Hosted at Otterbein College) 1:00-3:30 PM October 1, 2017 FAFSA application available October 4, 2017 - Learning Disabilities Colleges Fair Hosted by Gahanna Lincoln High School at 6:30-8:00 PM October 5, 2017Financial Aid Workshop at Orange HS at 7:00 PM October 18, 2017 Transcript request deadline for November 1st college application deadlines November 10, 2017 Transcript request deadline for

December 1st college application deadlines Important Dates Continue December 8, 2017 Transcript request deadline for January 1st college application deadlines February 15, 2018 FAFSA deadline for many colleges

April 1, 2018 Deadline for colleges to communicate financial aid packages May 1, 2018 National Declaration Day May 10, 2018 Senior Award Program-7:00 PM May 20, 2018 Graduation Day- 10:00 AM ACT & SAT Dates ACT Test Dates October 28, 2017 December 9, 2017 February 10, 2018 SAT Test Dates October 7, 2017 November 4, 2017

December 2, 2017 Registration Dates September 22, 2017 November 3, 2017 January 12, 2018 Registration Dates September 8, 2017 October 5, 2017 November 2, 2017 Thank you for attending this evening.

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