Halton District School Board's Multi-Year Plan 2016-2020

Halton District School Boards Multi-Year Plan 2016-2020 Mission, Vision, Values, Goals and Targets Multi-Year Plan 2016-2020 4 Year Strategic Plan Mission, Vision, Values and Goals approved by Trustees (June, 2016)

Goals and targets organized by Students, Staff and System, in the following three areas: Every student will explore and enhance their potential, passions and strengths to thrive as contributing global citizens. Accountability Collaboration

Creativity Empathy Equity Integrity Importance of Alignment Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement and WellBeing

BIPSA 2016 - 2020 School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement and WellBeing SIPSA 2016 - 2017 Multi-Year Plan (2016-2020) Studen Staff System

ts Operational Plan (2016-2017) Studen Staff Syste ts m Targets A target is a measurable outcome

Senior staff have assessed system priorities and areas of growth For each area, baseline data must be available or must be determined For each area, a target or targets are set to measure improvement System Measurement Tools

Tell Them From Me Survey EQAO

Achievement data Credit Accumulation PM Benchmarks Diagnostic Reading Assessment Other available data How will we measure identified priority areas where no data currently exists? A Community Stakeholder Engagement tool will

be developed for: Students Staff Parents

Community New this year! MYP Target Highlights Students The number of students achieving provincial standard on the Grade 6 EQAO Mathematics

assessment will increase by 14% The number of secondary students reporting being intellectually engaged will increase by 10% MYP Target Highlights Students The gap in achievement will be narrowed by 25% for students with special education needs

in all EQAO assessments The number of students reporting a sense of personal well-being will increase by 10% MYP Target Highlights Staff 100% of central HDSB departments (academic and corporate) will create cross departmental teams that result in enhanced service to the system

The number of HDSB staff reporting human resources practices to be effective and responsive to their needs will increase by 10% Positive learning climate in elementary schools will increase by 8% as reported by students MYP Target Highlights System 100% of stakeholders will have the opportunity to

provide feedback to the HDSB using a new community engagement process/tool 100% of learning environments will be technology enabled The number of staff reporting HDSB as an inclusive, caring and respectful organization will increase by 10%

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