Happy Wednesday - Cabarrus County Schools

Happy Wednesday - Cabarrus County Schools

Happy Wednesday For each of the following, tell which colonial region is being represented 1. Strictly Puritan 2. Freedom of Religion 3. Quakers

4. Plantations 5. Exports/Shipbuilding/whaling 6. Breadbasket 7.

Diversity 8. Slavery 9. Cash crop Todays topic: CHAOS in the colonies 3 main events: 1. Pequot War

2. King Philips War 3. Bacons Rebellion PEQUOT WAR Fast facts: 1. First sustained conflict between Natives and Colonists 2. Occurred between 1636-1637 3. Location: New England ( Connecticut River Valley) PEQUOT WAR Background Information and Causes: Simply boils down to competition and rivalries for control over land/natural resources BetweenPequots, Narragansetts, Algonquins, Mohegans, Dutch and English

settlers 1634: John Stone and seven members of his crew were murdered by Pequot alliances. Pequots claimed they murdered him in revenge for the Dutch murdering an earlier Pequot (and they didnt realize he was English not Dutch). 7/20/1636: murder John Oldham by Narragansett-allied Indians who sought to discourage English settlers from trading with their Pequot rivals PEQUOT WAR MA Bay governor John Endecott raids Pequot villages and destroys them 5/26/1637 Mystic Massacre English forces led by Captains John Mason with their allies

from the Mohegan and Narragansett tribes, surround a Pequot village at Mystick and began burning and killing Of the estimated 500 Pequots present at Mystic that day, only seven survived to be taken prisoner, while another seven escaped to the woods. PEQUOT WAR Effects: Demonstrated English total war and brutality Complete destruction of Pequots Most were killed Surviving Pequots were given to other tribes or sold into slavery Increased Puritan expansion

The effect of the Pequot War was profound. Overnight the balance of power had shifted from the populous but unorganized natives to the English colonies. Henceforth [until King Philips War] there was no combination of Indian tribes that could seriously threaten the English. The destruction of the Pequots cleared away the only major obstacle to Puritan expansion. And the thoroughness of that destruction made a deep impression on the other tribes. PEQUOT WAR Recap questions: 1. What was the underlying causes of the Pequot War? 2. How was the Pequot War a turning point for Native/colonial relations? KING PHILIPS WAR (METACOM WAR)

Fast Facts: 1. Last major effort by the Native Americans of southern New England to drive out the English settlers 2. Metacom (Pokunoket chief) called King Philip by the English, along with Wampanoag, Nipmucks, Pocumtucks, and Narragansetts vs. English colonists 3. 1675-1676 Background information: Again- competition over land/resources Increasing tension between the Natives and English colonists KING PHILIPS WAR (METACOM WAR) Effects:

1. Metacom was beheaded (his head was displayed in Plymouth for 25 years) 2. 1,000 colonial deaths and 3,000 Native deaths 3. Native population of southern New England was reduced by about 40-80% 4. Ends resistance of colonial expansion in New England BACONS REBELLION Key Players: Virginia Governor Sir William Berkeley Nathaniel Bacon who were actually cousins! Background Information: Declining tobacco prices

growing commercial competition from Maryland and the Carolinas Restricted English market Rising prices from English manufactured goods Problems caused by weather Colonists needed a scapegoat* to blame for their misfortunes *Scapegoat-person who is blamed BACONS REBELLION Doeg Natives attacked colonial plantations Colonists attack other Natives in revenge Berkeley tries to have meetings and to contain the colonists Berkeley wants to maintain positive relations with Natives

Bacon kidnaps and kills Natives and refuses to listen Growing divide between the elite (Berkeley) and the lower class (Bacon supporters) BACONS REBELLION Effects: White and black indentured servants united in support of social reform Fear over uniting of working class- leads to increased racial slavery Recap questions: 1. "[We must defend ourselves] against all Indians in general, for that they were all Enemies. Who would have said this, Bacon or Berkeley?

DEMOCRACY IN THE COLONIES You are going to be examining the development of democracy in the colonies! You must complete the following tasks through completion of a bubble map or foldable. 1. Define democracy IN YOUR OWN WORDS 2. Explain the Enlightenment and how it influenced the development of democracy in the colonies 3. Discuss Thomas Hobbes and John Locke (two Enlightenment thinkers!) different viewpoints for government 4. Provide vague examples of democracy in the colonies (for example town meetings, elections, freedom of religion, etc) Provide details! 5. Connect the following terms to democratic values and explain their significance. Some of these we have already discussed and you should be able to easily do! 1. House of Burgesses 2. Mayflower Compact

3. New England Confederation 4. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut 6. Create a symbol to represent each term that is bolded! Can be included anywhere.

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