Heading - suicidepreventioncollaborative.org.au

Heading - suicidepreventioncollaborative.org.au

LifeSpan Project Working Groups Cascading Team Structure The below figure shows how the Black Dog Institutes LifeSpan team will be structured to support implementation Work Streams To help engage key experts, clarify planning, and manage workloads, the 9 LifeSpan strategies will be grouped into 5 work streams Strategies grouped according to common target audiences LifeSpan staff (at the Black Dog Institute) will be structured to align with these work streams Key documents developed by the Black Dog Institute (e.g. outlining what each strategy will involve) will be based on these work streams Work Streams 1: Health interventions strategies 1, 2, 3, 4 2: Community interventions strategies 5, 7, 8 3: School interventions strategy 6 4: Data driven suicide prevention suicide audit, service atlas, strategy 9 5: Indigenous suicide prevention applies across all strategies Working Groups

SP Collaborative established Working Groups aligned with these work streams Working Groups to develop detailed and practical plans relevant to each of the relevant strategies i.e. the Black Dog Institute will help to define what each strategy involves, the local Working Groups define the how Each Working Group to have a Lead who is responsible for coordinating and facilitating meetings Working Groups may include people who do not attend the regular monthly meeting, but have specific skills relevant to the Working Group We are wanting people with lived experience of suicide to be involved in each of the Working Groups. They will be supported to ensure their involvement is a positive experience. Those contributing to the Working Groups outside of their paid employment role will be paid for their participation. SP Collaborative staff to attend all Working Group meetings to ensure plans complement each other Work Stream Working Group Members Linda Livingstone (COORDINARE) * Adam McRae (GPH) Lynn Langhorn (ISLHD) Judith Simons (One Door MH) Yvonne McKenna (Hearing Voices Network)

John Turner (ISPIR, LE) Helen Backhouse (Flourish) Tim Heffernan (ISLHD, LE) Lyndall Fowler (West Street) Kylie Hanigan (LE) Grahame Gould (Lifeline) Julie Carter (ISLHD) Lorna Moxham (UOW) Ann Frankham (LE) Susan McMurdo (LE) Police Ambulance 2: Community interventions

Carrie Lumby (Hearing Voices Network) * Clare Leslie (Lifeline) * Armando Reviglio (WCC) Emily Delovska (LE) Gordon Bradbery (WCC) Kelly Parish (ARAFMI) Eleanor Ashford (LE) John Casey (ACON) Toni Garretty (ISLHD) Linda Livingstone (COORDINARE) Clemantina Velasco (headspace Wollongong) Kristine Laird (COORDINARE) Nick Guggisberg (Kiama Council) Tim Heffernan (ISLHD, LE) Sandra Bolack (ISPAN) Susan McMurdo (LE) SSPAN 3: School interventions

Eleanor Ashford (LE) * Tim Heffernan (ISLHD, LE) * Heather McCarron (TAFE) Yvonne McKenna (Hearing Voices Network) Emily Delovska (LE) Roz Jennings (Department of Education) Kathryn Baudinette (headspace) Leanne Woodley (AIS) Kylie Hanigan (LE) Lynne Harris (Department of Education) Cynthia McCammon (Catholic Education) 4: Data driven suicide prevention Grahame Gould (Lifeline) *

Linda Livingstone (COORDINARE) Debra Murphy (RDA Illawarra) Wollongong City Council Shoalhaven Council Shellharbour City Council Kiama Council 5: Aboriginal suicide prevention Glenn Williams (MIND the GaP) Helen Backhouse (Flourish) Tim Heffernan (ISLHD, LE) Clare Lesley (Lifeline) Ann Frankham (LE) Michelle Dickson (Waminda) South Coast AMS Illawarra AMS

1: Health interventions Working Groups * Working Group Lead Feedback loop WGs will keep records of meetings in the form of key action items & discussion points (no need for full minutes) These will be posted on the Collaboratives website WG Leads will feedback to the monthly SP Collaborative meeting Membership updates Current focus of WG discussions Requests for input from broader Collaborative Anticipated challenges of note Recommendations for general Communications Strategy Documented plans can also be shared with broader Collaborative for review (at certain landmarks)

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