Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness 1. 2. 3. 4. Describe the 6 components of health. State the importance of striving for optimal health. Describe the 4 influences of wellness. Describe 3 ways to take charge of your wellness. Six Components of Health Health: is the state of well being in which all the components of health are in balance. To be truly healthy one must take care of 6 components of health. Six Health Components: physical, emotional, social, mental, spiritual, and environmental.

1. PHYSICAL: Refers to the way the body functions. This includes eating right, getting regular exercise, being at your correct body weight, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and being free of disease or sickness. 2. EMOTIONAL: This is being able to express your emotions in a positive, nondestructive way. Emotionally healthy people can cope with unpleasant emotions and not get overwhelmed by them. Are you aware of how you feel and who you can go to for help? 3. SOCIAL: This is the quality of your relationships with your friends, family, and others you are in contact with. A socially healthy person respects others and stays clear of those who do not treat them respect and

tolerance. 4. MENTAL: The ability to recognize reality and cope with the demands of daily life. A mentally healthy person is free of mental illness, has high self esteem, and enjoys trying new things. Six Components of Health 5. SPIRITUAL: Maintaining harmonious relationships with other living things and having spiritual direction and purpose. This may include living according to your values. VALUES are strong believes or ideas. Some people may feel united with others. 6. ENVIRONMAENTAL: This is keeping our air and water clean, our food safe, and the land around us safe and enjoyable. The environment is made of the living and non-living things around us. Striving for Optimal Health:Wellness

WELLNESS: The achievement of a persons best all six components of health. It would be unrealistic to think a person can achieve complete wellness all the time. ILLNES/WELLNES CONTINUUM: A sliding scale that represents all actions or behaviors we practice or do daily. 4 Influences of Wellness 1. Heredity Influences: these are the traits we inherit from our parents. Many heredity types diseases are passed from parents to off spring. 2. Social Influences: We are influenced by the people closest to us. We often model the behaviors we see and copy.

3. Cultural Influences: This is the shared values, beliefs, and practices of a large group of people. Diet and lifestyle are influenced by our culture. 4. Environmental Influences: Your surroundings and all the things around where you live. Examples of pollution, safety regulations, and medical care are all aspects of environment. 3 Ways to Take Charge of Your Health 1. Knowledge: Health Literacy is the knowledge of health information needed to make good choices about

your health. 2. Lifestyle: The way you choose to live one of the most important ways to improve your health is to make behavioral changes in your lifestyle. Putting your knowledge into action is a good way to take charge of your wellness. 3. Attitude: This is a persons way of thinking and it can greatly affect a persons health. By changing your attitude you can act in ways to make you a healthier person. Self esteem is part of your attitude. That is a persons confidence, pride, and self respect.

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