Healthy people UC

Healthy people UC

Tips & Tricks for Productivity & Outlook Michael Martin, M.A.Ed. Staff Technical Development Specialist Staff Success Center Ashley San Diego, MS, CHES Employee Wellness Coordinator Be Well UC

Learning Objectives Identify how time management impacts us professionally and our well-being. Describe 5 common themes to improve our productivity. Plan and practice ways to be productive using Outlook and wellness related resources. How Time Management Impacts Our Professional & Personal Lives We often confuse being productive with working as fast as we can,

every second of the day. -Dr. Travis Bradberry 6 weeks/ year 11% For every minute spend

organizing, an hour is earned. - Benjamin Franklin Prioritization Rocks, Pebbles & Sand Prioritization Plan and refocus what needs to be done and

when Choose 3 MITs to complete each day before anything else. Reduce the noise of a long to do list. Prioritize with Outlook Folders Experts recommend limiting your folders Some even recommend no folders

Organization & Decluttering Dominate Your Outlook Inbox Last In, First Out System Use Inbox Clean Up 2 Minute Rule/Flag Message for Follow Up Declutter Your Spaces Clutter limits our brains processing capacity, leaving us more distractible and less able to focus.

Psychology Today Where do you spend your time? Make your environments more pleasant. Start with one space or section at a time. Start with your rocks or MITs.

Make it a group effort. Create a set of rules when organizing. Set a time to revisit the space. Control Your Calendar Take Back Your Time in Outlook Block Out Time Schedule Availability Appropriately

Free Im available. Working Elsewhere Im available, but Im not in the office. Tentative Be careful, I may or may not be available. Busy

Im busy, somewhere in the office. Out of the Office Im busy, and not in the office. Take Away Time Wasters & Take Breaks 15-30 second breaks can increase productivity up to 30%!

Pomodoro technique Schedule Like a Pro Scheduling In Outlook Scheduling Assistant

Overlay Calendars What Takes Up Our Time? Stephen Coveys 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Urgent Not Urgent Important

Crises, Medical emergencies, important meetings, project deadlines Relationships, health & exercise, personal growth, preparation, prevention

Not Important Trivial interruptions, random phone calls/emails Wasting time, various trivia/gossip, busywork, escape

activities Notifications Notifications Can Be Like Kids EVERY 5 MINUTES Interrupted thoughts & work due to incoming email WITHIN 6 SECONDS

Response is provided to email as received Email may act as a stress conduit but is also in itself a potential stressor. It may impair productivityit may escalate disputes, facilitate harassment and encourage litigation. Those who spend more time on email report greater work overload, including feeling frustrated, stressed and emotionally drained. Outlook Notifications Turn Off or Limit Notifications

File Options Mail Message Arrival Use rules to allow notifications from certain people Cut Down the Tech Stress! Reduce # of check times. Check at set times vs. continually throughout the day.

Use IM if theres an urgent matter. Respond at set times. Decrease # of miscellaneous things you are enrolled in unsubscribe from all but your favorite. ( Make a call. Reduce # of email folders or visible apps. Use wind down features of devices. Questions?

Event Reminders Swipe in at Registration for 20 Be Well UC points ($10 value!) & entry for prize raffles! Stop by rooms 415, 417 & 419 to chat with reps from Be Well UC, UC Benefits, Staff Success Center, Communiversity, Apprisen, Securian, Liberty Mutual, & more! References & Resources

Best Time Management Activities Computers in Human Behavior Put the big stones in

Resolution Ju-Jitsu: The "Not Going to Do" List https:// Rocks, Pebbles & Sand Video

The Powerful Psychology Behind Cleanliness Tree of Time Management

Understanding email interaction increases organizational productivity https:// YLO0V48gA%3a1 11 Things Organized and Productive People Do Every Day

12 Time Wasters Thank you! Michael Martin [email protected] Staff Success Center Ashley San Diego [email protected] Be Well UC

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