High School versus College: A Comparison of What to Expect

High School versus College: A Comparison of What to Expect

Goal Setting for College Getting Started with Setting Goals for College Getting Started 1. Look into your crystal ball and see what you will be when you grow up. 2. Set that as your final goal and get moving! What? No crystal ball? No clairvoyance?

You mean you cant see into the future at all?? Oh well, on to Plan B! Getting Started (Plan B) If you have a pretty clear idea of where you are headed in life Thats great! Skip this step and go directly to goal setting. If not No problem!

Try some of these pre-goal setting activities to get ideas about what kind of goals you may want to set. Pre-Goal Setting Your mental picture of your future may still be fuzzy at this point thats ok! You can begin the goal-setting process even if you dont know what your final goals will be Choose 1 or 2 of the activities listed on the next slide These will form a foundation for goal-setting by helping you gain insight into yourself and think more purposefully about

yourself Complete and share the activity in the format of your choice (e.g., write a list, make an audio-journal, create a collage, record a video, etc.) Pre-Goal Setting Activities

What qualities do you like most about yourself? What qualities would you like to improve? What qualities do you admire in others? (i.e., qualities you see in specific people, and/or those you admire in general) Identify your top 5 values. What is

most important to you? Why? What are you good at? (strengths) What is difficult for you? (challenges) Identify things you strongly like and dislike (e.g., places, activities, classes, foods, events, people, etc.) Why do you like/dislike these?

Imagine that youre a superhero. What would your superpower be? What would your kryptonite (vulnerability) be? Picture yourself 5 years from today and consider where you would like to be, who you would like to be with, and what you would like to be doing.

Then ask the same questions for 10, 20, and even 50 years down the road. Imagine that you have just passed away at the age of 100, and someone close to you is about the give the eulogy at your memorial service. What do you most want them to say about you? Goal Setting Worksheet What are your personal strengths

and challenges? Include both academic and non-academic items. What is a goal? What are some goals you have set before? Why is it important for college students to set goals? College students have more time and freedom

than high school students. College campuses have an overwhelming number of opportunities and options. College academic requirements are difficult and demanding. Good Goals Are Realistic based on your abilities, interests, needs, and desires Specific and measurable Firm, but still flexible

Categories of Goals Daily Living Academic Health/Wellness Social Academic Goals Areas to Consider

Getting started academically on campus Academic campus resources Time management and organization Communication with faculty members Academic collaboration with peers Assistive technology resources Study skills, habits, and strategies Self-advocacy Other Social Goals

Areas to Consider Getting started socially on campus Social campus resources Connecting & communicating with peers Communication with family Hobbies and interests Time management Other Health/Wellness Goals Areas to Consider

Getting off to a healthy start on campus Health/Wellness campus resources Nutrition and healthy eating Sports/Athletics Fitness Spirituality Time management Other Daily Living Goals Areas to Consider

Getting started with daily living on campus Daily living campus resources Employment options Money management Time management Daily tasks Other Sample Goals Academic

Health/Wellness Social Daily Living Goal Setting Worksheet Use what you have learned to fill in the Goals column on your worksheet. Set goals for yourself that are specific to what you want to accomplish during your

first year of college. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attributi onNonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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