Higher Order Thinking Questions

Higher Order Thinking Questions

Higher Order Thinking Questions St. Helena College & Career Academy ESSENTIAL QUESTION (SESSION QUESTION): How do we use questions to guide instruction and challenge our students?

ACTIVATING STRATEGY on a sheet of construction paper with your partner (5 minutes) SIDE 1: Define High Order Thinking SIDE 2:High Order Thinking in a classroom is like __________ (must include an illustration)


Concepts or skills in the form of a question (supplements the objective/aim). Organizes and sets the focus of the lesson. A tool to help teachers to gather evidence of learning.

ASK YOURSELF What is the intended goal of the lesson? What do I expect my students to know by the conclusion of the lesson? ESSENTIAL QUESTION REMINDERS

Goal-to be answered by the end of the lesson One per lesson May take more than a day (or two) to answer Cannot be a answered with a simple yes or no

ESSENTIAL (examples). How do readers use authors clues to make inferences? Why are carbohydrates important for your body? What were the advantages of both the North and South during the Civil War?

How do you distinguish between a habitat and a niche? How do I graph quadratic functions? NOT ESSENTIAL What is an inference? List 10 carbohydrates

Who was involved in and won the Civil War? What is a habitat? What is a niche? Can you graph a quadratic equation? NOW YOU TRY Write an essential question that reflects a concept or skill you will teach in the

upcoming week. HIGH ORDER THINKING QUESTIONS Questions that are embedded into the lesson at certain points during instruction. Provide opportunities for students to be challenged.

May be used to determine direction of instruction. JUST A NOTE Present your students with at least 3high order thinking questions per lesson. This

is proof that you are presenting your students with challenging questions and meeting the needs of your advanced learners! EVALUATION QUESTION What criteria would you use to assess. How would you determine

How could you verify. What information would you use.. What data was used to evaluate CREATING STEMS How would you generate a plan to. What facts can you gather

How would you explain the reason What alternative would you suggest for.. What would happen if H.O.T Questions EQUATION: Question Stem

+ What you want them to know ___________________________ = High Order Thinking Question EXAMPLE: How would you improve + your muscular endurance to become a better football player? _______________________________ = How would you improve your muscular endurance to become

a better football player? (creating) With a partner WHATS HOT! -VSWHATS NOT! WHATS HOT!!

How can you evaluate the impact the signing of the emancipation proclamation had on the estates of southern slave owners? What is the most important part of the circulatory system? Why? Give evidence to support.

Why do you think this composer may have chosen to use whole notes at the end of each bar in this song? Elaborate on your reason. WHATS NOT!! What is the Emancipation Proclamation?

Can you identify the irrational number in this equation? What are the parts of the circulatory system and what is its function? How many whole notes are in each bar? LETS MAKE IT HOT!!

Using the highest level of DOK , create 3 high order thinking questions that will support a lesson you plan to teach next week. -Exit Ticket

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