Hold on to your proposals until end of class period

Hold on to your proposals until end of class period

Class Assignments Short Papers 1) Captain Kidd paper a) TA has graded them b) Will be handed back today 2) Long Paper proposal a) Due Wednesday 2) Treasure Island Paper 800- 1000 word paper based on the Robert Louis Stevens Treasure Island and the movie Treasure Island Due Wednesday 7th April

Can turn it in before Compare book to movie (as before) But ask how and why Stevenson and the Muppets have adapted history to suit their intended audiences Consider how they have helped shaped our understanding of pirates Long Paper 2800 3200 word paper Based, of course, upon your proposal

Due April 21st I will be happy to talk with you as you progress or chat with you about draft papers Piracy and Literature Edgar Allan Poe The Gold Bug J.M. Barrie Peter Pan Gives us another of the great

childhood pirate icons Captain Hook Action takes place in Kidd bay Barrie student a Edinburgh University friends with another well known write of the era Arthur Conan Doyle Best known for Sherlock

Holmes But, also wrote tales of the sea and piracy Captain Sharkey Another Edinburgh Student and friend of both Doyle and Barrie was Robert Louis Stevenson He and Barrie worked together on the school newspaper

And of course Stevenson was the author of Treasure Island Treasure Island & Robert Louis Stevenson Muppet Treasure Island Cast list: Captain Smollett Kermit Benjamin / Benjamina Gunn Miss Piggy Billy Bones Billy Connolly Blind Pew Blind Pew Muppet Black Dog Black Dog Muppet Dr Livesly Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

Jim Hawkins Kevin Bishop Long John Silver Tim Curry Mr. Bimbo A man who lives in the index finger of the Squire Trelawney Jrs left hand Squire Trelawney Jr. Fozzie Bear Big-Fat-Ugly-Bug-Face-Baby-Eating O'Brien Explodes with Wit, Weirdness and Wildly Inventive Fun New York Post Not however, the first film

representation of the book Over 50 movies and numerous TV adaptations have been made Suggest the depth of influence that the story has Treasure Island movies First I have been able to find is a 1912 version very early First narrative movie Great Train Robbery in 1903

Production Company Edison 1934 first Hollywood version 1971 Orson Welles as Long John Silver Also co-scripted 1990 Made for TV

version Charlton Heston as Long John Silver Christian Bale as Jim Hawkins Oliver Reed as Capt. Billy Bones Christopher Lee as Blind Pew International Zhi yao wei ni huo yi tian

(1993) "Schatzinsel, Die" (1966) TV mini-series Ostrov sokrovishch (1971) "Takarajima" (1978) TV series Celebrity Treasure Island And of course the list would not be complete without

But lets return briefly to the Muppets Over 400 Muppet characters appeared in the film Shot at Shepperton Studios in England All the shots were indoors Had a complete seaport with and 18 ton boat Forty foot beach with palm trees and 200,000 gallons of

From the movies Press Packet: Q. This is such a physical role. How do you feel you compare to other big screen action heroes? Kermit: Hmmm. I would have to say that Im shorter

than Arnold, greener than Sly, and I have less hair than Mel Q. Were you aware that traditionally Polly is played by a parrot? Polly: Yeah, Ive heard. But thats just a stereotype. I like to think we live in a forward thinking society Q. Is this the first time you have had

to sing while bound upside down over a cliff? Miss Piggy: Professionally, yes. But, frankly, it is none of your business what Kermit and moi do in our personal relationship And finally the green man himself I do believe that Robert Louis Stevenson originally wrote the part of the captain as a frog Kermit the Frog

Who was Stevenson? Born November 1850 Edinburgh, Scotland Father an Engineer strict and powerful man Believed to be the cause of the lack of strong father son relationships in

Stevensons novels Treasure Island: Father dies early in novel Rebellious Jim Hawkins Potential father figures in both Doctor Livesly and Squire Trelawney Tends to gravitate more to Long John Silver Kidnapped:

An orphan sold into indenture Take up eventually with a Scottish Patriot against the British Both cases unattached boy searching for an identity with a rebellious figure Also see conflict in his novels Between the upright ideals of

Victorian middle class life and reckless abandon Obvious in Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde But also in Hawkins Frequently turns away from the right thing Leaving the ship Running from the fort The idea of turning from the

straight and narrow is also evident in Stevensons own life While on a visit to France met and fell in love with Fanny Van De Grift Osbourne A divorced women, with two small children, ten years his senior He married her a very risqu and rebellious thing to do in Victorian British Society Stevensons tomb Mount Vaea Stevenson would

return to California with his new wife Before eventually moving to the South Seas Samoa in 1889 Where he died in 1894 The Map Plays a significant part in the story For the characters

It is a treasure map! And for the understanding In a review of the book W.E. Henley wrote Primarily it is a book for boys.But it is a book for boys which will be delightful to all grown men who have the

sentiment of treasure-hunting and are touched with the true spirit of the Spanish Main It has been argued that it is the map which Henley wrote of another moment when one Professor Beesley was discovered by his family in his study his history books thrown by . . . His Herbert Spencer all forgotten, sunk to the throat in Treasure Island. He had a magnifier at his eye, and through that magnifier he was (historian like) a-studying the map of Captain

Flint The map links Stevenson - the man through Hawkins - the boy to Beesley - the man In addition the map is a manly not a boyish

item When the map is unfurled at Squire Trelawnys house Hawkins states that though the map was to him incomprehensible, it filled the squire and Dr Livesey with delight. Livesey said the squire you will give up this wretched practice at once. Tomorrow I start for Bristol The boy unable to understand the map and is

excluded from the beginning of the adventure And of the story But what of the maps creation The initial idea for the book came as Stevenson sat with his stepson, Lloyd, in California and they drew the map the future characters began to

appear there among imaginary woods Creation of the map involved a boy But the creation of the story was from the mind of a man Original map was lost (stolen?) and the final map was created from points in the completed story Not from the imagination of a boy The map also leads Hawkins out of boyhood and into manhood As the story, and hunt, progresses Hawkins matures

at the end of the story Hawkins the man has ironically (?) lost the desire for additional treasure His nights are filled not with dreams of treasure but nightmares of gold coins and the sound of Silvers parrot crying Pieces of eight, Pieces of eight WEDNESDAY MUPPET TREASURE ISLAND

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