Hormones and Homeostasis - MYP Biology 10

Hormones and Homeostasis - MYP Biology 10

Hormones and Homeostasis http://www.classjump.com/m/mypscience Group work Look at the graph below: Can you explain why this happens? http://www.classjump.com/m/mypscience What is Homeostasis?

Homeostasis - involves maintaining a constant environment in the body Homeostasis makes sure our body has the correct levels of....... Temperature Water Carbon dioxide

http://www.classjump.com/m/mypscience Oxygen Blood sugar What is a hormone? Hormones are chemical messengers used in the body by the endocrine system. Hormones are produced by our

glands. Which gland produces the hormone insulin? Pancreas http://www.classjump.com/m/mypscience The Pancreas Insulin controls........ blood sugar levels in

our bodies. Glucose is a sugar needed by cells for respiration. It is important that the concentration of glucose in the blood is kept at a constant level. http://www.classjump.com/m/mypscience

Changing glucose levels After a meal the level of glucose in our bodies [increases/decreases]? After exercise the levels of glucose in our bodies [increases/decreases]? Why do you think this happens? I think this happens because...................... http://www.classjump.com/m/mypscience

Blood sugar Key words Glucose A sugar used in respiration to make energy Glycogen A storage substance made of glucose, it is stored in the liver.

Insulin A hormone (chemical messenger) it tells your body to change glucose into glycogen. It is made by the pancreas. Glucagon A hormone that tells your liver to change glycogen

back into glucose. Also made by the pancreas.. http://www.classjump.com/m/mypscience http://www.classjump.com/m/mypscience Lets act it out!

One pancreas One liver One insulin One glucagon And lots of glucose/glycogens!

http://www.classjump.com/m/mypscience What would happen if my pancreas did not produce enough insulin? http://www.classjump.com/m/mypscience Symptoms of Diabetes Thirsty

Glucose in urine http://www.classjump.com/m/mypscience Tiredness Regulation of blood sugar is an example negative feedback All homeostatic mechanisms use negative feedback to maintain a constant value (called the set point).

Negative feedback means that whenever a change occurs in a system, this automatically causes a corrective mechanism to start, which reverses the original change and brings the system back towards the set point (i.e. normal). http://www.classjump.com/m/mypscience

Past paper question! http://www.classjump.com/m/mypscience Homework http://www.classjump.com/m/mypscience

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