How was the Weimar Republic established in 1919?

How was the Weimar Republic established in 1919?

What were the causes of the Northern Rebellion of 1569-70? Learning objective to be able to assess the different causes of the Northern Rebellion. I can describe the key causes of the Northern Rebellion. Grade 3 I can explain the key causes of the

Northern Rebellion. Grade 6 I can explain and assess the causes of the Northern Rebellion. Grade 9 Why did the north prove to be a problem to govern? The north was far away from London the centre of government and this meant that Elizabeth was reliant upon the noble families ot exert royal control. Many of the northern noble families were Catholic.

However, in the 1560s, England became more Protestant and Elizabeth made a series of government appointments of new men gentry from the south and the Midlands in positions that were traditionally preserve of the ancient northern noble families. What were the key reasons why the rebels rose in the Northern Rebellion? The northern earls wanted to restore Catholicism in England. The northern nobility had lost influence, particularly losing key positions this meant not only loss of control but also of income. The northern nobility blamed Elizabeths evil advisors, such as William Cecil, for the Protestant changes and their loss of political power. The refusal of Elizabeth to marry and to produce or name an heir created uncertainty about Englands future.

The captivity of Mary, Queen of Scots presented the northern nobility with a figurehead who could legitimately replace Elizabeth and solve their political and religious grievances. Who were the main rebels? Thomas Percy Earl of Northumberland. A Catholic who had lost influence and income under Elizabeth. Supported by his wife, Ann. Charles Neville Earl of Westmorland. A Catholic who had lost influence and income under Elizabeth. Brother-in-law

of the Duke of Norfolk and encouraged by his wife, Jane, to rebel. Who were the main rebels? Thomas Howard Duke of Norfolk. A Protestant with links to the old Catholic northern nobles. Particularly disliked the rise of the gentry. What problems did religion cause in the Northern Rebellion? Much of the north held onto the traditional Catholic beliefs despite the

religious settlement of 1559. In trying to loosen Catholic control in the north, in 1561, Elizabeth appointed the Protestant, James Pilkington as Bishop of Durham becoming a significant religious figure in the north. Pilkingtons Protestant reforms became very unpopular and significant source of discontent. What problems did politics cause in the Northern Rebellion? The Earls of Northumberland

and Westmoreland enjoyed great influence under Mary and Elizabeth soon sidelined these political figures in favour of men outside the ancient noble families. Both Northumberland and Westmorland resented the rise of the Forster family, particular the appointment of Sir John Forster to oversee defences on the Scottish border. Also, Northumberland and Westmorland were perceived by Elizabeths advisors as Catholic threats. How did fears over the succession spark the Northern Rebellion? Elizabeth refusal to marry and name and heir led many to fear for a civil war if she died.

Mary, Queen of Scots was Elizabeths legitimate heir, but she was Catholic and the government could not work with her. A plot was hatched for the Duke of Norfolk to marry Mary, Queen of Scots it was supported particularly by the northern earls of Westmoreland and Northumberland. The plotters felt the marriage would provide a solution about what to do about Mary and any children from the marriage would be heirs to the throne as well as follow their fathers faith Protestantism. However, the plot collapsed when Elizabeth heard about the the potential marriage and she refused to give permission for the marriage to go ahead [nobles had to have the monarchs permission to marry]. Instead, she arrested Norfolk. Fearing arrest and under suspicion from central government, the Earls of Westmorland and Northumberland decided to go for broke and launch a rebellion in November 1569. Task Arrange the following statements under the headings Political causes of the Northern Rebellion Religious causes of the Northern Rebellion

After the Norfolk James Pilkington was Marriage Plot was appointed the Bishop of exposed, the Earls were Durham and made summoned to Court. Protestant changes. The Earls wanted to re- The Earls wanted to get establish Catholicism as rid of Elizabeths evil the nations religion. councillors. Elizabeth promoted new men to key

government positions in the North. The Earls wore Catholic badges and emblems to attract support for their rebellion. The Earls had lost The Earls wanted the Catholic rulers, such as important positions and Catholic Mary, Queen of Philip II of Spain powers in the North. Scots as the recognised appeared to support heir. the rebellion.

Extension Task Complete this hexagon framework by adding words in the blank hexagons which can link with the words in the adjacent hexagons. Explain the links made between the hexagons. The Northern Earls

Mary, Queen of Scots James Pilkington Exam Practice Home Learning Write a plan for the following 12 mark question and then write an answer for it. Explain why the Northern Rebellion happened. You may use the following in your answer The succession problem Norfolk Marriage Plot You must also use information of your own.

Plenary a touch of Scrabble The mystery word that relates to this lesson is worth ...... 12 points ..... Using the Scrabble score card, can you work out which word it is?

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