HRA / FSA Training

HRA / FSA Training

Health Savings Accounts Health Savings Accounts Transition to HealthEquity HSA Fund Administrator Group 51+ Producer Training An independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. 1 Welcome! Health Savings Accounts Agenda + Why this change? When? + Who is HealthEquity? Employer and Member Experience

+ + + + + Vendor Comparison Implementation Process Rates and Fees Schedule HealthEquity support/contacts Marketing Communications 2 Introductions and Housekeeping Health Savings Accounts Todays presenters + Dave Sicotte

HealthEquity Regional Sales Director, located in Raleigh + Christie Gallegos Regional Sales Support, HealthEquity + Peter Fournier BCBSNC Product Developer + Christine Shrader BCBSNC Instructional Design Team Lead & Facilitator 3 Introductions and Housekeeping Health Savings Accounts Open Submit questions via chat function

Send To Send 4 Why We Are Changing Health Savings Accounts 5 HSAs A Cost Saving Solution Health Savings Accounts $140,000,000 $140 $120,000,000 $120

$100,000,000 BCBSNC HSA Assets (in millions) $100 $80,000,000 $80 $60,000,000 $60 $40,000,000 $40 $20,000,000 $20 $0

$0 Mar.06 Jan. 07 Jan. 08 Jan. 09 Jan. 10 Jan. 11 Jan. 12 Jan. 13 Aug. 13 ER Based Acct Assets IND Account Assets Invested Assets National source: Estimate derived from Year-End 2013 Devenir HSA Market Survey. 6 Todays CDHC Requirements Health Savings Accounts Competing in today's consumer-driven environment demands: Simple, integrated products Choices and flexibility

Better technology Competitive pricing Support and service that stands out Position BCBSNC for the Future 7 Vendor Selection Criteria Health Savings Accounts + + + + + + Overall value proposition

Strategic vision for Consumer-Driven Health Care Focus on technology/processes that support CDHC Marketing/training support to BCBSNC staff Scalability to support large employer groups Integrated product suite HRA, FSA and now HSA! 8 When Are We Changing? Health Savings Accounts New and renewing members will transition to HealthEquity: + November 1, 2014 All Groups + January 1, 2015 All IU65 members + Transition at renewal

9 HealthEquity Health Savings Accounts Nations oldest, largestand fastest growing dedicated health savings trustee + Founded in 2002, based in Salt Lake City, UT + Administers over 1,000,000 healthcare accounts + Partners with over 60 health plans nationwide Florida Blue, BCBSCA, BCBSMI, BCBSMA, Regence, BCBSAZ, BCBS Northeastern PA, BCBSVTNEW, AnthemNEW + Employer Partnerships American Express, Google, General Dynamics, Tyco, State of Washington + Focus on continuous improvement, integration, education

10 HealthEquity Value Health Savings Accounts Best-In-Class product/service offerings + + + + + + + Great value One administrative platform Acclaimed service/education focus Regional in-market sales support Safety & security

Online and mobile tools HSA is HealthEquitys core business Focus on building health savings 11 Employer Experience Health Savings Accounts Easier to enroll + Turnkey enrollment + In-market sales support + Dedicated employer support team specialized in HSAs + Assigned onboarding lead for all groups

12 Employer Experience Health Savings Accounts Comprehensive portal guide or personal assistance when needed Easier to manage online + + + + + + + + +

Manage all funds in one place View a listing of all employees Verify HSA-enrolled employees Export employee listing to Excel Set up employee alerts Set up payment methods Assess past & pending payments Manage access, including broker Make HSA contributions 13 Employer Experience Health Savings Accounts Improved reporting capability Real-time reporting

+ Employee account summary + HSA account status + Contribution reports Tax year report Calendar year report + Potential over contributions + PPD account numbers *Only applies to FSA groups that use the portal to upload enrollment into the FSA. 14 Member Experience Health Savings Accounts 1 in 4 calls occurs at night or on the weekend when sound advice cant wait

10% of members reach out to us every month 86% annual retention of our advisors so members receive the full value of our experience 15 Member Experience NEW! SSO and real-time balance information Health Savings Accounts Anytime, anywhere access + Instant access from to HSA info on myHealthEquity portal

SSO + New mobile app and capabilities Access to all accounts Upload and store photos of documentation for claims HSA Send payments and reimbursements Submit claims and view claims status Manage debit card transactions, and more 16 Member Experience Health Savings Accounts NEW!

17 Health Savings Accounts Vendor Comparison 18 BenefitWallet vs. HealthEquity Health Savings Accounts Item Statements Investment Account Minimum Investment Account Fee Paper Checks* Customer Service Hours Customer Service Operations Customer Service Experience

FDIC Insured Interest Bearing Deposit Account Not FDIC Insured Interest Bearing Deposit Account (Yield Plus) Health plan/HSA integrations Integrated Platform BenefitWallet Available Online Monthly Free, $1.25 Mailed $1,000 $2.90/month standard investments (22 investment options) $5.90/premier investments (400+ investment options) Available, First 40 Checks Free 8 a.m. - 11 p.m. M - F On shore/Off shore VRU answer

Interest Rate 0.05% Not Available Only eligibility is shared No HealthEquity Available Online Monthly Free, $1.00 Mailed $2,000 Free 39 investment options Not Available* 24/7/365 On shore Live answer; advisors 4 Tiers Based Upon Deposits Interest Rate 0.05% - 0.40% Deposit Range $0.01 - $10,000+ 4 Tiers Based Upon Deposits

Interest Rate 0.05% - 1.50% Deposit Range $0.01 - $10,000+ Eligibility & claims data is shared Yes - HRA, FSA and HSA *Claims paid with paper checks represent 6% of total HSA withdrawals in 2013. HealthEquity is a green company and emphasizes electronic commerce, i.e. direct deposit. 19 Health Savings Accounts HSA Group Implementation Process 20 Seamless Set-Up Health Savings Accounts NEW!

Links for your review and reference + BCBSNC sells HSA-powered health plan; sends eligibility file to HEQ + HealthEquity auto-activates group; auto-sends Employer Welcome letter + Employer receives welcome letter; links to Employer Welcome Materials + Employer sets up their HealthEquity Employer portal (username: demoemployer / password: demo) + Employer uses the Group Enrollment Resources to encourage adoption + Employees learn about HSAs at Member Education site + Member accounts are auto-activated (no app or signature needed) + Members receive welcome kits/debit cards and use accounts + Members manage HSAs through the HealthEquity Member portal (username: demo222 / password: Demo1234!) or via mobile app 21 Employer Welcome Letter Health Savings Accounts

+ Employer receives the Welcome letter with a phone number to call for set-up assistance and a link to the Employer Welcome page 22 HealthEquity Transfer Promotional Offer Health Savings Accounts $25 credit for transfers! Minimum Transfer/Rollover Amount - $500 or more Available 11/1/14 11/1/15 Must be Transferred/Posted to Account within 90 days of the members effective date

Credit Posted 90 days after the transfer/rollover has been posted 23 Transferring Accounts Health Savings Accounts Why should employees transfer their accounts? + + + + + + + + Avoid BenefitWallet monthly account and investment fees*

Single account to manage Employers contribute to HealthEquity HSAs More mutual fund investment options Customer service available every hour of every day Self-service available online and via mobile app Competitive interest rates; larger balances pay out larger rates BCBSNC health plan and HSA are integrated *Fees can be as much as $3.90 per account if balance < $1,000; $0 if account balance is $1,000+. 24 Transferring Accounts from BenefitWallet Health Savings Accounts BenefitWallet members have two options: 1. Trustee-to-trustee transfer

Low member involvement Incurs a fee 2. Rollover Member involvement is higher Avoids fee 25 Single, Integrated Platform Health Savings Accounts New HRA feature available: + HRA Pharmacy Only Debit Card Available for 51+ groups only

Hot-stamped with HRA-Pharmacy Only Expenses right on the card + Use current HRA enrollment forms to sign up + Enrollment and implementation uses the existing HRA implementation process 26 Health Savings Accounts Fees and Rates 27 Competitive Rates and Fees Health Savings Accounts HSA Employer Service Fees*

$2.50 per account / month billing varies by group1 HSA fees when paired with LPFSA + Add $4.25 PAPM + For one or both *Billing varies by group 2 This card is issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC. 3 Contributions are managed online via the Employer Portal. A $20.00 fee will apply only if you create and send paper instructions to HealthEquity for allocating contribution payments. There is no fee for paying online or for entering contribution instructions online and sending a paper check. 28

Billing Methods Health Savings Accounts Product Small Group 1-50 Middle Group 51-249 Large Group 250+ HSA Fully Insured Included in Premium1 Premium Add On2 Premium Add On2 HSA ASO

N/A Added to Admin Fee Added to Admin Fee HRA Fully Insured Included in Premium1 Premium Add On2 Premium Add On2 HRA ASO N/A

Added to Admin Fee Added to Admin Fee FSA Fully Insured Direct Billed to Groups3 N/A Included in Premium1 Included in Premium1 Added to Statement of Account Added to Statement of Account

FSA ASO 1. Included In Premium = Does not result in a premium change. 2. Premium Add On = Results in a premium change. 3. For employers with 1-50 employees an FSA is provided as an option on the application; however, the FSA fees are not included in the fully insured medical plan premium. If selected, groups will receive a bill from HealthEquity for administration of the FSA. 29 Building Health Savings

Health Savings Accounts More value for members + + + + + Choice of deposit account Tiered account interest rates Larger balance/larger rate Free Investment trades Best-in-class funds* *Funds subject to change. 30

Health Savings Accounts Who to Call for Assistance 31 HealthEquity Contacts Health Savings Accounts Sales Support Dave Sicotte Amy Mayberry Regional Sales Director Based in Raleigh, NC 919.977.3138 [email protected] 2-9,999 EE sales

Regional Sales Support 913.317.2054 [email protected] Broker relationships, webinars, sales assistance Onboarding & Client Support Rupa Patel VP, Strategic Enterprise Partners 610.420.0828 [email protected] 10,000+ EE sales Partner Management Julianne Rowan Client Services

866.382.3510 [email protected] Ongoing and onboarding support for groups <2,000 eligible EEs Account Executive 801.727.1093 [email protected] Oversight of BCBSNC relationship, partner reporting for BCBSNC book and major/national accounts 32 Health Savings Accounts Marketing Communications for Group Markets

33 Marketing Communications Health Savings Accounts Our marketing materials transition at each sales stage: 1. Sales materials are Blue-branded 2. Enrollment and Education materials are co-branded 3. Member Welcome materials are co-branded Employer Sales Employer Sales + BCBSNC branding only + BCBSNC template + BCBSNC-produced Enroll / Education Enroll / Education

Member Welcome Member Welcome + Co-branded/both logos + HealthEquity template + HealthEquity-produced 34 New Sales Materials Health Savings Accounts + HSA sales materials will mirror look of HRA and FSA pieces HSA FSA HRA

35 Enrollment & Education Resources Health Savings Accounts + Everything, conveniently located in one place! Employer Enrollment Resource Site Member Education Resource Site 36 Welcome Kit Materials Health Savings Accounts + Co-branded welcome letter, brochure, and debit card mailer 37 Health Savings Accounts

Health Savings Accounts Questions? An independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. 38 Follow-Up Health Savings Accounts After the webinar + + + + Presentation Q&As

Webinar recording Sales Resources site We want your feedback! + Complete brief exit survey 39 Health Savings Accounts Health Savings Accounts Thank you! An independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. 40

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