Leader in Ultrasonic Humidification HUMIDIFIRSTS HISTORY Designing and prototyping of Ultrasonic Humidifiers begins in 1992 in Harrisburg, PA First patent applied for in 1993

Shipped first equipment in 1994 to Boeing Co. Second patent applied for in 1994 Manufacturing begins in Burlington, NC in 1994 All manufacturing and R&D moved to Boynton Beach, FL in 2000

Data Room Humidification ASHRAE Sets the Standards for the Recommended Data Room Operating Environment -Temperature

-Humidity Reason? -To Reduce the Risk of ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) -ESD can damage electrical equipment -ESD can cause errors in operation & readings

ASHRAE 2004 Recommended Data Room Operating Environment -Temperature = Low End at 68 F (20 C) High End at 77 F (25 C)

-Humidity = Low End at 40% RH High End at 55% RH 2004 ASHRAE Psychrometric Chart 68F

40%RH 77F 55%RH

ASHRAE 2008 Recommended Data Room Operating Environment -Temperature = Low End at 64.4 F (18 C) not 68F High End at 80.6 F (27 C) not 77F

-Humidity = Low End Dew Point 41.9 F DP (5.5 C) High End Dew Point 59 F DP (15 C) But < 60% RH Why Use Dew Point for Moisture

Control? Studies show ESD is function of: -Absolute Humidity in Air, Not Relative Humidity of Air 2008 ASHRAE Psychrometric Chart

High End Temperature is increased by 3.6 F Low End RH is decreased to < 30% RH at 80 F 68F

77F 64.4F to 80.6F at 41.9DP to 59DP Result ?

ENERGY SAVINGS! Data Rooms can operate at: - Higher Temperatures - Lower RH Levels This Encourages Economizer Cooling

How To Humidify Data Centers ? 1. Central Humidification -AHU -Ductwork 2. In-Room Humidification -In-CRAC

-Wall Mount -Free-Standing Central Humidification AHU Mounted

Central Humidification Duct Mounted Problems with Central Humidifiers: 1. Economizer Means Outside Air

-Cold Air -Wetting Risk -Control Issues -Location of Humidifier: -Harder to Service -Difficult to Monitor

2. Direct Injection Steam- chemicals in air from boiler (needs heat exchangeradds cost) 3. If Humidifier Must be Outside Data Room, Corridor/Gallery is Preferable Corridor/Gallery

In-Room Humidifiers In-CRAC Installation CRAC Installation Photos

Problems with CRAC Humidifiers -Cold Air -Short Area for Evaporation In-Room Humidifiers

1. Wall Mounted 2. Free Standing Wall Mounted Mist-Pac Series Wall Mounted Mist-Pac Series

Free Standing Mist-Free Series Free Standing Mist-Free Series Benefits of In-Room Humidification

1. Direct Room Introduction of Moisture a) Higher Output Capacity 2.

Better Control a) Sense Room Moisture without Concern of High-Limit Saturation b) More Accurate. Particularly with Individual Sensors

3. Easier to Service 4.

Safety Overflow Control by Sensor and Drain Piping Mist-Free Series Drain and Safety Overflow Ready

Mist-Pac Series Drain and Safety Overflow Ready HUMIDIFIRST QUALITY FIRST

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