I Can… describe my friends and teachers at school.

I Can… describe my friends and teachers at school.

I Can describe my friends and teachers at school. The Verb SER Singular SER SINGULAR Pronoun/Name ( 1 person ) Form of SER

Yo = I soy = am T = You eres = are l = He Ella = She Usted = You

es = is/are Three-part description sentence Yo soy cmico. ________ ________ _________. Pronoun Verb

adjective Name Singular Written practice I am funny. You are intelligent. (informal) She is outgoing. Ryan is athletic. You are nice. (formal) Interpersonal Activity Format

Round 1: Cmo eres? Round 2 (new partner): Cmo eres? Cmo es tu amigo/a? Round 3 (new partner): Cmo eres? Cmo es tu amigo/a? Cmo soy?

Speaking Practice Examples Cmo eres? What are you like? Yo soy comica (personality) y baja (physical). Cmo es tu amigo/a? What is your friend like? El es comico. Ella es comica. Ryan es comico. Chelsea es comica. Cmo soy? What am I like? Tu eres comico/a.

Usted es comico/a. Exit Ticket Answer each question that we reviewed today in writing on a scrap piece of paper. When you answer the question What am I like? you are to describe me. Como eres? Como es tu amigo/amiga? Como soy? WRITE 2 ADJECTIVES PER ANSWER (1

personality, 1 physical) 6 Facets of Understanding Apply Example 6 Facets of Understanding Empathy Example Mi profesor favorito

(lesson) Mi profesor favorito (lesson) Turn those adjective lists into sentences! Mi profesor favorito

(lesson) Mi profesor favorito (lesson) Mi profesor favorito (Rough Draft) Write a conversation between two students who just met on the first day of school. The

conversation should involve getting to know each other by describing their own physical appearance and personality characteristics and a discussion about who each claims is their favorite teacher and what the teacher is like. Follow the in class model (Juan and Maria) as a model. Mi profesor favorito (Rough Draft)

Must include in the text message: A physical description of each of the two students who are texting A personality description of each of the two students who are texting Both students in the text message must describe a favorite teacher with his/her name, class taught, physical description, and a personality description.

Mi profesor favorito: Peer-Edit Checklist Switch your paper with a partner. We will go through the checklist one item at a time. Put a checkmark next to where Student 1 describes SELF physically Student 1 describes SELF personality Repeat for Student 2 --------- SHARE WITH THE WRITER------ Teacher 1 is described physically Teacher 1 is described personality Repeat for Teacher 2

--------- SHARE WITH THE WRITER------- Switch that paper one more time. Check all adjectives for gender agreement, accents, overall spelling. Rubric Mi profesor favorito: Final Copy Final Copy Graded Assignment

No talking Complete on template You may use notes. Turn in before the end of the class period. Plural SER PLURAL ( more than 1 person ) Pronoun/Name Nosotros = We

X Ellos = They Ellas = They (all-girls) Form of SER somos = are x

son = are Fill in Blank Quick Check Nosotros_______ atlticos. Ellos ______ cmicos. Ellas _______ altas. Mi familia y yo ________ rubios. Seora Keeler y Seorita Stillman ________amables. Marcos y Mara_________ jvenes. Las chicas de Memorial

_________creativas. Fill in Blank Quick Check Answers To review in small groups, one student at a time will say I chose the answer _____ because ____________________. Model: I chose the answer son because ellos means they and son is the

way to say are for they. Multiple-Choice Cards Each student will be given one card per SER conjugation: soy, eres, es, somos, son You will fill-in-the-blank by holding up the correct card that completes the sentence that I will say to the class. Hear the sentence, choose your answer, show your answer. Round 1: You can use your notes

Round 2: Put your notes away! We will first do this in whole-group, then you will repeat in small-group with one student calling out a sentence at a time. Analyze and Discuss Each group will have one plural sentence to analyze and discuss. Finish the sentence starter I know this sentence is plural because with three separate reasons.

Hint: Each sentence has three parts Share with the class. One person shares the sentence, each of the remaining people share one of three reasons. Rules for writing description sentences Singular Only one person

Uses a singular form of the verb SER (soy, eres, es) No s on the adjective (still pay attention to gender) Ex: Ella es comica. Rules for writing description sentences Plural More than one person

Uses a plural form of the verb SER (somos, son) Must use a letter s on the adjective. (gender still matters) Ex: Ellas son comicas. Multiple-Choice Activity Individual 5 minutes. Apply the rules we learned by choosing the correct answer. Small group Share answers with the

following procedure. One student at a time says I chose letter ___ because ________. Make sure all group members agree. If not, discuss the reasons for the answer. Large group- Lets review the answers, one question per small group! Multiple-Choice Activity Answers Mis amigas son bonitas. (d)

Los chicos de Memorial son altos. Mis amigos y yo somos comicos. Las chicas de Memorial son organizadas. (a) Los profesores de Memorial son divertidos. Las clases son dificiles Los libros son comicos (a) Plural Written Practice (Exit Ticket) We are funny.

They are athletic. They (all-girls) are short. My family and I are outgoing. Chelsea and Amber are shy. My friends are nice. Plural Written Practice Answers Correct the mistakes on your exit ticket using your notes. Any mistake is marked with a circle. Nosotros somos comicos.

Ellos son atleticos. Ellas son bajas. Mi familia y yo somos extrovertidos. Chelsea y Amber son timidas. Mis amigos son amables. Interpersonal Practice Format Round 1: ASK: Cmo son tus amigos? ANSWER Switch Roles

Round 2 (new partner): ASK: Cmo son tus profesores? ANSWER Switch Roles Round 3 (new partner): EACH SAY: Describe you and your friends. Speaking practice Examples Cmo son tus amigos? What are your friends

like? Ellos son comicos. Ellas son comicas. Chelsea y Amber son comicas. Mis amigos son comicos Cmo son tus profesores? What are your teachers like? Ellos son comicos. Ellas son comicas. Ms. Bell y Ms. Bracken son comicas. Mis profesores son comicos.

Describe you and your friends: Mis amigos y yo somos locos. Readiness Level Grouping I will meet with a small group of students to review rules for describing people. A group of students will meet with Ms. Snyder to practice with a sentence building activity. The group that meets with me will eventually join Ms. Snyders group.

All will finish with the Las Hermanas de Senorita Stillman, turn in for CW grade and feedback. Human Sentences (Review Race) *If done as a whole group I am funny. You are intelligent and nice. He is athletic and blond. She is blond and short. We are intelligent.

My family and I are nice. They are athletic. They (all girls) are short and blonde. Mr. Petru, you are organized. BONUS: The classes are difficult and boring. Flashcards/FlipChart Adjectives Make cards for all words or just noncognatesyour choice! Word to Word

Word to Picture The Verb Ser - Flipchart Pronoun on the front Form of the Verb on the back Yo (front); soy (back) We will make this after the review game. What to study Adjectives Homework

Mis hermanas reading The verb SER Yosoy Writing Description Sentences Practice and Notes in your Packet Jeopardy Review Game Link http://www.superteachertools.us/jeopardyx/jeopardy-re view-game.php?gamefile=1511066#.VhQDC8tRG1s

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