September 15 1. Turn in your first AOW (Article of the Week) to the green cart. 2. If you havent already presented your book talk: a. grab a piece of colored construction paper and a glue stick. b. Glue your visual representation paper onto the construction paper. Heres a riddle for ya... A man is lying dead in the middle of the jungle with

no clothes on. He is holding a piece of straw in his hand. How did he get there? You can only ask yes or no questions. Monday, September 18 We are taking a grammar pretest today at the beginning of class. The only thing you will need on your desk is a pencil! Once you have finished your grammar pretest, turn it in on

the green cart, pick up a vocabulary #1 worksheet, and start working on it! Tuesday September 19 What does it mean to be a hero? Get out your Journey of a Hero guided notes from yesterday (absentees grab yours from the absent box) and your composition notebook!

Bell Work - Think Based on your archetype notes, come up with three examples of fictional characters (book, movie, or tv show) and assign them an archetype (3 different archetypes). Example: Nick Fury is the Mentor because he is the

Bell Work - Pair and Share Share with your elbow partner the three characters you came up with and why you assigned them their archetype. Wednesday, September 20 1. Turn in your vocabulary homework to the green cart. 2. Grab a Writers Notebook #1 sheet. WRITERS NOTEBOOK #1

Directions: In a well written paragraph (INK), discuss one of the following prompts on the next slide. You must use at least 2 pieces of textual evidence, MLA style, from the article! MLA = (authors last name). MLA goes at the end of each TE. Remember: 1. Strong T.S. (topic sentence; hook) 2. T.A.G. (title, author, genre; point of article) 3. TE (text evidence, data/reasoning) *Dont forget to provide context for quoted T.E. 4. TE (text evidence, data/reasoning) 5. Strong C.S. (strong concluding sentence; final thought)

6. No 2nd person pronouns (you, your) are allowed! First person (I, me, my) may only be used in topic #3 if it is a personal WRITERS NOTEBOOK #1 1. Who is the intended audience for this article? Identify at least two different techniques the authors (Newsela Staff) use to appeal to their audience, and explain how these techniques are effective tools to gain the audiences attention. Cite at least two pieces of textual evidence MLA style to support your argument. 2. Examine and identify the main purpose of the Newsela Staffs article. Include at least two pieces of textual evidence MLA style which clearly

demonstrate the purpose through strong techniques, and explain how the techniques are effective tools to communicate the purpose to the audience. 3. Take a stand and support your claim! While the Newsela Staff writers main reasons for a delayed school start relate to the positive impact on societys future as a whole, what is one important, individual benefit Bell Work - Thursday, September 21 Directions Rewrite the following sentences in your composition notebook:

The farmers in that part of the county are planting their fields this week. *Identify the subject in the sentence and underline the word(s). Daniel or Dave left _____ sunglasses on the table in the hallway. Bell work, September 22 Rewrite the following sentence in your notebook: A few close calls made it more of a challenge, as Claire bounced back to avoid Jenns strategic strikes.

Directions: Circle the nouns, underline the verbs, and put a star next to the *adjectives. (bonus if you highlight any adverbs) Bell Work, Tuesday 9/26 Sogolon burst into sobs and seizing a piece of wood, hit her son. Oh son of misfortune, will you never walk? Through your fault I have just suffered the greatest affront of my life! (1070). 1.The BEST meaning of the word affront is a.injury b. insult

c. compliment d. comment 2. Which context clue BEST helps you determine your answer to the above question? a.burst into sobs b. hit her son c. will you never walk

d. have just suffered 3. The word affront has a ________ connotation. Bell Work, Wednesday, September 27 1. Stressful, Confused, Judgemental, Prejudice, Irritated, Annoyed, Generous, Loving, Unfair are all examples of 2. To persuade, to argue, to give opinion, to entertain, to inform are all examples of..

3. Students with disabilities, parents with Bellwork - Thursday, September 28 All of the following sentences are grammatically incorrect. In your notebook, rewrite the following sentences CORRECTLY. 1. were glad that sammy is on hour team this year 2. allen watch television form 630 to 830

Bell Work - Friday, September 29 With you elbow partner, begin to label each stage of the heros (Rama) journey based on the events that happen in Ramas Initiation on the circle chart at your tables. Ill help you begin: Ordinary World: introduced to the culture of ancient India; many gods, kings, sages. Bell Work - Tuesday, October 3 Based on what youve read so far

(page 485-488) from Orphan Boy, what is the significance of the number 4? Who are the main characters that have been introduced? Answer in your Bell Work - Wednesday, October 4 1. Turn in Vocab #2 to the green cart! Adjective or Adverb? Rewrite each sentence as it appears on the board and circle the correct word. 2. He (correct, correctly) defined the terms. The answer

sounded (correctly, correct). 3. He measured the floor (exact, exactly). They proved to be (perfectly, perfect) (exact, exactly) measurements. 4. The stillness of the tomb was (awfully, awful). The tomb Bell Work - Thursday, October 5 Using the double bubble map, identify 2 similarities and 2 differences between Sundiatas character and Long Arrows character. Sundiat

a Long Arrow Bell Work - Friday, October 6 Turn in AOW #3 to the green cart! Articles: Rewrite each sentence and fill in the blank with the appropriate article: a, an, or the, or leave the space blank if no article is needed. 1. I want ____ apple from that basket.

2. Eli likes to play ____ volleyball. 3. ____ ink in my pen is red. 4. I borrowed ____ pencil from your pile of pencils and Bell Work - Monday, October 9 Famished after his long journey, Long Arrow ate with relish. 1. The best meaning for the word relish is: a.to hate b. to enjoy greatly

c. to ignore 2. Which context clue BEST helped you determine the meaning of relish? b.Long Arrow ate B. long journey c. famished 3. The word relish has a ______________ connotation. c. negative b. neutral c. positive

Bell Work - Tuesday, October 10 Think/Pair/Share Read pages 1018-1019 with your elbow partner and answer the questions on your Exit Ticket. This is valuable information you need to know before we begin reading Morte dArthur(Death of Arthur). Bell Work - Wednesday, October 11 Complete the following sentences with the correct prepositions: to,

toward, on, onto, in, or into. Some sentences may have more than one possible correct answer. Remember that a few verbs of motion take only "on" rather than "onto." 1. Anna has returned _____________ her home town. 2. The dog jumped ________________ the lake. 3. Are the boys still swimming ___________ the pool? 4. Thomas fell ____________ the floor. 5. The plane landed ______________ the runway. Bell Work - Thursday, October 12 Turn in Vocabulary HW to green cart!

Make inferences: 1. What is the significance of the number three in Morte? Why is it important to this culture? 2. What do you think is the tone of Morte? Common errors: Follow the margins. Write in between the red lines. Add lead ins: Bradt states, or The text states, ... If George Bradt is the author, refer to him as Bradt. Hes not your friend or your uncle.

Insight does not repeat or explain evidence what it is saying. Title should be in quotes and CAPITALIZED. Do not begin with a weak question: Is the journey of a hero overused? INSTEAD: The journey of a hero is overused. NEVER use questions. Replace you your. NO 2nd person pronouns! TS, TAG = INTRO. TE,IN = EACH SET (body paragraph) CS = CONCLUSION

Bell Work - Monday, October 16 Check the following sentences for confusing shifts in tense. If the tense (past, present, future) of each underlined verb expresses the time relationship accurately, write S (satisfactory). If a shift in tense is not appropriate, write U (unsatisfactory) and make necessary changes. In most cases with an inappropriate shift, there is more than one way to correct the inconsistency. ___ 1. Everyone hopes the plan would work. ___ 2. Harry wants to show his friends the photos he took last summer. ___ 3. Scientists predict that the sun will die in the distant future. ___ 4. The boy insisted that he has paid for the candy bars.

Bell Work - Tuesday, October 17 Synonym Antonym SCHISM Picture Use in a sentence

Draw these Frayer Models in your notebook and complete them using the Synonym Antonym vocabulary from Unit 1. INFIRMITY Picture

Use in a sentence Bell Work - Wednesday, October 18 Rewrite each sentence below and add commas as needed. On the line to the left, write the number of commas needed. If the sentence is correct as it is, write C on the line. _____ He left the scene of the accident and tried to forget that it happened. _____ Oil which is lighter than water rises to the surface. _____ The closet contained worn clothes old shoes and dirty hats.

_____ The uninvited guest wore a heavy blue wool suit. _____ After a good washing and grooming the pup looked like a new dog. _____ I hope that someday he will learn how to be polite. Due this week. 1. Bell Work from 9/19 to 10/18 is due FRIDAY 10/20. The powerpoint with all the bell work is on my blog page. It is your responsibility to make up any bell work you may have missed. 2. Test review is due tomorrow before the test. It is on the blog page. You must print it out on your own and

complete it before the test tomorrow. 3. Extra credit is 5 summative points added to your lowest summative assignment. You may only turn in You may bring ONE of the following items for extra credit (DUE FRIDAY) with your name written on the bottom. Must not be opened or used. I am open to suggestions, but you must ask. There is also an assignment on my blog you can print and complete. 1. Kleenex box 2. Package of loose leaf notebook paper

3. Package of printer paper 4. Package of poster paper 5. Package of colored construction paper Thursday, October 19 UNIT 1 TEST TODAY!! 1. If you did the review sheet, turn it in on the green cart. 2. Use the first two-three minutes of class to STUDY!

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