IDN Strategy - December 2003 -

IDN Strategy - December 2003 -

Whois .ORG? A Review of Current Status, Marketing Models and Branding Strategy Prepared on behalf of the: wwTLD Meeting By: Edward G. Viltz President / CEO Public Interest Registry 30 November, 2005 2005 Public Interest Registry .ORG Facts Created in 1984 as a generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) Originally intended for others (i.e. not com or net) Community branded for non-profit Organizations 3rd Largest gTLD 4,000,000 .ORG domains worldwide 5th Largest including Country Codes (ccTLDs)

Heritage of credibility and trust amongst internet users Unrestricted Top Level Domain Managed by the Public Interest Registry (PIR) Formed by the Internet Society (ISOC) Transitioned Registry after ICANN award October 2002 Backend support provided by Afilias Global Services 2005 Public Interest Registry Serving the Public Interest What Makes .ORG Unique? 501(c3) Status from IRS as a US non Profit .ORG Advisory Council Advice & Counsel from 21 International Leaders Appointed Members of the .ORG Community Specialists in Technology, Policy & Outreach Each World Region Represented

All Revenue Surplus is invested back into to Internet through the Internet Society (ISOC) Implements Worldwide Programs on Behalf of PIR Education Initiatives Infrastructure Development Internet Expansion Programs Policy Positions Globally recognized as noncommercial 2005 Public Interest Registry Serving the Public Interest Who Is .ORG ? Examples of the Community International Health Organizations Internet Communication Technology Sports Organizations The Arts Education Hunger 2005 Public Interest Registry Serving the Public Interest .ORG Growth: April 2001 To August 2005 04,000,000 03,800,000 03,600,000 03,400,000 03,200,000 03,000,000 02,800,000 02,600,000 02,400,000 02,200,000 02,000,000 Domain Count

Ju lO 01 ct Ja -01 nAp 02 r-0 Ju 2 lO 02 ct Ja 02 nAp 03 rJu 03 lO 03 ct Ja 03 nAp 04 rJu 04 lO 04 ct Ja -04 nAp 05 rJu 05 l-0 5 Millions of Registrations

.ORG Growth By Quarter Source: ICANN Monthly Reports 2005 Public Interest Registry Serving the Public Interest .ORG Domains by Region August 2005 25,902339,514 986,587 2,468,587 63% 75,076 Africa Asia Pacific Europe Latin America and Caribbean North America Source: Public Interest Registry

2005 Public Interest Registry Serving the Public Interest .Orgs highest attributes also differentiate .org from .com domains Thinking only about the (.org/.com) extension, how much does each word or phrase below apply to the (.org/.com) extension? +64 +76 +30 +34 +22 +13 +25 +26 +5 +13

-10 -6 +4 +7 US % Saying Applies Non-US 2005 Public Interest Registry % Saying Applies Serving the Public Interest Marketing & Distribution Model .ORG Domain name distribution through ICANN authorized Registrars exclusively RRA Agreement in place 180 Operational Registrars

64 In ramp up period 97 Pre-ramp up 341 Total Registrars Top 7 Registrars Total 63% of .ORG Domain Sales Top 25 Registrars Total 87% of .ORG Domain Sales 2005 Public Interest Registry Serving the Public Interest Registrar Support Strategy (Push Strategy) Launch measurable incentive programs Minimum one per quarter Design to support multiple models Reseller/Retail

Improve communications & support Develop .ORG marketing tool kit Provide value proposition Customizable electronic ad slicks Provide .ORG usage statistics Ensure consistent message Provide face to face Registrar Coverage Expanded Mind Share Ensure key Executive contact (ongoing) Utilize dedicated business development support resources Establish presence with target market Registrars Understand Registrar business model Solicit program suggestions Determine added value opportunities 2005 Public Interest Registry Serving the Public Interest Brand Differentiation Strategy (Pull Strategy)

Support outreach initiatives for Internet expansion in developing Countries Implement outreach branding campaigns Design support programs in developing countries Conduct Regionalized Internet non-profit seminars Work with local ccTLDs (Sponsor Co-Branding initiatives) Provide Aggressive Registrar market development incentives Strengthen targeted advertisement Free Earned Media versus Costly Ad Campaigns Leverage Advisory Council Utilize AC members in outreach programs and relations Conduct annual .ORG awards with AC judges Launch web based speakers bureau Empower non-commercials through the Internet Feature role models and non-profit success stories Utilize web site as education tool Expand Web based resource center 2005 Public Interest Registry Serving the Public Interest

.ORG Domain Outreach Program Initiative to assist developing countries in facilitating Internet Expansion Economic Development .ORG Branding Provides Registrar incentives to grow .ORG market share Opportunity to purchase .ORG Domain Names US$1.00 (1ST Year) ~85% discount over developed countries Attempt to incent flow through to Resellers & Registrants (end users) Tested in Latin America & India 2005 Results through October Test Countries 106% growth increase over 2004 Non test Countries 24% growth over 2004 Hosted Nonprofit Seminars in India: What the Internet can do for YOU! Met with leaders in Business, Government & ccTLDs Interviews with over 20 Industry Leading Journalists Earned Media exposure to over 250 million people Extending and Expanding ODOP program in 2006 Latin America & Caribbean, China/Southeast Asia

Africa 2005 Public Interest Registry Serving the Public Interest Opportunity for Registrar Growth (O.R.G.) Program Program Overview Provide a rebate (account credit) to Eligible Registrars who increase their registrations of .ORG domain names versus the registrations in the Base Period Duration 1 January 2006 31 march 2006 Based on number of registrations, NOT domain-years registered Base Period .ORG Domain Names:

.ORG registrations made during the same period year ago (i.e. during January-March 2005). All registrars are automatically enrolled in the program New Registrations only ODOP registrations excluded % Growth of Incremental Domains Registered Reward Amount 0% < 25% $0 USD 25% -< 50% $ 1 USD per incremental domain 50% -< 75% $ 1.50 USD per incremental domain 75+ $ 2.50 USD per incremental domain 2005 Public Interest Registry

Serving the Public Interest .ORG Advertisement Samples 2005 Public Interest Registry Serving the Public Interest .ORG Advertisement Samples 2005 Public Interest Registry Serving the Public Interest Questions? Thank you! For more information on .ORG visit 2005 Public Interest Registry

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