IEEE 125th presentation

IEEE 125th presentation

vTools and Communication Strategy for Sections Name: Gowtham Prasad K N Committee: Electronics Communication & Information Management 2 March 2013 Chiang Mai, Thailand Key Messages 1. 2. 2 Available tools for your use Sneak peek view to vTools

01/30/20 Communication Tools Available Organizing major Events /Meetings vTools.Meetings Online Events /Meetings: Web Conferencing Registration Google Form Free Events DoAttend Paid Events Follow up and Future Communication List server / Google Group For EXECOM internal tasks

vTools.Voting vTools.OfficerReporting ReviewRoom Web Presence 3 Website Hosting : HTML , Word Press vTools.WebInABox 01/30/20 Communications Member database : SAMIEEE

Mass Emails: eNotice Surveys to see feedback / profile : FluidSurveys vTools Survey monkey Google Form Polls FluidSurveys vTools Doodle Meeting Time

Social Media Facebook / Twitter / Linked In Publicity Local Newsletter ( Section / Council) Regional Newsletter R10 Web site vTools Mission Statement Providing tools to the

volunteers and staff who support our members. Present Portfolio In Production: Production means SLA-based support after an IEEE QA acceptance process Meetings

WebInABox Voting Web Conferencing - WebEx Blog and CMS tool WordPress (staff, branded) Survey tool Inc. (branded) ReviewRoom Inc. Pilot (Beta) Officer Reporting Student Branch Reporting Recommended Tool Doodle (just documentation, not branded) 5 01/30/20

vTools.Meetings Form for entering meeting info: (who/what/when/where/registration) Displays meeting list online (anywhere) Handles registrations (start, end, limit) Credit Card registration payments for R1-R7 with deposits to Concentration Banking (support for R8R10 is being investigated)

Provides registration list and nametags file Various feeds: RSS, XML, iCal L31 report filing and flexible search with export to CSV (MS Excel compatible) Integrates with myIEEE WebInABox Basic web site WebInABox with Wizard-like

interface for creation Data driven with auto updates from central IEEE database Enables a common look and feel compliant with IEEE web presence guidelines Integrates with Meetings tool No webmaster involvement required Supports Sections, Chapters, and Affinity groups. Not meant to compete with or replace complex content management systems such as WordPress Voting Electronic Voting for local units

Piloted in 2007 & 2008 using a commercial tool In parallel, started internal development to save $$$ IEEE Product Piloted in 2009 In Production Spring of 2010 Currently supports all sections, chapters, and affinity groups Flexible and full featured Secured via SSL and web accounts

Teleconference tool WebEx Web Conferencing service to Geographic Organizational Units for online meetings, webinars, training, demos and presentations. Multiple meetings at the same time via virtual meeting rooms Contact us to setup a WebEx session: Advanced CMS and Blogging WordPress - a content management system with blogging features. This service is intended to meet the needs of IEEE Organizational Units that want to develop, create and maintain their own websites on an IEEE host. The general philosophy is that posting Organizational

Units will be responsible for their contents, their maintenance and their conformance to IEEE policy. Organizational Units are expected to choose a single webmaster who is skilled in managing web contents. This webmaster will be the Organizational Unit contact. Surveys Vendor tool to quickly create online surveys using intuitive interface

Integrated with IEEE web accounts for volunteer login Available to MGA Board members and MGA Board Committees as well as Region and Section EXCOM officers. Collected results can be easily analyzed and graphical reports can be shared with others. Contact us for more information. ReviewRoom Tool to collect, organize, and evaluate online applications and submissions quickly and efficiently. Use for Awards & Nominations, Competitions, Scholarships & Grants applications. Contact vTools team to learn more and get access Officer Reporting Pilot (Beta) Automated tool for officer reporting

Automated eligibility validation and immediate feedback Instantaneous data updates when submitted by authorized volunteers Quick review and approval process for submissions by non volunteers Contact info contains project status, blog, contact information, FAQ, and training information [email protected] contact e-mail for any questions related to the project

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