IEP Considerations for the Child with a Cochlear Implant

IEP Considerations for the Child with a Cochlear Implant

IEP Considerations for the Child with a Cochlear Implant Darcy Beaver Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Pragmatics vs. Academics Where are we going? Familys goals? Education

goals? Keeping this in mind creates your road map! Observations In class Out of class Discussions with teachers Checklists Assessments Language levels may be age appropriate due to early programming and therapy Scores may indicate that the student doesnt qualify for

special education services since a discrepancy is not present Assessments Recommended

Cottage Acquisition Scales for Listening, Language & Speech (CASLLS) Preschool Language Scale-4 Preschool-Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals (CELF-P) Rosetti Infant Toddler Language Scale MacArthur Communication Development Inventory: Words, Gestures, and Sentences Test of Auditory Comprehension of Language- Third Edition (TACL-3) The Screening Instrument for Targeting Educational Risk (S.I.F.T.E.R)

The Reynell Development Language Scales III (RDLS III), 3 rd ed. SKI-HI Language Development Scale Oral and Written Language Scales (OWLS) Grammatical Analysis of Elicited Language, Pre-Sentence Level (GAEL-P) Early Speech Perception Test (ESP) for Profoundly Hearing Impaired Children Functional Auditory Performance Indicators (FAPI) Meaningful Auditory Integration Scale (MAIS)/ Infant-Toddler: Meaningful Auditory Integration Scale (IT-MAIS) The Listening Inventory for Education: an Efficacy Tool (LIFE) Assessments cont.

The Arizona Articulation Proficiency Scale Third Edition The Goldman Fristoe: Test of Articulation 2 Identifying Early Phonological Needs in Children with Hearing Impairment Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (PPVT-3) Expressive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test Receptive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test Test of Early Reading Ability-3rd Ed. (TERA-3) Boehm Test of Basic Concepts Revised (BTBC-R) Bracken Basic Concept Scale- Revised Checklist of Emerging ASL Skills ASL Development Observation Record The American Sign Language Proficiency Assessment (ASL-PA) Test of American Sign Language (TASL) /AssessmentTools.pdf

A New Approach: We need to use a prevention and surveillance model rather than a failure model to manage this generation of children with hearing loss. Beware of being seduced by how much these children seem to know at a young age.

They still need enrichment! Carol Flexer, 2010 Pragmatics Think of what the student is doing with the information that they have Social skills are they accurately interpreting situations with peers? Applying information- they can spell, they understand grammar- what

happens when they put it into writing? Things to Consider in the Mainstream Classroom What do we need to know? What are the standards expected at each grade level?

Content, Content and More Content! How are they measured? What district and state tests occur at each grade level?

What accommodations are needed? Standards Things to consider Whoa! That pace is fast! What did you say?

Consider all of the domains Involve No the family at all times cookbook approach Keep assessing the childs needs Goals

Listen, Listen, and Listen some more Resources: CLIX Word Association Syllable Perceptions (WASP) SPICE (CID) Cottage Scales Spelling Tests Cochlear Implant Center

HOME!!!! Listen in and out of the classroom Early listeners need to have listening goals in a quiet environment As their listening skills advance, then goals can move into more controlled noise situations

Lastly, listening goals can be monitored in the classroom children spend over of their school day listening Words, Words, Words Must read everyday to learn vocabulary! Read out loud!

A student needs to know 10,000 words by first grade A student needs to know approximately 100,000 words by 12th grade TV stays within 10,000 words! Tell Me More.. Phonics Sequencing

Retell Reading Geers (2003) Geers (2008) Large numbers of 8-9

yr. olds implanted before 5 years Reading levels within the normal range When tested again at 15-16 years of agesignificant numbers had not progressed Articulation

Choose targets carefully with eye toward practicing consonants with a variety of vowels Listen for sounds that are present and absent- it will guide us on how well the implant is or isnt working Muddy In/Muddy Out (Carol Flexer)

Be aware of normal speech development but dont always feel like that is what needs to be followed Only 25% of speech sounds are visible so keep that in mind when presenting sounds Thoughts? Conclusions: Early cochlear implantation had a long term positive impact on auditory and verbal development but did not result in ageappropriate reading levels in high school for the majority of students.

Carol Flexor stated that the reading material for adolescents demands skills in word knowledge, complex vocabulary, making inferences, pragmatic skills of language. Comprehension skills Answer questions-verbally and written

Understanding age appropriate skills can be the best guide Write it Down Understand expectations of each grade level The student may have great language skills but writing it down is a different ballgame!

Keep communicating Team members Family Cochlear Implant center Enjoy the ride! The journey is full of challenges and many joys! Resources

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