The Business Case for Open Source/Asterisk Alex Vishnev Chief Technical Officer ACN Benefits of Open Source Build using open standards Best Breed Architectural Design Collaboration of many individuals on a product that could not be achieved alone Rapid bug-fixes and Changes Increased Security

code is in the public view it will be exposed to extreme scrutiny problems being found and fixed instead of being kept secret for job security or other reasons All these benefits are fundamental in increased reliability. Reliability Problem If builders built houses the way programmers built programs, the first woodpecker to come along would destroy civilization

Gerald P. Weinberg But The Latest Results DNS sendmail Open Source TCP/IP stacks and utility suites Apache Perl Since the founding of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) in 1998, open source programs have demonstrated an astonishing level of reliability and robustness under fast-changing conditions even when compared to the best

closed commercial software. And a Further Example Who would have thought that a world-class operating system could be done by several thousand part time developers/hackers scattered all over the planet, connected only by the tenuous strands of the Internet? Linus Torvalds's style of development release early and often delegate everything you can be open resemble a great babbling bazaar of differing

agendas and approaches SOURCE CODE CONTRIBUTIONS Process Source Code Reviewers/Code Marshals Committers Testers Repositories SourceForge, Freshmeat, etc Svn/cvs source code control Download and Mirrors Email Bug Tracking

Why Developers Contribute? Certainly not for $$$$ ;-) Every Good Work of Software Starts by Scratching a Developer's Personal Itch. Is it Glory? Is it Recognition? Or Is it Simply I Can Do Better!!!! Basic Rules Good programmers know what to write. Great ones know what to rewrite (and reuse).

If you Want to Get it Right, Be Ready to Start Over at Least Once Treating users as co-developers is best route to rapid code improvement and effective debugging. Licenses OSI(Open Source Initiative) - First Stop to Determine the Right License GPL - GPL prohibits proprietary patents related to modifications of the software, prohibits royalties, and requires that the same terms be attached when redistributing the software or a derivative of it.

LGPL is used to license free software so that it can be incorporated into both free software and proprietary software. requirement that you open up the source code to your own extensions to the software is removed. LGPL code can be included within a larger proprietary software package. Licenses BSD, MIT, Apache licenses are all permissive allowing free distribution, modifying, and license change LGPL allows free distribution, modifying and license

change if bundled as a whole into new work; derivative works must be under LGPL or GPL GPL allows free distribution and modifying but all bundled and derivative works must be under GNU GPL Commercial allows the use of software only in specific circumstances and hence these may be called all restrictive licenses History of Asterisk After seeing the accomplishments of Dlcaza and Miller at the 1998 Atlanta Linux Showcase, Mark

Spencer focused his energies on doing something big to help Open Source. He started a Linux support business and created the first version of Asterisk, on Linux, to have a PBX with the features he needed, but not the big PBX cost. Asterisk was originally not particularly useful to others outside of his own needs In 1999 he rewrote Asterisk in the form we see today and committed it to the Open Source community. Later, community contributions added support for more industry-standard telephony hardware and VoIP Over 250,000 users and over 300 contributors to date Asterisk is licensed under the GPL

Resources Mailing List (users, developers, biz) ( Wiki resource) OReilly Book Download (

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