IN SVRS Steering Committee Presentation

IN SVRS Steering Committee Presentation

Indiana Election Administrators Conference Statewide Voter Registration System (SVRS) December 18, 2013 1 Agenda A little history The State, Baker Tilly, and Quest HAVA and the SVRS SVRS and RFPs Award of the 2013 RFP How SVRS changes are made

Whats coming up Taking Care of Business 2013 December Hotfix Summary 2014 March Build Summary 2014 Web Training Sessions Questions An electronic version of this presentation will be made available on the SVRS County Portal. 2 The State, Baker Tilly, and Quest Introduction Christian Hoberland: SVRS Program Manager Overview of Roles and Responsibilities The State makes all final decisions, handles all legislation and policy issues, decides on all enhancements and system changes, and administers the system Baker Tilly assists the State with technical expertise, program management, monitoring of system performance, and facilitation of system changes

Quest makes all changes to the system, handles all training and help desk, provides system insight to the State, and covers all support and hosting of the system 3 HAVA and the SVRS Help America Vote Act (HAVA) Passed in 2002 HAVA required states to develop a single, uniform, official, centralized, interactive computerized statewide voter registration list defined, maintained, and administered at the State level. Drafted (at least in part) in reaction to the controversy surrounding the 2000 U.S. presidential election, the goals of HAVA are: replace punch card and lever-based voting systems create the Election Assistance Commission to assist in the administration of Federal elections establish minimum election administration standards. New System and Capabilities Need by the State Indiana, along with most other states, were now required to design, build, and support a new statewide voter registration system 4

SVRS and RFPs The Indiana Statewide Voter Registration System (SVRS) In 2003 the State selected Baker Tilly to assist with program management on the RFP to design, build, and support SVRS Quest Information Systems was awarded that initial contract to build SVRS and has continued to provide support and enhancement services ever since Baker Tilly has also continued to provide program management services since 2003 Indiana was one of only a handful of states to successfully roll out their statewide voter registration system on time and on the first try 10 years later 2013 RFP for Support of SVRS The State has a responsibility to evaluate the market and ensure the best support service is provided for SVRS at the most competitive cost In 2013 the State put forth an RFP to evaluate vendors for providing ongoing support and enhancement for SVRS Baker Tilly was asked to assist with the program management of this RFP The process took approximately six months, benchmarked six other states, and received four formal proposals with a total of over 1,000 pages 5 Award of the 2013 RFP

Quest Information Systems is Awarded the Contract After thorough evaluation in coordination with the Indiana Department of Administration, Quest was determined to be the best solution for Indiana and awarded the contract for continued support of SVRS Baker Tilly has also been contracted to continue in their SVRS support role 6 How SVRS Changes are Made Two Builds and Two Hot Fixes Each Year Builds include more changes and are larger in scope Hot fixes are for critical updates and are limited in scope Long term planning is done by the State, BT, and Quest The enhancement list is constantly changing as items are added,

refined, and completed Changes are Constantly Prioritized Legislative changes, requests from counties, and long term improvements are catalogued and prioritized for inclusion in a build or hot fix All system changes are prioritized on need and scheduled for the next available build or hot fix Feedback is gathered on county requests to determine the level of impact and refine the approach; through surveys, email, and informal communication Communication is key; the more we know, the better we can help 7 you Taking Care of Business Quest is proud to have been selected as the SVRS vendor!! Committed to exploring/implementing newer technology and providing the best customer service possible. New Team Members Sean Fahey: SVRS Operations Manager

Chris Horne: SVRS Technical Project Manager Darrin Snyder: SVRS Business Analyst New Ways of County Participation County Advisory Team calls will be replaced by County Advisory Groups. County Advisory Groups will be specialized focus groups Specialized groups utilized for gathering needs, best practices, and providing new ideas essential to making SVRS better Special THANK YOU to County Advisory Team members Allen, Bartholomew, Boone, Elkhart, Grant, Hamilton, Hendricks, Howard, Lake, LaPorte, Madison, Marion, Monroe, Porter, Saint Joseph, Spencer, Starke, Tippecanoe, Vanderburgh, and Vigo 8 Taking Care of Business Knowledge Management Leverage from new interactive technologies Portal sites for more interaction and online content

Online meeting tools for more regular/flexible communication Regional training sessions SVRS Improvement Plans Special projects to be completed in addition to normal build and hotfix schedules Mobile Application: Summer 2014 Election Night Reporting: Summer 2014 Ad Hoc Reporting: Fall 2014 9 Taking Care of Business SVRS Improvement Plans (continued) Electronic Pollbook/SVRS Project Obtain Vendor Certification Data from SVRS to EPB Data from EPB back to SVRS January, 2014 Publish updated SVRS WSF

architecture specifications February, 2014 Expose primary SVRS services in TEST environment for use by EPB vendors March, 2014 Release first round of WSF capabilities in production environment 10 Taking Care of Business SVRS Improvement Plans (continued) Electronic Pollbook/SVRS Project What if I have an Electronic Pollbook/SVRS Project

question? Legal & policy questions: IED Certification questions: VSTOP SVRS technical questions: QUEST, VSTOP, and VENDORS 11 Taking Care of Business (contd) Hotfix and Build Schedule 2013 December Hotfix Production: Evening of 12/18/13 2014 March Build Sandbox Data Refresh: 2/18/14 Sandbox: 2/19/14 Production: Evening of 3/12/14

2014 June Hotfix Sandbox: 6/17/14 Production: Evening of 6/25/14 2014 August Build Sandbox Data Refresh: 7/29/14 Sandbox: 7/30/14 Production: Evening of 8/20/14 12 2013 December Hotfix Summary Title Descriptions Poll List non-partisan checkbox Non-partisan checkbox added to the primary poll book

Poll List full-name character limit now displays names over 25 characters End Date Business Rule and Workflow In the instance where a voters current status is cancelled and a county ties to the cancelled record the cancelled record now becomes end dated. End date requests are no longer necessary Modification corrects application moving forward Cleanup effort of records currently in this state addressed January 2014 Form Modifications The following forms have been updated to reflect the recent state form modifications ABS-18 VRG-7 VRG-11 VRG-11 Spanish 13

2013 December Hotfix Summary (contd) Title Kansas Interstate Agreement (Part 1) Descriptions Creating a query to provide a special extract to meet the Kansas requirements. This file will be encrypted, password protected, and uploaded to a secure site. Part 2 receiving data from Kansas will be addressed in an up-coming summer build. Updated reports Statewide Voter Counts by County and Status: Cancelled column removed.

Deceased Voter Summary Listing: Precinct header removed. Issue with large reports occasionally timing out has been corrected. 14 2013 December Hotfix Summary (contd) Title Miscellaneous modifications Descriptions CEB-9: Question 12 wording modified CEB-9 Summary Report: Includes several cosmetic modifications

CAN-19: Special Election business rule modified to include the selection of CAN-19 15 2014 March Build Summary Title Descriptions Attorney General Confidentiality Program ABS Mailing Label modifications Absentee labels generated for voters flagged as protected will generate with the Attorney Generals mailing address. ABS form modifications

Attorney General Mail Mail Spanish In Person In Person Spanish Absentee business rule modifications Business rule updated to track and flag absentee ballots for voters in pending status. Data entry modifications - selections will change depending on ABS form selected.

16 Traveling Board ABS-5 ABS-9 ABS-13 ABS-18 2014 March Build Summary Title Descriptions Confidentiality

Program Voter Registration Removal of Include Confidential option from all reports Social Security Admins Death Master File Addition of the Social Security Administrations Death Master File to the DOH Hopper Jury Duty Notice NCOA Mailing Adding Jury Duty Notice as correspondence type Allow Jury Duty Notice to flag as undeliverable Undeliverable will generate and track NCOA mailing

SVRS Enhancements SVRS/EPBs enhancements include the following: for EPBs Ability to download specific data from SVRS for certified Electronic Poll Book applications Ability to upload specific data from certified Electronic Poll Book applications back to SVRS 17 Web Training Sessions 2014 specific web training dates TBD 18 Questions 19

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