Incoming 7th grade Registration - Frisco ISD Schools

Incoming 7th grade Registration - Frisco ISD Schools

Incoming th th 7 & 8 Grade Registration Parent Informational Meeting Spring 2017 Introductions: Richard Manuel, Principal Dan Kanzler, 6th Grade and Hillcat Assistant Principal

Julie Lewis, 6th Grade and Hillcat Counselor Jennifer King, Rockhound and 8th Grade Assistant Principal Michelle Ott, Rockhound and 8th Grade Counselor Registration Card & Course Guide

Go WILDCAT S! 7th grade schedule request card is BLUE 8th grade schedule request card is GREEN Wester has gone

green: You will find the Course Selection Guides on the Wester Frisco ISD Website under the Resources Tab. Required Classes 7th grade All students are required to take the following classes Texas History Science or Pre-AP Science ILA or Pre-AP ILA Math 7 or Pre-AP Math 7

(Science Fair Project) Science Fair Project Required Required Classes 8 th grade All students are required to take the following classes US History Science 8 or Pre-AP Science 8 ILA 8 or Pre-AP ILA 8 Math 8, PAP Math 8, or PAP Algebra I **

(Science Science Fair Fair Project ProjectRequired) Required Pre-AP Algebra Requirements Students Enrolled in Pre-AP 7th Grade Mathematics Students who enroll in Algebra in 8th grade will have until the end of the 1st six weeks to drop the class if they wish to no

longer remain in Algebra. After the 1st six weeks, students will not be allowed to drop the class and will remain in the class and the grade will go toward their high school GPA. High School Credit Health Pre-AP Algebra Pre-AP I Geometry Spanish Classes

1 taken for high school credit will be calculated in the students high school GPA. Students will have only until the 1st six weeks to drop a high school level class. Credit by Exam (CBE) Students who want credit for courses that they have not had any prior instruction in can take a CBE to try and earn credit and/ or accelerate Native speakers of a language other than English can gain high school credit after

their 8th grade year Pathway to accelerate in math (Geometry in 8th grade) Application deadline is May 2nd. sting/FriscoISDOnlineCreditbyExaminationMiddleSchool.htm Recommended Pre-AP Entrance Criteria Students who meet the criteria below are encouraged to register for Pre-AP classes: 90% of answers correct on STAAR in area of application (previous school year)

Cumulative classroom average of 90 or higher in the area of interest (current school year) Willingness to work hard and be challenged Benefits of Taking Pre-AP Prepares students for taking the AP classes in high school

AP classes can earn students college credit; saves you money! Challenges students and better prepares them for college Electives 7th grade Each student chooses 2 electives in 7th grade Your child needs to rank the electives, with 1 being your first choice and 4 being your last choice.

P.E. 7th grade Each student chooses 1 Physical Education class in 7th grade. This is a required class. Soccer, Cross Country and Track are before/after school practices. You will sign up for a PE class if you want to do one of these sports. ____ Boys Athletics (Football and/or Basketball) ** ____ Girls Athletics (Volleyball and/or Basketball) ** ____ Strength and Conditioning (Track, Cross Country, Soccer) ____ PE ____ Tennis (Beginning or Advanced pending Coachs approval) **If you are only participating in Soccer or Cross Country/Track,

you will need to sign up for Strength and Conditioning, PE or Tennis rather than Athletics. If you are trying out for Football, Basketball, or Volleyball you must sign up for athletics Anyone can join orchestra and play a string instrument! 4 levels: Beginner, Concert, Philharmonic, and Symphonic. ANY grade level can enter beginner orchestra! VIOLIN VIOLA CELLO BASS BAND Beginner Band (ANY grade level can sign up for beginner band!!) Three Performing Bands: Symphonic Band,

Concert 1, and Concert 2 See the band website for info: Wester Choir is on Fire! Be a part of the big picture! Join Choir! Have fun! Make new friends! Find your voice! Introduction to Spanish Students will learn basic vocabulary, geography and culture of the Spanish speaking world. Its not a required course for Spanish 1. This class is open to 7th and 8th graders wanting to learn more about the culture of Spanish speaking countries and to explore the basics of the language.

Students should expect to write, read, listen, and speak in Spanish as well as conduct research on certain countries and their traditions. What do students do in Skills for Independent Living? There is a strong emphasis on preparing for a career and learning the 16 different career clusters. Students will cook- nutrition and cooking unit. Students will sew- clothing construction unit. Students will learn about children- flour baby unit. Students will learn how to pick out appropriate clothing for different occasions and how to take care of their clothinglaundry unit. Students will learn about family relationships, decision making, and effective communication skills. Students will learn about money and budgeting.

There will be LOTS of different units and skills students will learn and explore for everyday life. ART 7TH/8TH GRADE Art is not about being perfect it is about learning how to be creative and trying your best. Students will try their hand at various techniques such as: shading, sculpture, clay, weaving, sewing, printmaking, and drawing in 3-D. Learn about famous artists, art history, and take field trips. Students will use their creativity to create many fun and new projects! Art 1: Introductory course covering the basics of art. Art 2: (Prerequisite: Art 1) Students will refine previous art knowledge and have more choices and freedom when creating artworks. Art 3: (Prerequisite Art 1 & Art 2) Students work independently surrounding themes, technical skills, and ideas to develop and create artworks.

Wester Theatre Course Description Breakdown: Theatre I: Introductory covering the very basics of performing work from vocal support to group ensemble to on stage work. Theatre II: Continues on to the next level with more in-depth projects and performances. Theatre III: Continues on to the next level with more in-depth projects and performances. Theatre Productions: Audition, Application, Teacher Reference, and Teacher Approval production class where students hone their skills from previously levels. Tech Theater Learn the magic and skills of the working backstage to support productions. Areas covered: Costuming, lights, sound, set design, make-up, props

EMAIL [email protected] for more information Robotics (7th OR 8th Grade) LEGO Mindstorm Kits and programming software Design & Construct Real World Devices such as dragsters, robots and bridges thus developing: Mechanical Engineering Principles Program Logic Flow Creative Design Problem Solving Skills Science & Math concept reinforcement such as simple machines, circumference and distance traveled 100% Partner Building = Employing real life cooperative strategies on deadline

Digital Graphics and Animation (7th OR 8th Grade) Daily Sketch work History of Animation Animators Project Flip Book Alice Original Characters 3-D Modeling Animation Master software- Create 3-D animated story line sequences Multi-Media I/Video Production I (7th OR 8th Grade) Multi-Media Create and edit digital art

-Wester Handbook Cover, Creative Creatures , Caricatures, Magazine Covers, Advanced Text Mac Lab Adobe Photoshop Photography & Composition Video Production Create and edit movies - Public Service Announcement, Movie Trailer Journalism Techniques: Pitch, Script , Shot Types, Storyboard, Edit, and Premiere

Mac Lab Animated GIFS Final Cut Express Advertising billboard or magazine ad Garageband Yearbook We create the yearbook! (7th or 8th grade) We learn journalism, photography, graphic design, marketing, advertising, and a host of other skills! Admission by application, teacher

recommendations and acceptance. We recruit Westers elite essentially to run a business. Requires consistent outside of class availability for filming and production work on and off campus Pick up an application from Mrs. Cohn (Rm. 520) Deadline: February 10th to Mrs. Cohn by 4:00! 2. Electives 8th grade Each student chooses 3 electives in 8th grade. Each student needs to rank the electives, with 1 being your first choice and 5 being your last choice. Spanish Level 1 (8th Grade students only)

Spanish 1 develops students' ability to read, write and speak the Spanish language It is an academically rigorous class that is fastpaced Students will be earning high school credit and it counts toward your high school GPA Students ready for advanced coursework are encourage to enroll

Students that struggle academically are encouraged to wait an take foreign language in high school Successful Spanish 1 students... ...are self motivated. ...are organized. ...are seldom absent. Multi-Media II/Video Production II (8th Grade) Prerequisite = MMI/VPI Multi-Media Create advanced digital art CD Cover, Movie Poster, Cartoon Image, Video Game Box, Comic Book Image, Pop Art

Video Production Create and edit movies with advanced video techniques Stop Motion, Monster Movie Adobe Photoshop Journalism Techniques: Pitch, Script, Shot Types, Storyboard, Edit, and Premiere 3D Sketch Up Mac Lab Photography

Final Cut Express Google Docs Live Type Advertising and Marketing Research & Projects Garageband Mac Lab Green Screen Broadcast KATZ LIVE! (8th grade by application; Prerequisite

= MMI/VPI) Campus news broadcast for students, staff & community On-air Live Production Execution: Anchors, Sound Boards, Switchers, Cameras, Lights, Director & Producer Advanced Video Editing: Final Cut Express, LiveType, Adobe Photoshop & Garage Band Journalism Techniques: Interviewing, Camera Presence, Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Teleprompter Employing real life cooperative strategies on deadline Requires consistent outside of class availability for filming and production work on and off campus Health: A high school credit

class offered in 8th grade Why is health an important class? What do students learn in health? Personal health and fitness; Personal safety Nutrition; Diseases Alcohol, drugs, tobacco Relationships and communication skills Growth and development Environmental health Parenting and Paternity Awareness Wester Teen Leadership Mission: To produce quality leaders with a strong sense of who they are and where they are going. Teen Leadership is a semester course Other activities Teen Leadership has been involved in:

-Recycling for Wester -Creating Posters for our Anti-Bullying program -Organizing events for Pep Rallies -Giving Speeches In Front of Groups -Leading Groups for our Day of Service Some of the lessons that are taught in Teen Leadership: - Self-Concept -Self-Control/Empathy -Accepting Responsibility - First Impressions/Job Interviewing skills -Social & Interpersonal Skills -Thoughts/Attitude/Actions - Self-Confidence -Self-Motivation -Choices have Consequences - Persistence/Optimism -True Leadership -Values/Standards/Principles -

Student Aide (8th Grade Only) Office Aide-Applications are in the front office with Mrs. Childers. They are due on Friday, Feb. 10th. Band, Orchestra and LibraryPlease check with the teacher before signing up. Wester Athletics

Boys Athletics: Football Basketball Cross Country Track Soccer Girls Athletics: Volleyball Basketball Cross Country Track Soccer There will be an informational parent meeting in May for incoming 7th grade athletes and there will also be a meeting for all incoming athletic students and parents in the summer.

GT & SPED Students in the Gifted & Talented Program may sign up for the GT Pre-AP ILA course See Mrs. Harris or Mrs. Robinson with any questions Students receiving Special Education services should sign up using the registration card but all courses will be verified with the ARD paperwork. If a students IEP designates that the student receives a modified curriculum, we will automatically place him/her in that class. See Mrs. Bergin with any questions STAAR Information STAAR 6th grade reading and math STAAR 7th grade reading, writing, math STAAR 8th grade reading, math, science,

& US history End of Course STAAR exams for PAP Algebra I Students take the test that correlates to the TEKS (curriculum) that was taught during the year- Algebra students will take Algebra EOC only and not 8th grade STAAR. Changes by the Texas Education Agency can be made at any time. Math Lab / Reading Lab Students who do not meet the recommended standard for the STAAR Math and/or Reading test(s) will be required to take a lab class in place of their elective for portions of the STAAR

they did not master. During the year, if a student who is not already in a lab class is found to be struggling in reading and/or math, he/she may be placed into the corresponding lab class. This will take the place of one of their electives. Schedule Changes Please encourage your student to take his/her time when selecting classes. We

will accept requests for schedule changes through the first week of school. However, class sizes and personnel will determine if a change is possible. 3. Parent & Student Information Please make sure you have included appropriate phone numbers and an email address in case we have any questions and need to contact you or your child this summer. A parent(s) needs to sign the front

and back of the card before turning it in Back of Schedule Card Please read and sign the back of your childs schedule card. Your signature indicates that you have read and

understand the implications 4. Turn in card to teacher/box ALL registration cards are due to your childs Counselor no later than Tuesday, February 7th.

Any cards turned in after the deadline Questions To revisit this presentation, go to: Go to the WMS website: Click on the Tab to Enter the Wester Website Click on the Resources Tab The Power point and the schedule cards for each grade level will be listed under the

resources tab on the Wester Website.

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