Industrial Safety IT 335 -

Industrial Safety IT 335 -

Bloodborne Pathogens in the Workplace Bloodborne Pathogens AIDS HIV Hepatitis B AIDS Symptoms

Enlarged Lymph Nodes Persistent Fevers Involuntary Weight Loss Fatigue Diarrhea Purplish spots on skin

or in mouth White cheesy coating on the tongue Night Sweats Forgetfulness AIDS Transmission Sexual Contact Blood Contact

Mother to Child during pregnancy Aids Myths AIDS is not spread by casual contact AIDS is not spread through food preparation AIDS is not spread through giving blood AIDS is not spread by mosquitoes or other insects AIDS is not spread through sexual contact

of uninfected individuals An AIDS Policy Should List: Employee Rights Testing Education Workers with AIDS

Protected by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 AIDS is considered a handicap, and can not be discriminated against. Testing Issue Review: State Laws Federal Laws

Civil Suits Company Policy Many feel that this is ethically unacceptable. AIDS Education Topics:

What is AIDS? What causes AIDS? How is AIDS transmitted?

Who is most likely to get AIDS? What are the symptoms? How is it diagnosed? Who should be tested? AIDS Education More Topics: Where can I get an AIDS test? How can I reduce my chances of getting

AIDS? How is AIDS treated? Can AIDS be prevented? What are the common myths? Performing CPR USE A FACE MASK AT ALL TIMES

Hepatitis B Contracted by: Contact with Blood Contact with any Body Fluid Symptoms:

Jaundice Joint Pain Rash Internal Bleeding Group Discussion

What fears do you have about bloodborne pathogens? Why? Industrial Safety IT 335 Chapter 25 Environmental Safety Major Environmental

Issues Acid Rain Ground-level Ozone Global Warming Water Pollution Toxic Wastes Garbage Legislation

OSHA EPA OSHA/EPA partnership The Clean Air Act of 1970 Urban Air Quality Mobile Sources Hazardous Air Pollutants

Acid Rain Control Permits Stratospheric Ozone Provisions Enforcement Types of Environments Natural Environment Controlled Environment

Closed Environment Indoor Air Pollution Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation systems Air Filtration Temperature and Humidity Volatile and/or Toxic organic compounds and gases in the air

Mineral and/or organic fibers and particles in the air Molds, bacteria, and other biological matter in the air General OSHA Requirements Develop a safety and health program. Conduct site evaluation.

Use a site control program. Train employees. Medical surveillance. Reduce exposure below acceptable levels Monitor air quality General OSHA Requirements Implement a program to inform

employees Implement a decontamination process Develop an emergency response plan for on site emergencies Develop an emergency response plan for off site services Ways to Improve Environmental Health:

Management Improvements Better Use of Technology Better Materials Selection Reclamation Waste Reduction Plan Gain management commitment Form a waste reduction team

Develop a waste reduction plan. Implement, monitor, and adjust the plan as necessary. Waste Reduction Audit Target Processes Analyze Processes Identify Reduction Alternatives

Consider the cost/benefit for each alternative Select the best options Group Discussion What do you do to help to reduce environmental pollution strains?

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