Initial Reflections

Initial Reflections

Greater Manchester Nutrition and Hydration programme Preventing avoidable harm Maintaining independence Improving health and quality of life Kirstine Farrer Consultant Dietitian, Salford Royal Emma Connolly Programme Director, Age UK Salford @GMNandH

Greater Manchester Nutrition and Hydration Programme Area Bolton Bury Oldham Rochdale Stockport Public Health Lead Project Worker Gary Bickerstaffe Nicola Calder Francesca Vale

Carmel Berke Julie Holt Marie Price Adam Sutcliffe Martin Hazlehurst Hayley Taylor-Cox Siobhan McKenna Overview why focus on malnutrition? Its a hidden problem 1 million people (1 in10) over the age of 65 are at risk of malnutrition and 93% of these are living at home

Its all around us - A third of recent arrivals to hospitals and care homes are already malnourished (or at risk) The consequences - For every 10 days a person over the age of 80 is in hospital they lose 10% of muscle mass

It is preventable Losing weight is not a natural part of growing old Its expensive Malnutrition costs the health and social care system around 20bn per year Why does it happen ? Social risks Loneliness Not worth cooking just for one My wife always did the cooking Physical risks Dentition Poor mobility and lack of access to local shopping Ability to prepare food and eat independently

Medical risks Crohns disease Cancer Dementia In many cases its preventable and treatable and not a natural consequence of old age! Malnourished people: the consequences Community-based intervention

Red flag questions 1 hour training available E-learning tool for Malnutrition and Swallowing Difficulties Could you help? How could commissioning processes be used to reduce malnutrition and dehydration?

Promote the e-learning tool and/or build into KPIs for specific organisations related to completion Support us to embed the conversations around nutrition and hydration in our services Can you endorse the approach to encourage participation and/or build this into contracts? Can you recommend organisations for training? Could you reach out to the local steering group to find out what specific barriers they are facing? Raise the profile of the importance of eating and drinking well and how organisations

can promote this Commissioning services which promote good nutrition and hydration or address the causes e.g. social eating opportunities, shopping services, meal delivery, bereavement support

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