INSET day -

INSET day -

INSET day 4th September 2017 Safeguarding A quick reminder Child Protection

Policy on school website Keeping Children Safe in Education (2016) Be Alert / Question Behaviour / Ask for Help / Report Report to Janice Buckley in 1st instance if not available Nicola Pearce or Katy Woods Form can be found Staff on Mars Safeguarding Documents

Safeguarding Concern Staff Proforma Whistle Blowing Policy can be located at Staff on Mars Policies and Protocols Ratified Policies Protected Disclosures (Whistle Blowing) Policy Allegations against staff

Straight to Headteacher (or Nicola Pearce if not available). Allegation against Headteacher to Chair of Governors Media and E-Safety Staff use of social media is covered on pages 121 122 of the Staff Handbook on the VLE. Please ensure you have read this if you use social media especially relating to students and ex students.

If you are concerned about a students use of or receipt of digital media please use the usual reporting procedures whether for child protection or bullying. Staff Conduct Code of Conduct signed by all staff covers Pupil / teacher relationship Appropriate conduct What is bullying?

Harrow Way Community School Anti-Bullying Charter Bullying is when you as an individual or as part of a group intentionally make someone upset or hurt their feelings through unwanted and persistent physical or verbal abuse in person or online, or just disrupt their lives on more than one occasion. Different ways vary from verbal, social, physical, emotional/psychological, racist, homophobic, sexual and cyber bullying. Harrow Way students January 2015 Dealing with Bullying

Is it bullying? Persistent and deliberate Telling school Tiered response Prefect reports Log in SIMS Thats so gay! Students want us to tackle this homophobic language 1. Challenge it

2. Educate about it 3. Elicit commitment not to use it Attendance 96% is everyone's minimum target attendance in our school community Welcome back after day away from school Contact home if concerned or regular absence building, liaise with HOY / JMac Create opportunity for student to share any reasons why they

might not be attending 100% tokens Student Induction / Health and safety Please ensure that any new students are given information relating to Fire alarms Who to go to if they are concerned about their own or someone else's well being or safety School systems and protocols

Teaching and Learning Caroline Lowing How I spent my time during the summer holiday Sleeping Answering the question In service station toilets

On beaches CPD at Harrow Way We do not do initiative overload We look closely at our context and do what is right for our students This year much more focus on teachers individual CPD We want to focus purely on developing excellent teaching and learning

ARE YOU A BETTER TEACHER THAN YOU WERE LAST YEAR? Plan Teach Feedback We want to make it as easy as possible for you to do the core business Your time is precious We want to reduce any unnecessary tasks to

an absolute minimum At the moment what takes up your time? Directed Time Meetings All meetings should be about teaching and learning We looked at the best way to make this happen All DTMs will now be based within departments to allow for planning/ feedback time

Department Planning & Development Sessions Date Departmental Planning/ Feedback Time Sept Mon 11th Sept Oct

Mon 2nd Oct Mon 9th Oct Mon 16th Oct Nov Mon 6th Nov Mon 20th Nov

Dec Mon 4th Dec Mon 11th Dec Mon 18th Dec Tues 2nd Jan Mon 15th Jan Mon 29th Jan Jan

Feb Mon 5th Feb Mon 19th Feb Mon 26th Feb Mar Mon 5th March

Mon 12th March Apr Mon 16th April Mon 23rd April May Mon 14th May

Mon 21st May Jun Mon 11th June Mon 18th June Mon 25th June Mon 2nd July Jul

Dept Planning & Development Sessions This will mean that we need to be tighter with communication- bulletins and e-mails Middle leaders will need to attend information giving sessions on Mondays (one per half term) Tues/ Thurs briefings also need to be productive and planned ahead of time Small departments have been banded together so that meetings are still productive

Dept Planning & Development Sessions We still need to tackle in-school (and in department) variation Most DTMs will be devoted to planning Resources- large whiteboards, planning guide, exercise books Collaborative planning will help all members of the department to improve outcomes It will also lead to more consistency within

lessons/ departments Planning Guide Feedback Feedback can take any form AS LONG AS IT RESULTS IN STUDENTS MAKING PROGRESS There is no need for verbal feedback stamps or anything else to prove that feedback has been given Long written comments that have NOT been responded to or acted

upon waste our time It is important that time is given to students to respond to feedback on key pieces of work We must ensure that boys/ disadvantaged students/ mid-prior attainers also respond to feedback Picture of market feedback Is feedback working?

Reflect on feedback that you gave last year Did it make the difference for all students? How can I ensure that it works for everyone? Was there a good balance between my time and the impact? How can I reduce workload without reducing

impact? Plan Teach Feedback What stops us from teaching? Low-level disruption LLD is the biggest bug bear of the profession It costs us hours of learning time every day/ week/ year It is the hardest thing to deal with

He/ she wasnt being bad but Low-level disruption = 120 mins per day working (180 mins wasted) = 150 mins per day working (150 mins wasted) = 195 mins per day working (105

mins wasted) We did our research Michaela School in Brent Research- Holland Park School, reading e.g. Tom Bennett We need to train our students to be the students we want Anything is possible Boot camp for Year 7

Silence is Golden Silence is important for everyone to be able to concentrate- SEND, Disadvantaged, More able, H/M/Low prior attainers We MUST get used to silence and allow silence in class If you are truly concentrating then you are silent

Tough Love We owe it to our disadvantaged students to be the grown up We owe it to our students with SEND to give them time and space to think Progress can be rapid if lessons proceed without interruption We are supporting each other if we all work together to make this happen

Year 7 Boot Camp Y7 practiced what is expected of them on their first Induction day There were a series of lessons where SLT led them through practicing routines, expectations and classroom voices We need your help to keep this CONSISTENT throughout the year Expectations need to be the same for EVERYONE Extra day in September for Y7s to practice = total 2 days

Tips for planning Classroom Voices Build in time for discussions and time for independent working Make it very clear when they are Electronic versions will be available for resources Think of a variety of strategies for students that may struggle with this Mastery Curriculum

Last year we planned a mastery curriculum for Y7 In a very rough nutshell Dont move on until everyone gets it, those that do get it look deeper rather than move on Features should include low stakes tests, a variety of interventions, focus on securing learning rather than following a syllabus, applying knowledge in different contexts. Questioning

Questioning has been a focus for CPD for two years now No hands up/ directed questioning is embedded Still more work to be done Questioning This year we are going to focus on: Giving adequate thinking time Add, Build, Contest (ABC)

Questioning In groups- plan 5 questions for your first lesson What are the key questions that you are going to ask? Who are you asking? How will you build in wait time? How will you structure A, B, C? Date

Activity 4/9/17 CPD menu Location Invited

Directed time/ Optional INSET day : Reflections and the Year ahead Auditorium All staff

DT All year NEW! CPD library: A collection of the latest educational books for you to borrow Library All staff

OP All year- weekly NQT meetings: Weekly meetings with Rachel Atherton to support you through this important year NQTs DT

All year- weekly T&L idea of the week: more ideas from the Teaching and Learning team Staff room (briefing) All staff OP

27/9/17 Twilight INSET: Teaching skills audit and performance management reviews Auditorium Teaching staff/ TAs DT

All year- weekly Blog of the Week: What are the latest debates in T&L? E-mail Teaching staff/ TAs OP

All year- termly NEW! T&L Research bulletins: The very latest evidence based educational research E-mail Teaching staff/ TAs OP

14/11/17 INSET day: Workshops Auditorium Teaching staff/ TAs DT

Monthly from October Andover Area Middle Leader Programme Delivered across the 4 Andover area schools- a practical course to help Middle leaders to hit the ground running Various Andover schools Invited Middle Leaders/ aspiring MLs

OP 17/1/18 Twilight INSET: Workshops Auditorium Teaching staff/ TAs

DT 14/3/18 INSET day: Language for Learning Teaching staff/ TAs DT

18/4/18 Twilight INSET: Mastery Curriculum review Auditorium Teaching staff/ TAs DT

Half termly 12/10/17, 7/12/17, 25/01/18, 1/3/18, 10/5/18, 14/7/18 NEW! Bring and Brag Hosted by members of the T&L team- you are invited to bring an idea and leave with lots of other ideas! Various (TBC) Teaching staff/ TAs

OP 28/7/18 INSET day: Workshops Auditorium Teaching staff/ TAs/ relevant


Majority will understand our expectations Minority need the same messages to be delivered in a different way to ensure they co operate Building relationships and knowing our students is key to behaviour management(this is a strength) Consistency not uniformity CHANGE IN BEHAVIOUR COMES FROM THE ADULT Prevention Planning for good behaviour, teaching the routines and rules ( The harrow way checklist)

Consequences clear structure, used consistently, allow take up time (C1 C5) Repair and rebuild when things go wrong we work hard to build and repair. (Reflection from student and staff, resilience needed on both sides) Positive correction respect for dignity, non confrontational approach. RIP AND PIP RIP Reprimand in private

PIP Praise in public RIP AND PIP Reprimand in private Shame/ humiliation/ attachment aware/LAC/PP Avoids confrontation Can give instructions

Can correct Give choice Praise in public Recognise and focus on positives Attention given for good behaviour. Raise self esteem Peer role models

Understand what is expected STRATEGIES RIP Non verbal communication Quiet conversation End of lesson

Set targets for all/expectations Routines Action/prompt cards PIP Names on board Thank you John for coming in quietly. Classroom strategies

raffle tickets, stickers, role of honour at end of lesson, postcards, phone calls, learner of the lesson. SOMETHING TO CONSIDER Our biggest number of exclusions is for PDB and physical or verbal abuse to staff or students. Did we deescalate or escalate? Are we dealing with the behaviour issues clear

expectations, sanctions, contact home Did we give take up time? What is the behaviour communicating? Behaviour changes when the adults change. HARROW WAY CHECKLIST 3 SIMPLE RULES Be ready Be respectful


Protected learning detention Termly selection of students across all years List to all staff If these students get to C3 call eco do not wait to get to C4 SLT will remove A detention on that day will be set with parents via

reception Student collected and taken to detention Staff to come down to reflect and discuss issue, provide work that was missed. THE 5 CS Calm Clear Confident Consistent

*Compassion* - this is not weakness it builds relationships. WE ARE A TEAM

Support each other staff room Harrow way checklist Behaviour policy (C1 C5, 3 simple rules) ECOs PLDs RIP and PIP Support staff High expectations for all

STAFF HEALTH AND WELLBEING EVENTS Calendar More to come Tracking and Assessment 2017 / 18 Years 8 11 No Changes

Year 7 Start of new curriculum Formative assessment weighted more heavily than summative Assessment to inform planning and teaching What will it look like? Discussed with Curriculum Leaders and they have had input into the design

Start small and simple, and build complexity over time (if necessary) SIMS Programme of Study (PoS) Allows easy tracking across a year and keystage Informs planning of lessons and curriculum Allows formative and summative assessment to be taken account of Creates reports for individual students WARNING Please do not play with PoS at the moment

cannot delete data you input! Training to follow when we get to data entry Department Disadvantaged Data Files (Key Documents) Have been updated, will be distributed to departments Please return last years if you have not done so already

SEND UPDATE Learning for life, Success for Name this famous person who was judged to have SEN:

Did not speak until he was four and didnt read until he was seven! His primary school teacher described him as mentally slow, unsociable and forever adrift is his foolish dreams. Famous quote: The only thing that interferes with my learning

Learning for life, Success for ? Learning for life, Success for Learning for life, Success for Good Practice for SEND is Great Practice for all

Think about: Questioning and time to complete tasks Provide scaffolds/writing frames and reference materials such as vocabulary list, pre-learning and task sheets Different modes of information acquisition); 1:1 demonstration /modelling or use a visualiser for whole class; Frequent checks on understanding; using a laptop to support handwriting.

Favourite methodologies: Visuals; kinaesthetic (hands on) learning; mnemonics; RAG cards; KAGAN structures; Self-help books (created by dept); writing frames; sentence starters; timers; success checklists and working walls. NB: Research show us that Chalk n Talk has very low impact for Learning for life, Success for SEND UPDATE Department Handbooks : Contains essential information about SEND that cant

be found on SIMS. Hearing Impaired Training Update: 6th Sept at 3.15pm by STA Sandy Pearce Good Practice for SEND is Great Practice for all Using IT at HWCS 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. New staff dont panic Software including:

a) SIMS, b) SMH including seating plans c) SAM Learning d) G-Suite including Google drive/classroom Problems - IT Support: Giles, Ashley & Harry Data Protection Laptop Bookings New software / hardware requests See me

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