Instructions for creation of Häfele PPT Stand 2009

Instructions for creation of Häfele PPT Stand 2009

Hfele New Zealand Ltd [email protected] link Help Table of Contents 1. Logging In 2. GUI Overview 3. Price Inquiry 4. Stock Availability 5. Shopping Cart 6. Account settings 7. Add to favourites and favourites link 8. Order tracking 9. Downloading of Invoices 10. Downloading of Adjustment notes 11. Online Catalogue Ordering 12. Catalogues 13. External links (Infinity, Alusion etc.) 2 Logging In

To log in simply enter your Acc No. and password. NOTE Your Acc No. now requires the prefix NZ00 at the begining to log in. The NZ00 will automatically appear when you select the Customer Number box, so all you need to do is enter your Acc No. and password. If NZ00 is not showing in the Customer Number box then you will need to enter it manually. For example if your Acc No. is 12345, then to log in you would enter NZ0012345. If you are logging in as a joint user, then you need to enter the group Acc No. as the Customer Number, followed by your current account number without the prefix NZ00 or enter a username (if you have one) and your

current password. Contents 3 GUI Overview Contents 4 GUI Overview Cont. 1. Heading Tabs Heading tabs is a quick menu which allows you to back to Home page or Catalogues page from wherever you are on [email protected] link website. 2. Searching Section To do a quick search right at [email protected] link home page, you just simply enter the article number that you are looking for in the textbox in this searching section. 3.

Current User Details This section shows the details of current logged in user and the link to My Account section for profile settings. Users will also logout [email protected] link from this section. 4. Shopping Cart Details This section shows total number of items in the shopping cart. It also contains link to view the carts details 5. Pending Order Details This section contains links to View pending purchase orders, shipping information and tracking current orders. 6. Favourites List This section shows a list of favourites of the current user. Each favourite will contain number of items in it. 7. Other Ordering Links

This section contains list of other Hfele Online Order website. E.g. Hfele Alusion Door 8. Browser Related Actions Users can send a recommendation of this website to other people as well as add it to the browser favourites / bookmarks list. 9. Direct Purchase / Price Enquiry This section allows to quickly place an order or enquiry product details. 10. Links to New Products Info This will link to the New Product Information section in Trade website. 11. Product Related News Two latest news of all product related news in [email protected] link will be listed in this section. There is also a link to view more [email protected] link News. 12.

Specials / Promotions Two latest Special/Promotions will be listed in this section. There is also a link to view special / promotions Contents 5 Price Inquiry To perform a price inquiry enter the article/s and quantity, then click the Price inquiry button. To Add an article/s directly to your cart fill in the article No. and quantity and click Add articles to Cart You are limited to entering 10 article numbers here, if you want to enter more you can use the Direct Entry link.

Contents 6 Direct Entry Direct purchase Order The Direct Purchase Order link can be found on the left side menu of the home page To add additional articles click additional line to add more lines. Click add to cart to add the articles to your shopping cart. Contents 7 Price Inquiry Cont. The Price Inquiry will show Sales price per 100 and Item Value Click Add to Cart to add all articles to the cart

You can add the Articles to your Favourites list for quick Ordering in the future by clicking Add to My Favourites. Contents 8 Stock Availability Stock Availablility is shown underneath the Article No. when doing a price inquiry or after adding an article to the cart. A green indicates how much of the entered stock quantity is currently available

A orange indicates how much of the entered stock quantity is currently unavailable. If the Article that is entered shows an orange , contact your local sales department to discuss stock availability. Contents 9 Shopping Cart Shopping Cart All items that you have selected in Hfele easy link (Add to cart button) are listed in the shopping cart. These items in the shopping cart have not yet been ordered. If there is not enough stock for a particular Article, a message box will appear advising that the quantity exceeds stock availability and to contact sales. Additional functionality: Delete If you do not wish to order a particular item, tick the checkbox next to the

item. Then select the delete option from the drop down box and click execute Refresh shopping cart After modifying a quantity, you can refresh your shopping basket and have your prices recalculated by clicking update. Save as my favourite You can save the displayed items as a favourite by choosing save to my Favourites from the drop down menu. Your saved favourite can be retrieved from My Favourites section. To print out a shopping cart click the Print button. Direct purchase Order To add additional articles you can enter them in this section, if you want to enter more than ten Articles click additional line to add more lines. Click add to cart to update your shopping cart with the new articles. To proceed with the order click next -> Shipping Information Contents 10 Shipping Information Fill in your Shipping Information:

Reference No. Contact Person Delivery condition Comment/special Instructions Shipping Address Select from a drop down list or; Enter a custom Shipping Address To proceed with the order click next -> Verification Contents 11 Verification Verify Order before Submitting Ckeck Shipping Information Check Article Numbers

To make and changes click Amend the Purchase Order at the bottom left Once you have verified the order check I accept the terms and conditions Click on Buy to submit the order Contents 12 My Account From the My Account page you can mangage your profile settings and access various options avaliably through [email protected] link.

My Profile Manage your profile settings User Administration Create, edit and deactivate additional Users Pending Purchase Orders Overview of open purchase order. here you can edit or cancel orders Shipping Status Information View thw status of your purchase order currently being processed as well as information about the shipping company Favourites

Navigate to your favourites list and place them straight into your shopping cart Download Invoices Downlaod your Invoices in PDF Format Download Adjustment Notes Download your adjustment notes in PDF format Request for Statements Request for the prevoius months Statement Contents 13

My Profile Here you can manage your Profile Settings Start Screen Choose you default start screen when you log in. Catalogue Search Shopping Cart Direct Purchase Order Favourites Pending Purchase Orders Shipping Inforrmation You can choose if canceled shopping cart contents should be saved and for you to recieve a reminder upon next log in.

Choose wether to display Net Price or Sales Price Set a Sales Markup % on net price Choose to request net or sales price immediately Choose if you want articles to be copied to the clipboard when you click them from the eCatalogue Change display option between List and Image Contents 14 User Administration Here you can set up sub user accounts to allow other users to access to [email protected] link without administration access Click Activate user Administration to set up a sub account Click Cancel user administration to remove sub account

Contents 15 Order Status Pending Purchase Orders Pending Purchase Orders allows you to view and Amend current purchase orders that are waiting to be entered. Find the order that you wish to view Click on the up/down arrow to expand/hide items. You can find the Article Descriptions, Price, Quantity and value in items section. If you wish to Amend your Purchase order click Amend Purchase Order Contents 16 Order Status Shipping Status Information Shipping Status Information allows you to view the shipping details of your orders. Find the order that you wish to view Shipping Details will show Packaging Details such

as What type of Packaging, Weight, Dimensions and a Bar code link to track the Courier ticket. Click on the up/down arrow to expand/hide items. You can find the Article Description, Quantity and Package No. in details section. Contents 17 Favourites There are probably certain items that you need to time in your work, such as Minifix connectors, bolts or screws. This is where the favourite function will assist you in Hfele easy link. The favourite feature helps you during your work and helps to speed up the ordering process. This feature allows you to save the contents of the shopping basket as a favourite list. You can create as many favourite list as you wish. When you open an existing favourite, a list of individual

items is displayed, which you are able to add to your shopping cart. You can open your favourites list by: Choosing Favorites from the My Account page Or, clicking edit from the Favourites List Contents 18 Favourites Cont. To open a favourite to view or add to cart click on the favourites name. To edit a Favourite click on edit Here you can remove indivdual articles and save changes to the favourite

To delete a favourite click delete Note to create new favourites use the Save to my Favourites function from the Shopping Cart Contents Back to Shopping Cart 19 Add to My Favourites Enter a new name if you wish to make a new list, then click save. If you want to add the Articles to an existing list click Add data next to the favourite you

wish to add them too. Remember to click Save Changes once you have finished creating or adding to a Favourite Contents Back To Shopping Cart 20 Order Tracking Ordering tracking allows you to track the current status of your orders. Find the order that you wish to view Note: Orders are sorted by Purchase Order No. Click on the up/down arrow to expand/hide items. You can find the despatch date, courier, and consignment note number in items section. Contents 21

Downloading Invoices Click the Download Invoices link from the My Account page. You can search by Invoice number and Date range Click Download to download the Invoice in PDF format. Contents 22 Download Adjustment Notes Click the Download Adjustment Notes link from the My Account page. You can search by Invoice number and

Date range Click Download to download the Invoice in PDF format. Contents 23 Request for Statements Click the Request for Statements link from the My Account page. Click Submit Request Contents 24 Catalogues The Catalogue tab contains all the avaliable Hafele online Catalogues

You can open the Catalogue online by clicking eCatalogue Catalogues can be downloaded via the download link To request a hard copy of a catalogue choose Request Copy Remember you can Order Online from within an Online Catalogue 25

Online Catalogue Ordering To order from a catalogue: Click on the Article you wish to order Enter the Quantity Enter a note if required Click Add to shopping cart You can continue to add more articles without leaving the catalogue When you are finished close out of the catalogue and your the articles will be in your

cart Contents 26 External Links Here you will find links to Hafeles other online ordering facilities Hafele Alusion Doors Hafele Infinity Benchtops Contents 27 Hfele NZ Ltd [email protected] link For any other Questions or inquiries please feel free to Contact us: Hfele NZ Ltd.

Eastern Design Centre 16 Accent Drive East Tamaki, Auckland Phone: +64 (0)9 274 2040 Fax: +64 (0)9 274 2041 Wellington Design Centre 262 Thorndon Quay Wellington Phone: +64 (0)4 472 0294 Fax: +64 (0)4 472 0295 Christchurch Design Centre 5 Wigram Close Sockburn, Christchurch Phone: +64 (0)3 343 8200 Fax: +64 (0)3 343 8201 Contact us via email Contents 28

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