Interactions with the Physical Environment

Interactions with the Physical Environment


How does the physical environment affect where Canadians live? The Smaller Questions In what ways is the physical geography of the area in

which you live typical of all of Canada? In what ways is it different? How does Canadas physical geography make Canada unique in the world?

How do our patterns of physical geography contribute to where people live in Canada? OH Canada! China is Canadas 4th largest and fastest growing source

of tourists (USA, Great Britain and France) The following posters promote trips to Canada from China, starting at about $4400 (about a 10 day trip) The trips offer outdoor and wilderness activities- like?

Tourism ads from around the world typically show the wilder parts of the country Advertisement from Germany

Oh Canada? Are these images typical of the part of Canada where you live? Do you think the images are typical of where most

Canadians live? Why do travel companies use images like this to attract tourists to Canada?

Big Country, Small Population Two types of Canada: 1) The True North 2) Urban places where most Canadians live Canada has an odd distribution of population Canada has a range of landscapes:

natural ones (examples?) Land shaped by human behavior (examples?) This unit: landforms, climate, soils and natural vegetation Big Country, Small Population Remember: Canada does NOT have many people for

such a large country Canadas size is comparable to China and the United States The USAs population is Nine times more than Canada

Chinas population is 40 times as much Big Country, Small Population Therefore Canada has a small population density: the number of people per square km.

Isodemographic Map Most maps you will see simply indicate the actual territory of an area (and its actual size will be shown on a scale) Isodemographic maps use a countrys population to

determine the size of the country on the map The shape of the country is the same, it is just bigger or smaller based on how large its population is Most populated countries on Earth? How will they look?

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