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Public Interest Law & Policy Ronald W. Staudt August 26, 2008 Public Interest Law & Policy Course organization

Course Website Course Information Grading & Attendance Policy Case Studies Assignments Waiting for Gautreaux What is Public Interest Law? Public Interest Law Speakers American Constitution Society

David Rudovsky, Wednesday October 17, 3:00-4:00 pm Supreme Court cases on warrentless wiretaps and police misconduct. Founding partner(1971) of a public interest law firm in Philadelphia. Peter Edelman Wednesday, October 31, 3:00-4:00 pm Chair of the DC Access to Justice Commission, Georgetown faculty expert on public interest law and poverty law.

What is public interest law? Clinical legal education Advice Desk, Low Income Taxpayer Clinic

Lori Andrews cases Bart Brown and Hank Perritts international efforts Dan Tarlocks environmental work Marty Malins law and the workplace David Rudovskys firm What is public interest law? Public Interest Law & Policy What is Public Interest Law?

New Lawyers- - Student Note - -1970 Rabins article-- 1976 Southworths study of the right--2005 New Lawyers- Student Note 1970

Angry despair 1930s v 1970 Lloyd Cutler v. Ralph Nader Note 3 definition? process v. preferred interests and groups Lawyers for Social Change1976 1965- all institutions under fire Civil

Rights, Vietnam change through litigation-but not OEO Definitions: subsidized attorney services ACLU, LDF, Sierra Club, NRDC, MALDEF Nature of practice v. source of funds for lawyer

consumer representation? broad societal majoritarian views? process definition-under represented but selective about interests they choose. Conservative Lawyers. . . Southworths study -2005 Emergence of Liberal PILFs ACLU & LDF powerless minorities New PILFs --diffuse majorities

Look like law firms Not dependent on fees Critiques of legal profession in 60sNader, Halpernlawyers self interest at odds with public interest Naders View of Lawyers in 1969 Top Law Students Reject Private Practice Conservative PILFs . . . Southworths study

Late 60s Amer. for Effective Law Enforcement Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation Catholic League & Natl Right to Life Committee 1971-- Powells memo Mid 70s

Pacific Legal Foundation Mid America Legal Foundation Washington Legal Foundation Federalist Society for Law 80s and 90s dozens of new conservative PILFs

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